Shelter for the Sleepless

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First thing I wanted to go onto the site.

Submitted: January 27, 2008

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Submitted: January 27, 2008



My wilting shadow seldom weighs a tonne,


So often soaring off when day is done.


From open arms and crying smiles you run,


In turn the vacant heart-shaped burdens come.



As shadows leave my painted smile burns,


To wait one day until my love returns.


The endless nights of reckless sight ensue,


The moment sunlight strikes is overdue.



Now with these Godless creatures that persist,


My rage and anger to them I resist.


The hours flow with seconds passing by,


The sunrise streaming through the mountain high.



Each time I hoped the sunlight wouldn’t stray,


Alas each time it loves to disobey.


Now after sunlight breaks, it’s you I seek,


To dwell from dawn to dusk, from week to week,



I wonder how deprived of you I’d cope:


You give me more than love; you give me hope.

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