Film Review: Captain America

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Film review of ' Captain America '

Submitted: December 29, 2011

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Submitted: December 29, 2011



\" I could do that for a whole day. \" The young man Steve Roger suffered from his vulnerable constitution and was bullied by lots of people who's much stronger than him. The turning point came as he was involved in a secret project of the army about using advanced technology to produce ' super soldiers '. Steve then was able to achieve his dream and fight for his country.' Captain America ' is a classic sci-fi together with elements of action and romance. Based on the traditional cartoon, the film focused on his life before becoming a superhero and the intricate relationship with his brethrens, his commander and the female agent he fell in love with. Punch lines are approximately added to increase the sense of humour. I remembered that in one scene  that the captain was chasing the villain Schmit's plane by his commander's car along with the female agent. Before he jumped on the plane, he kissed the agent goodbye and the commander stared at him grimly : \" I'm not gonna kiss you. \" Everybody laughed when they saw that.But at the same time, the criticisms have it that the background of the filmed contradicted the design of the people  in the film. The exotic costumes and the weapons used made the film more like ' Star War '. That apparently confused the audiences, meantime, the storyline was way out of date. It perhaps was originally used in the cowboy films back in the 20th century. The characteristic of the hero was also too positive that was barely human, which cannot create sympathies among audiences to make them think:\" Oh, he's so great. \" or \" I should be like him. \" The psychological conflicts of the character was not well sketched and the anger, jealousy, happiness or grudge was not well expressed.Apart from the criticisms, we have to say that the film does have its own value especially to people in nowadays lives. The toughness of the character and the confidence he released in his words was thought-provoking. The being- yourselfness was the most important quality that modern people lack. People nowadays dream of becoming Steve jobs the second, Michael Jordan the second. The quality they lack compared with Steve Jobs or Michael Jordan is actually the confidence and courage to be themselves. This is exactly the theme that ' Captain America ' is trying to reveal.' Captian America ' is a good film, but just like o broken porcelain, the naive expression can no longer reach the string of people's heart. Anyway, the reLstic audiences favors the reality: the sex, drug and violence, twist and turns. Just like that the adults wouldn't bother to watch a cartoon, even if it's the best cartoon ever.

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