A moment in Tokyo

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The man finally got the chance to see his friend in childhood after a long time without contact. But he astonishedly found out that his friend did not exist at all

Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011



I can't figure out how the idea came to my mind.But once conceived,it stretched me day and night into constant delusion.The devil of my heart kept cramming his unreasonable temptation into my mind until it managed to persuade me into making that decision.

Perhaps the overtired soul needs a brief release from the constrained social life.I chose to take a chance to Tokyo.Everything seemed to be so natural that it's not necessary to act for getting a privilge from the boss. The sound of the plane taking off was just like a chuckle from the spectres:"You coward,stop your hopeless,attempt of getting rid of us.You can't get awy from us,sooner or later,you'll come back to us. I attempted to calm down myself from the relentless anxiety.The plane was caught by turbulance several times.The wicked,violent shaking appeared like a fiend tossing the delicate aircraft like a toy. It's impossible to say how much time I've spent in that damned plane.

The first view mapped in my eyes was the melancholy cloud and the gentle rain falling upon the earth.It brought out the city of Tokyo--my destination. The wind howled as if releasing its anger.It tore at my hair and the rain wetted the suit I wore,and chilled the very marrow in my bone. However,a strong emotion drove me into the heart of Tokyo,swaying,soaked with cold sweat.There passed students with typical school uniforms,giggling with hilarious gesticulation.The steam from the local restaurant wriggled up and faded away in the dusty sky. I took out of a scuffed paper which had been frequently taken out from his pocket and folded away.The address on the paper released a little bit of my depression."Yuko"I vented my happiness through a smile on my face which nearly approached into a chuckle.It had been such a long time I haven't seen her.Nevertheless,those memories of happiness inscribed trails in my brain which cannot be erased.

I walked across the square where young couples sitted in benches,repeating confessions which were far from being fashionable.The countless buildings seemed to be blocking me from arriving my destination.But they culdn't stop me.I whispered to myself.I strided forward.Staffs of stores along streets appeared to be stopping me.I must have got a serious delusion. It took me over two hours seeking the address.I clearly remembered walking down the winding lanes,downtown of prosperity where permeated with the sound of engines of cars. Finally,I reached the house which was located in a peaceful lane.A holy land as it seemed to be compared with the rest of Tokyo.Gas lamps stood still like sentinels,protected this place from being reoded by the devil of greed.

It located in the extremity of the lane.Apparently the oldest house among the rest of them in here.The construction resembled that of a hermit who retreated himself into dense trees.The wall around the house was straggled by overgrowing weeds.I cautiously touched the gate and surprisingly found the door opened.I tapped the door softly,in case it might be broken.Meanwhile,I breathed quickly while rehearsing the words I was going to say.I'd never felt so nervous before as my hand shuddered while tapping the door.The sound was apparently peculiar.

I stood still toward the door for perhaps a few minutes,maybe longer,till it creaked open.There reached out a skinny and lined hand which still held the latch of the door.Then was the head when it was opened in a sufficient.I blinked at the old fellow who's obviously the owner of the house with a daze,so he did it to me.

"what'kin'I der fo'yo."

numbled the old man with crappy English to me.

"I'm sorry to bother you."I apologized,"But have you ever heard a girl named Nakashima Yuko who lived here before."

The old man lifted his head with a shock on his face that it then turned into a sudden grief.I could imagine him hidding his tearsfrom coming out.

"I her'grando'farthe'."He said in a dull and trembling tone.

"who're yo',youn'man." "I'm her close friend,she used to be playing with when she was young,To an extent,she's supposed to be my best friend.I just come here and want to say hello to her."I stood awkwardly.The speaking of me sounded more like a confession.Quite ironic for the situation I was in at that time.It wasn't one tome that I summoned the courage to looking at his eyes,but I just couldn't do it. "You've played a terrible jok'on me,youn' man,Yuko died when she was just a littl' child.It is impossibl' fo'hir' to have a fliend' you said." I felt myself being hit by an invisible fist that it pushed me back till stumbled by stairs."It's impossible,"I yelled"I've just got an E- mail from her which shew her eagernessof seeingme." "Stop offending me,son.Yuko's long gone.I don' care what you know about her,but if you continued libeling my dear granddaughter,I'll not be tolerant to you/Now,you go!" The old man yanked the door close with a hump.It's clear that his rage was on the limit.I struggled up,felt my feet couldn't touch the ground.There I did nothing in the past several hours except for sitting in the corner desperately with a strong desire to vomit.The memory of the figure of Yuko flickered into my brain.I surprisingly felt the tear went out from my eyes,for the buried images of the time when I was with her swarmed out from my deep heart. "Yuko,you look absolutely stunning with the skirt like this." "Oh,is it?Thank you for your compliment.Kazuya." "Yuko,I haven't seen you coming out of this street.Why don't you just go out to have fun." "Because I can't." "You what?" Ah-uh...Nothing,it wasn't that necessary going out,isn't it." "Why?I found it so much fun." "......" "Oh,don't be like that,Yuko.Anyway.Yuko is always the best,the most beautiful and the most sympathetic." "Arigatou(Thank you),Kazuya." "Why most of the people who live here don't know you.Are they blind?" "No,they are not blind,they just didn;t notice me." "Can I still see you even in the future,when I grow up or become old." "There's no doubt that you can,if you still remember me." "Oh." "All right.It's terribly bad lucked to talk aboutthis.Let's play swings." "Whoo!!"(Shriek with joy) ...... (Memories fading away) The vast darkness of the night covered everything when I started sobbing.The light and gentle rain fell down upon me and wetted my suit. I sitted still with no desire of moving a muscle. "Remember,remember,remember......"The words came out off the top of my mind.It floated unstably and spreaded into the far away sky. Meanwhile,a girl covered with black floated over the roof of the gloom.With a slight movement which took after a smile,"Remember."She whispered.

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