The Crazy Murderer

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Horror story about one man has a mental illness after his father beats him badly and then kills Innocent people in cold blood.

Submitted: October 10, 2011

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Submitted: October 10, 2011






It was a cold rainy night with gasses of wind blowing leafs off the tree’s has it was the end of the summer. Has the night went on a man named Henry Smugglers went home from work so angry that he smashed the door open it was like listening to an explosion from a gas cooker. He went to his son and started beating him hard with a base ball bat and a cricket ball. But the boy who was named after his Granddad who died in 1971 of a car accident was called Michael Smuggler’s. After 10 minutes beating him he suddenly got used to it and didn’t feel any pain at all. So later on in the night it was his Dinner time at the table Henry shouted “MICHEAL fucking get down here and eat you’re fucking dinner you ball of shit” So he did sat at the table eating his dinner calmly. Shockley his Dad let him eat all of his dinner, after 2 minutes of silence the clock went “CU CU” telling them it was 11:00pm at night.


After Michael went to bed Henry was angry again and even drunk this time and started beating the mother of Michael. He shouted “Why don’t you love me anymore you bitch” The Mother cried “Because all you do is make people lives a living hell” So Henry punch her and she fell to ground like she was in a ring of a wrestling match. Michael sneaked out of bed and was looking at his own Dad beat up his own Mother. But Henry was getting angrier so he decided to give her and uppercut, after that hit she fell and broke her back and could not move again.

Henry looked upstairs and starred at Michael and silently said “You fucking little shit you made me do this” Michael just looked at him and ran. Henry was chasing Michael to the upstairs bedroom and sore a window and moved his little legs and feet has he was only the age of 5 and went throw the window and it smashed to a million peaces and when Michael landed he fell and rolled down the hill in to the road.

Henry Said “You crazy son of a bitch” Then when Michael landed in the road he hit is head good and hard and damaged his head badly but he was walking mentally, So he found a flight of stairs to lead back to his house and went in throw the front door. And he sores his own mother lying on the floor in pain. Michael went on his hands and knees and picked up the knife and stabbed her right directly in to the heart and killed her. And his mother said to him breathlessly “I love you Michael” But has soon as he dropped the knife his DAD walked in and said “You killed my wife” and repeated twice with a high angry voice.

So he picked up the baseball bat and swing for him and missed, Michael went underneath his legs and ran out of the door. He ran and hide be hide the bushes and his Dad shouted “Where are you Michael”. And then when Michael heard he ran towards an arctic truck with a carriage.

His Dad got sick of looking for him so he decided to go in to his 80s supercharge dodger when he entered the vehicle somehow Michael knew how to start a arctic truck and switch it lights on. Henry said “What the Fuck” and hit the gas pedal. But Michael had a stick and hit the Gas and put the gear in to D and steered with one hand and holds the stick in the other. So they began to reach up to 70mph and Michael jumped out of the truck and landed in a pond. Then the Truck and Car went in to each other nose to nose and exploded. Michael Mum and Dad were dead and Michael missing

End of 1980

30 Years later. It was a bright sunny day in Los Angles as a group of people go on vacation to Sydney Cockney where the parents of Michael were murdered by him for giving him a hard scary trapped childhood. These Vacations had a VW Campervan and packed it up to go to Sydney Cockney for a weekend vacation. Anyway so Lucy, Hannah, Sadie and Mark went for a 5 hour drive to Sydney Cockney. But has they were driving around a new Police officer was recruited to Sydney Cockney Station. The Sheriff said “Hello Mike my name is John I am the Sheriff of this town and I guessing you’re from New York City, is that right” Mike (POLICE OFFICER NEW) said “Yes I am sheriff I came down here to discover the country side really other part of United States instead of one huge massive City” The Sheriff Said “O ok well I give you a drive around the town and show you what were and how thing are done around here so let go”.

So Mike and the Sheriff John went to drive around the town in a police car. So Mike struck up a conversation and said “So what down that road it look criminal” The Sheriff laughed. And Said “O that where the Smuggler’s used to live” Mike said “Smugglers” Sheriff said “Yea they were Murdered horribly one died of a knife stabbed right in to her heart and the man died of a truck and car accident, but the weird thing was nobody own that truck” Mike said “That weird didn’t you look it up on the computer” Sheriff said “Joking ant you people never used computer that much 30 odd years ago” So after the conversation ended they went back to Police station.

The Vacationers who were going to Sydney Cockney for a vacation stopped at Gas Station to fuel up. And spoke to the man in charge of the Petrol Station. After filling up the man asked “Where are you heading up to” Mark Said “O Sydney Cockney” Man said “SYDNEY COCKNEY?” Mark said “Yeah Man isn’t that cool” Man said “I guess you haven’t heard have you” Mark said “Heard what” Man Said “About the Murder 30 odd years ago I think 1980” Mark “No What Happened” Man said “O some Married couple got killed in freak accidents one got stabbed in the heart, and the other had a TRUCK smashed in to their own car and killed the man” Mark Said “O Yeah but that was 30 years ago” Man said “I know but since that day they been more freak accidents and no one knows about them” Mark said “Right O well umm nothing going to happen to us right I mean we done nothing wrong” Man Said “You don’t need to anything wrong” Mark said “ Right okay what the price” Man said “O that be $40 please” Mark said “ Here you go and thanks” Man said “Okay bye and be safe” Mark said “Yeah Byee”.

So they carried on down the road to Sydney Cockney and pulled up by a Orange 80s dodge charger. When they all got out Mark said “WOW do you know what this is” Hannah Said “Peace of junk ha ha ha” Mark said “Nooo it an Classic it an 80s dodge charger” So Hannah went inside it and did a piss has she had no where else to go. But she didn’t know that Michael was using that Car. Anyway Mark open up the truck of the Car and said “Is that blood” Sadie said “naah it properly paint” Mark Said “ Yeah you’re properly right come on let get out of here”. So they only had 15 minute to go until they arrived but the odd thing was the car that Hannah pissed in was chasing them. And the car was hitting the back of the car hard to make Mark loose control  of the vehicle Hannah said to the other driver that was be hide them “FUCK OFF YOU BASTERED” Mark said “Hannah Shut up and use this gun might help”. So then Hannah used the gun on the Car but the bullets were hitting the window but not going throw it so Hannah said to Mark “it Bulletproof Mark it Bulletproof” Mark Shouted “Pass the gun” so Hannah did and shot a lamp post and surprisingly it fell and hit the ground.

But Michael wasn’t so lucky after it got in his way and went throw it and it the orange van and went in to a ditch. But the vacationers were scared and ran to the Police station and reported him. But Mark said to one of the officers “it was an Orange 80s dodge car it was bulletproof and started chasing us down that road and it crashed in to an orange van”. So the Sheriff got involved and said “show me where this happen comes on”. Then the Sheriff drove Mark to the crime scene and it was a bit of a shock. The Orange car and even the lamp post and van disappeared Mark Said “Oh my god somebody playing games with me I bet that Man at that gas station few miles up” The sheriff said “What about him” Mark Said “He told me about a murder story that happen here years ago”

The Sheriff said “It true my man it true” Mark said “What you begging serious” The Sheriff said “Yeah I am real sorry it happened here at the start of 80s season” Mark Said “But what have I done” The sheriff said “Nothing don’t worry you been for a long drive just got to relax come on let go back to the station” Mark said “OKAY”

Has soon the police couldn’t do anything because of a lack of evidence they let the victims go and said they are on the look out. So Hannah said “Come on guys let go get something to eat I’m hungry” Mark Said “Yeah okay” Lucy Said “So What about drinks” Marks said “ Yeah I need a BEER” From then onwards the Orange 80s dodge car arrived at Sydney Cockney. Then a delivery van with a drunk driver hit the back off the car and the drunken man said “MOVE THAT SHIT CAR OUT THE WAY” So Michael moved the car forward and parked it and got out. And walked toward the van and the drunken man said “What the fuck do you want you moron” So Michael got his knife out and slit the drunken man throat and stomach and even his own balls.

After the killing the next victim he hid the car and stalked the Vacationers. Has Mark entered his Motel room it was a worm cozy nice warm place for a good vacation for him and his friends. Has the night went on the killing started has 30 years on the same day that he killed his own parents. So has Lucy walked out to get some food Michael was be hide her so turned around and Michael graded her throat and lifted her up against the wall and sliced her Boobs off and stabbed her in the heart and slit her throat and killed her.

Mark Said “Where Lucy” Sadie Said “O she gone to get more food” Hannah Said “Yeah about 1 hour ago” Mark Said “ She wouldn’t take that long” Hannah said “Not normally she takes 10 minutes” Sadie screamed “OMG she going to chat up that man” Mark said “Oh dear she will never chat up that guy”. After the conversation Mark and Hannah went to sleep, Sadie went to look for Lucy has she walked to the pub she saw the Orange 80s dodge charger. She went up close to the car and looked inside it and nobody was in their so she walked to the pub but Michael stalked Sadie in to pub but Michael hid half way. When she realized the doors are locked she was worried so she walked back to the motel. But Michael Grab her and broke her neck and slit her throat.

Hannah woke up Mark and whispered “Where Sadie and Lucy” Mark said “I don’t know what time is it” Hannah said “3:00am” Mark Said “Come on let go look for them” Hannah Said “Where shall we go stay together or spit up” Mark Said “Split up I go this way” Hannah said “Okay”. Has Mark walked toward the delivery van he open the door and looked in and their was Sadie and delivery man in blood and dead. Mark Said “Oh Shit” and then shouted “HEELLLPPPPP” 3 times.

The Sheriff said “What going on” And sore and said Shockley “Oh Great days of Elvis” then Hannah Said “Who that” Mark said “I don’t know” Then suddenly Hannah Shouted “He got a knife He got a Knife” The sheriff shouted “DROP THE WEAPON DROP THE WEAPON” But Michael just kept walking towards them so the sheriff fired bullets at him about 10 of them just to take him down to the floor has he never died. Hannah, Mark and the sheriff walked slowly to Michael. And Sheriff and Mark went close by Hannah stayed the distance Michael grabbed the knife and killed The sheriff and Mark in cold blood. Hannah Screamed and ran to the car and hot wired it and drove off toward his old house. Michael chased her until she reached a dead end she stopped.

Then she got out of the car ran toward the house then she is crying like mad and cries “FUCK FUCK FUCK” Michael walking towards her after 10 minutes she finds out she had a gun in her back pocket. Takes it out and starts Firing hit a gas tank and blows front drive up send Michael 50 ft in the air going throw a shed and get knocked out. Hannah here Police arriving and cries for help the police stop outside her and put her in the ambulance. Hannah asks “Did you arrest him” Police man said “Yeah we know who he is an or” Hannah “Who” Police man says “Michael Smuggler’s” Hannah Said “why did he kill my friends and try and kill me” Police man said “He suffering from and Mental illness his father beat him and abused his mother and course Michael to be cold blooded murderer he doesn’t know right or wrong” Hannah Said “Where am I going now” Police man said “NEW YORK CITY”

Michael Smuggler’s killed over 378 people over 30 years in cold blood from 1980’s till now his name will be remembered from this day on MICHAEL SMUGGLER’S.

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