Children Come Home

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We have grown up like brothers and sisters with the Sudanese refugees community in Kenya, now their mother land wants them back. To these and all the Sudanese refugees in the diaspora, may God grant your dream of rebuilding a happy and prosperous nation of Southern Sudan.

Submitted: March 21, 2007

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Submitted: March 21, 2007



Militia men have decamped

The smoky clouds have passed

The storms have ceased

We too are gone

But the sun smiles bright again

Children come home.


Painfully we've left you.

Miserably pleading,

We've been forced down

To a savagery demise

But in all this cruelty

May you remember love.


For the war is gone

The fear is gone

Tears too are gone

Children come home.


Worry not any more

Of the ruined storeys in the city

Worry not either

Of the shattered doors

The shattered windows,

The bullet scars on the walls:

They are marks of progress.


Set your lives in order

To your eternal hopes return

Though once pulled to the ground,

Pick yourselves up and move on.


For tears come

But just for a while.

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