Jonathan, William, and Me

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A tribute to two actors who have always meant a lot to me every since I was very young the late great Shakespearean actor Jonathan Frid from Canada who was best known for his role as vampire Barnabas Collins in the 60s soap opera Dark Shadows and to William Shatner, another Shakespearean actor who is best know as Captain James T. Kirk from Star Trek (also from Canada).

While I was growing up I had a terrible speech impediment and was constantly being teased and beaten by bullies just because I was different. These two shows and the characters of these two actors taught me that it did not matter if you were different. Just be your self. That is what you were meant to be. And that meant a lot to me.

Submitted: January 05, 2013

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Submitted: January 05, 2013



Jonathan, William and me

It's like we've been together for years now you see

We don't really know each other

But it's like we're friends and brothers

Because Jon and Bill have been a great help to me


Back in my formative years

I had speech problems and was always constantly teased

Bullies would beat me teachers would try to help me

But even then I had faith that helped me through

And I had a very active imagination too


So every afternoon I would rush home from school

And act like a fool just so I could watch Jon on his tv show

But I was not the only one doing this across the country

Millions of other kids were too

Adults were watching too and Jon was the reason why

He took our minds off our trouble for a while

And on Thursday nights William was doing the same

And his stories all had a morale for us to learn

That no matter what our differences were we could all

Get along together and the future could possibly be bright

So let's all do our best to get along now

Even though I know that not everyone will cooperate

Someday I hope a better world will come for all of us

That's what my faith teaches and I trust it will happen soon

Maybe then I will finally get to meet these two men that I consider my friends

Then it will be Jonathan, William, and me.













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