Are There Vampires Among Us?

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Are vampires real? Maybe...

Submitted: January 15, 2013

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Submitted: January 15, 2013



Are vampires for real? I do not know I have visited late in cemeteries And they never show

But then again aren't they supposed to be able to become invisible? If they can how can we know if they are real are not?

Bodies of people have been found with their blood completely somehow drained out Police have been completely baffeld by these unexplainable cases All they can do is list them as unsolved

And hope that another generation's technology can figure everything out.

But as for me,an amateur investigator of the supernatural I have learned a few things to protect myself. I carry a cross in case a real vamp shows up And a revolver with silver bullets in case that is not enough

As I said once before I have never seen an actual vampire But I have seen the bodies and mayhem they leave behind

So do not be afraid if you hear of such attacks near where you live Crime is always there anyway All that we can do is be prepared And always always say our prayers

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