Where It Dwells (part 2 of 3)

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As our protagonists close in on their objective: The river of dead souls, events are set into motion back in the kingdoms of heaven whose reactions could change the fate of both realms forever.

Submitted: December 04, 2012

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Submitted: December 04, 2012




“TRAITOR! You filthy rat!” His words seemed to have caught his attention The other angel turned his body towards him.

 “Oh, Edmondus, how are you? Please come and join me in meditation brother.” The two angels were now face to face. They were both inside a shining golden palace; one of the most luxurious accomodations in the kingdoms of Heaven. The walls were made of pure gold and the ceiling had all kinds of beautifully painted murals.

  “Meditation? And what are you meditating about? Your sins against our Father?” Edmondus clenched his fists. “I’m taking you to him myself, Zachariah!”

  “Please brother, lets not be dramatic; i was only making preparations.” He smiled joyfully while taking a sip from the cup of wine he was carrying in his hands. 

  “Preparations? This will ruin everything our Father stands for.”

  The other angel spit on the golden floor. “Our Father has ruined that himself. Destroying Tartarus? Killing angels? Angels! He has us killing our own brothers. Oh things are pretty ruined already. And now this talk of a new race? And we are supposed to serve them?” He took another sip just to spit it again on the floor.  “Follow me Edmondus, i will help you see more clearly.”

Edmondus followed him to his balcony. He could see most of the city from there. A golden city in the sky. With silver streets full of young and innocent winged children. It was a nice day outside. In both sides of the balcony were statues of the creator himself. A very busy being. Very few angels got to speak to him personally, and those who did were mostly Archangels.

“Can i serve you some wine?”

Edmondus refused, his head was shaken enough from the news he had awoken to. Somehow there was a rumour running around that one very shady angel had managed to sabotage the latest and presumably last expedition to Tartarus. 

“Does he know?” Edmondus took a seat on a nearby bench to try to calm himself down. “Benedictus, did you warn him?”

Zachariah showed a concerned look, but Edmondus knew better. He was a traitor; there is no remorse to a traitor. “Benedictus was a friend! But i’m afraid i could not compromise the whole thing because of him. No he doesn’t.” 

The angel’s face swelled with anger as he threw his fist against the wall. “You have doomed him! He was a friend!”

“HE WAS EXPENDABLE!” Zachariah opened his wings in an intimidating manner, a display of power. “Haven’t you heard a single Word of what i said? There is going to be blood on the streets, maybe next year, maybe when the Sun goes down tonight. And the only thing i can do, is  make a choice and hope for the sake of my family that it was the right one.” He reached for a golden dagger, cleverly hidden beneath his white and silver robes. “Stand in my way, and you will feel the cold  embrace of death, brother.”

Edmonuds felt himself paralize under this threat, wanting to act, but fear kept him in his place like a leash around his neck.

“So...” The threatening wings of the angry angel returned to a more casual pose. “...Who is spreading these rumours?”

“What?” Edmondus suddenly realized why he had been drawn there. Away from the noisy corridors of the palace. He had searched for Zachariah in hopes of resolving a misunderstanding and finding some answers. It now seemed like he was the one about to be interrogated.  “It’s just...around! People are saying stuff.”

The other angel raised his eyebrow, it was a different kind of struggle one being fought with a sharp mind instead of a sharp blade. Unfortunately for him, Zachariah was an expert in lying and deceiving. He could feel the bastard looking right through him, cutting through his lies.

“I need a name!”

“Please..” His sweat was now reaching his robes, the expensive and beautiful work of the craftsman, wet with the secretions of a coward. “...It’s betrayal, they will kill me. He will find me and kill me.”

“I still need a name!” He waited for a couple of seconds. “THE NAM...”

“LUCIFER!” The other interrupted him. “He is the second in command of The Creator’s army,i think...” Edmondus used his hand to clean some sweat off his face. “His name is Lucifer.”

Without any sign or warning, Zachariah stabbed the scared angel through his chest. “Dirty liar.” He whispered to himself. “I am by his side! Why would he betray me?”

Edmondus slowly approached Zachariah’s ear. “Someone needs..” He coughed. Blood came spurting out. “Someone needs to take the fall, for when everything falls apart.” And with those words, he gave his last breath.

Zachariah found himself alone in that balcony, with a dead corpse on his bench and blood all over his robes. His friend’s blood. He heard the sound of trumpets. The fall was coming...

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