I hit bottom and survived

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How I found th confidence when facing failure

Submitted: January 08, 2012

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Submitted: January 08, 2012



Here's my true story, and I hope that I can share it to people and stimulate those who suffer from worries and can have a courage to face the barriers in their lives. 

I remember that the first time I came up the idea of studying in an international school was approximately a year ago. Both of my parents thought that it could be a solid idea and could have a profound influences on my life. So the decision was quickly made within a month, and I started attending the Hangzhou Foreign Language School at the time about September 1st 2011. 

I f quickly accomodated the society there and made lots of friends. Things seem ran pretty well, and I was confident at that time that everything would all work out for me and I could have a bright future. 

The turning point came in the middle of a semester and during that time the school would hold a middle exam for all the students in the school and the rank would be made strictly according to the grades every student scored. I at that time was sure that the good grades was of me to score. I was still confident until the moment that I heard my score: it was so horrible. I couldn't believe that I got three C and two B. It was hard to imagine at that time when many of my classmates got A or A+. I went home glumly and could eat my lunch. The world seemed have collapsed on me and the sun was casted by the thick clouds. It was obviously a bad time in my life. In a couple of weeks I couldn't sleep at night and I worried all the time. I tossed and turned for a whole night and couldn't concentrate during the daytime. I was afraid that I would waste all the money that my parents had invested on me and I afraid that I might not being able to go to a fine university, even if I could, I might not be able to get a job after graduation. I might starve to death. . .

Until one day that I walked down the street and saw a few beggers begging for money. Some of them lost their limbs, some was disfigured which looked really scary. I glanced at them and fought an eye on one of them. He looked back and gave me a smile. That smile was so strong that it had altered my life from then on. I thought to myself:\" John, you really think you are that pathetic compared with those cripples. You have a good-looking face, a healthy body, a clear mind. You should be satisfied and thank god that you received all of these.\"

My life was then enlightened and all the grieves seemed being swept away and I felt I was totally freshed. The problems I became aware of is that I have consumed too much energy by worrying about trifle and those things which might never happen in the future. Meantime, to tackle the worry I felt, I started saying to myself:\" Come on, cheer up. That was not the worst thing you have faced. If you have come through all of the big troubles, why can't you come through that. \" 

I worked out conclusions that there's no need for us to worry about things that might not even happen in the future. Time will settle all the things appropriately. When we are down, always remember that we have been through the far worse situations and survived. There's nothing we can't accomplish. 

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