Above Earth

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I happen to meet this girl in a pub who turned out to be a physicist. I worked in a scrap yard, and she was amazed when I told her that I wanted to make a spacecraft.

Submitted: July 20, 2017

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Submitted: July 20, 2017



Every Friday evening, I always go to my local pub. It is like a family. The family who runs it are good proprietors. You can tell them your sad story, or your good one, they'll always listen.
After work on this Friday, I popped in my local and ordered my usual pint. I normally stay at the bar, until I've had a few then I go on home. I was on my second pint when this black haired girl came through the bar door, she went and sat immediately on the right. The barman went over and got her order.He took her back the drink and she paid him for it, he left her and went back behind the bar. I kept on sipping my drink and at the same time looking over to where she was. I could see from where she was that her eyes were either grey or blue. Her face was very attractive, and I liked the way she had her hair styled, falling down gracefully at the side of her face. She had a nice figure, about five feet 8 inches tall. She would reach to my shoulders, that wasn't bad.

I was now thinking, shall I go across and try to chat her up? I knew that the girls like men to chat them up, and if they like you, you have a chance of seeing them again. I was also wondering how this one would react, and I didn't want to make myself look like a fool if she refused to have me at her table. I thought over the whole thing and then decided that this was the one chance I couldn't let pass me by. I took another drink of my beer, and then I walked slowly across to where she was seated. When I got to her table, I said, ''Good evening, are you alone, or are you waiting for someone?''
She said, ''No. I'm not waiting for someone.''
''Do you mind then, if I join you?''
''You're welcomed!'' she gave one of those pleasing smile.
''I've never seen you here before! Are you new around here?''
''No. I'm not new around here. I used to come in earlier.''
''Oh! I see! and have you got a boyfriend or someone who you're interested in?''
She told me that she was free and that her name was Ellyenne James. I told her my name was John Pea. A smile came up upon her face.
I said: ''I know! can't do anything about it.''
''Are you from around here, yourself ?'' She asked.
''Yes,'' I answered her, ''live a couple of streets away.''
''And what do you do for a living?''
''I work in a scrap yard not far from here.''
''And you?'' I wanted to know.
''I'm a physicist,'' she told me, as she took a drink from her glass.
''A what?''
''A physicist. Never heard of it? I'll make it short for you, and later, you'll get to know more. We're the ones who are interested in the universe and how it's put together. We deal with complicated maths which at times can blow your head.''
''Better you than me,'' I said, ''but I'm glad you're what you are.''
''There are other physicists who study the stars and planets. There are also nuclear physicists. They study the smallest particles known as ''quarks.''
''That's a very deep subject,'' I told her, and asked if she wanted another drink. She accepted. When the drinks came, I said, ''In my scrap yard, all sort of junk comes there. I make a note of some of the metals.''
''That's intetresting. Do you enjoy it, I mean have you got your mind set on something else?''
''I would like to build a spacecraft,'' I told her.
She was shocked when she heard that coming from me.
"A spacecraft?... but...are you joking?''
''No joke. I will do it.''
''But you haven't a clue how such things work. And space is a very strange place.''
''I got the idea from all those cranes in the yard, and from all those vehicles that comes in there.''
''How can a crane give you the idea to make a spacecraft?''
''Don't you see how often the cranes turn about and picking up things?''
''Ok! I think I start to see. You really gave me a shock because a spacecraft is not an easy thing to make. It's a cosly business.''
''I know but my plans are for building it in such a way that it lifts off without rocket propulsion, which the nations have been using for some time now.''
''For a person who works in a scrap yard, you're very intelligent. Tell me some more. If you don't use rockets, you're going to find yourself in serious trouble''
I took a drink, then I said to her ''I have the plan of making the craft with a centrifugal system, you know the compressor type. With a condensor, motor turbine, also with a cooler.''
''So you've got the centrifugal system, and then?''
'' I'll have a shaft spindle in the middle going to the top, and spreading out. There'll be three wheels spinning at tremendous speeds. The bottom one would turn clock-wise, the middle one, anti-clockwise, and the top one clockwise. They are mounted on a base, just as the crane is where the controller can turn the crane completely around.''
''Fantastic,'' How are you going to get the craft to lift is beyond me. Have you any idea?''
''I'll tell you about it later.''

We left the pub and went to my place. When she stepped into my flat, she was amazed to see so many books, with lots of strange drawings on paper.
She said: "You're working at a scrap yard, but there's something more inside of you.''
I made some drinks, and she seated herself on the sofa in front of the tv.
''Tell me some more about yourself,'' I said, '' apart from you being a physicist.''
''There's not much to tell. I'm just starting out in life with a degree secure in physics. I'm just hoping we could find something important to tell the world. What a coincidence that I should meet you, and you have the same interests as myself, only that you're interested in making a craft.''
"Life is funny, isn't it? What about your parents, brothers or sisters, or family?''
""I'm from a small family. My mother and father and a sister. I have no brothers. My sister is young. Soon she'll be 11.''
''What about your family? Are you close? Do you see them often?''
''Oh yes, I do. My mother passed away when I was young. My dad remarried, and his wife was a good mother to me. I have a step-sister and a step-brother.

It was coming up to 11 pm. ''I have to go now,'' she said. ''We'll see each other again at the pub, and we can carry on our space conversation. Thanks for the drinks.''
''I see you again then,'' I was making sure.
''Of course. Bye for now.'' Ellyenne left.
I switched the tv on, and the late news were on. I immediately switched it off. That Ellyenne was something. She had it all, very intellectual, nice bodily figure, harmonious and very sociable. ''Of course,'' I said to myself, ''I'll see you again.'' With that came a big smile on my face, and I went and got myself ready for bed.

Saturday morning, I went down to the yard and did a couple of hours work. At 15.00 pm I was in the stadium watching the football match. I was at the pub again in the evening and Ellyenne was there. I bought the drinks and we started chatting. She loved to watch football, and tennis and cricket. The same things that I like. I think we were getting to know each other a bit more.
Ellyenne said,''So what are you going to use for fuel to drive your spacecraft?''
''I'll try to see if I could get it to work on high nuclear or electromagnetic power.''
Ellyenne said, '' Who are you, really, have you told me the truth about your job?''
''I swear to God, I have. My hobby is to get this craft manufactured.''
Ellyenne said, ''You know nations and private companies are still in the dark when it comes to those things, and here you are blurting out that you can do it.''

I''m serious, I really am, and  I wont give up. I'd like to get my hands on 4 Harrier jump jet engines. I'd fit them equally so that I could take off vertically. Go backwards and forwards , up and down and turn around. In the middle of the craft where the main shaft is, there'd be two other shafts within each other. They'd terminate into a thin umbrella, allowing air to flow down them.''
''I''m listening to you, and it sounds brilliant. Are you able to do all that and still get it to work?''
''It's just ideas, but if I get the parts I would give it a damn good try.'' I told her.
'' So far, too, you haven't mention anything about the main computer, and what CPU (central processing unit) you'll be using. And also radiation shielding, and cosmic rays, solar flare ups, and all those dangerous things that take place in space.''
''I was thinking about hydrogen. There's got to be a way to use it to ward off radiation. I'll keep that in mind. By the way, there's a village dance a few kilometers from here. Would you like to go?''
''Of course!'' Ellyenne face lit up. ''That's romantic! A village dance. You know what happens, don't you?''
''The men are on one side, and the women are on the other side. When the music starts up, the men walk across to the other side and ask the woman for a dance.''
''What if she shake her head and say, ''no?''
''He has to walk all the way back. He'll have to look along the row of women to see which is the next one.''
Ellyenne said, ''I've heard about these village dances, never been to one.''
''Now's your chance, come on it starts 21,30 pm.''

We got to the dance and found a few empty seats. I sat on the seat facing Ellyenne on the opposite side. The music began to play, and I jumped on my feet to start to walk over where Ellyenne was. When I got there, I bowed, and said, ''Madam, would you like to dance?''
She said, ''I'd like to very much.'' putting out her hand. I took it, and as the music played on, we danced around. At every dance, people began to clap, and the band would start a new song. When that session was over, we could go up to the bar and hang around and chat. When the dance sessions started, we were back in our usual seats, opposite each other.
At the end of the evening, we were outside waiting for a taxi. Ellyenne gave me a big kiss and said, ''Thank you for a beautiful evening. It is something to remember.''
I went with the taxi, dropped Ellyenne off, and then I went and crawled in for some sleep.

Sunday morning I was still in bed when the clock showed that it was coming up to 14.00 pm. I'd never slept so long in bed before. I really enjoyed it anyway. So I missed breakfast!. I knocked up a quick lunch. I then started to do some drawings of how I'd like the craft to be. In any case it hasd to be circular, pear shaped in the middle, with a very fine thin rim. I just needed to fit the engine and the four nozzles pointing downwards. then I could do a test and see how far up it would take me. I realize that that was only the first part. I still had to get the electromagnetic wheels running. I was thinking about wavelengths, but wasn't sure about that. I knew as well it was going to take some time. The wiring and plumbing, getting the valves and connections right. I also had to think of the circuit breakers, and all the insulating. Now I come to see how great a task this is. But it would be a great joy if I got it off the ground.

 I phoned Ellyenne and asked when will I see her again. She said Friday evening. Well, I had time to look around after finishing work at the scrap yard. I looked in some papers and found that I could get a harrier for just under a million bucks. Why not? Yes, I'll do it. I made a lot of phone calls and found that I can do it. That's great. One thing I found that was bothering me is the electromagnetic contraption. If I get it working then I would only need the harrier jump jet engine to lift off. Then the other engine with the electromagnetic wheels should take us up to a higher altitude. If I could sort out this electromagnetic stuff with the wavelengths, and get them to repeat in the order I want them to, then I would know that I've made a great step. The color range goes from violet through red. 

I made arrangements and transactions and got one of the harrier jump jets. I was also lucky to have met one of the chaps who knew about the harrier, and how it was put together. I told him that we'd have to strip it and fit it onto the craft. 

Inside a great big barn that I had hired, and which was not far from where I live, I started getting the craft skin and structure ready. I had a store of aluminum-lithium aloy. And also graphite-fiber polymer matrix. The base shape was ready, and we started building up and around.

Friday evening at 20.00 pm, I met Ellyenne at the pub and I filled her in with what had taken place I told her we had started the skin structure of the craft. She said, ''We?''
''Well.my luck was in when I met this chap who actually worked on the harrier.
''Really! so that's one part of your problem solved.''
''I know. And I'm so happy about it. I'll take you and show you.''
''I can't wait,'' she said.
We had a couple more drinks then we went down to see the work I had started. When Ellyenne saw the structure she said,''Wow! Wow! you've really done it. My God! cant wait to see when it's finally completed.''
''Now you see what I was talking about. I'm going to do it. Get it off the ground.''
''You're more than a genius.'' She said, walking around. She came to where the harrier engine was, with its four nozzles, and waiting to be fitted in the craft. She put her hand over her mouth, turned and looked at me.'' It looks like a racing car. What a complicated thing that is.''
''That complicated thing is going to lift the craft believe it or not.'' I told her.
''John, you've done well. I'm proud of you.''
Guess how much that jet cost, well the whole harrier?''
''3 million or more,'' Ellyenne  guessed.
''It cost only 1 million bucks.''

''your joking.''
''No, that's true. And it's now mine.''
She came back and gave me a hug . We looked around some more then we went to my place. I got the drinks and we seated ourselves.
'' How's it been going for you,'' I asked her.
''Everything's going well, but I've become more interested in what you're doing.. You know what's going to happen if you pull it off, don't you? Lots of publicityu and contracts.''
''I still need to sort this electromagnetic thing out. Do you know about it?'' I asked her.
''This has to do with waves,'' she said. ''The electromagnetic field, photons, radio waves, microwaves, infrared, and ultra violet. I think what you're trying to do is to capture the photon in their wavelengths. There are low energy photons and high energy photons. The high energy photons are like xrays, ther're like particles. I am now getting the feeling what you're after.''
''I'll show you,'' I said. I drew a small thin band. This band will go in the middle of the three turning wheels and will be responsible for the wavelength of each cycle. In the middle of this band would be a little light. It will move to the right, come back to the middle, move to the left and come back to the middle. This will be continual.''
''So you're planning to trap solar rays for energy.''
''The craft will have sun panels attached to it,'' I said. ''I want to use  some mirrors or lenses to get some higher temperatures. If I get this whole system working it would be fantastic. We would need to switch off from harrier engine and use solar energy.''
''That's an easy way to capture solar energy and use it for power.''  Ellyenne told me.
''What is this solar energy?'' I asked Ellyenne.
''It's just the light we receive from the sun, and the heat also. When it makes contact with certain materials, energy then turns into an eletrical current, which can be used for power.''
''That's exactly what I'm after. I want to capture that electrical power.''
Ellyenne told me that she was going to visit her parents for a couple of days. It was a pity I couldn't get free. The chap from the harrier was coming as well. Together, with some other mates who I had already contacted, we all would work and get things mov ing on the craft.. Around the rim of the craft, I had the idea of setting small holes to send out cloud vapours. The whole craft will then be covered with these. That was easy to do, and it worked well.

While Ellyenne was away, the workers and myself got cracking at night and got the harrier jet where we wanted it. It was a very tough thing to do. The manual was filled up with pages and pages of instructions. I'm glad that it wasn't me who had to read all that stuff. We fitted some sun panels. The electromagnetic system was still giving some trouble. The chap from the harrier knew what I wanted, and rigged up a crystal made out of silicon, and this gave us the electrical current we needed. The wheels turned beautifully but the sound from all three of them was a very high pitch. The wave band worked, and the interval regulators all were ok.

The control panel was finished. I was amazed to see how it turned out after all the wiring and panelling. This was done around the base of the main shaft. It was superb.

When Ellyenne cam e back we went to the pub for a quick drink I asked her how it went, and if evrything was ok. She said it was. After the drink, I took her down to see all the work we had done. When she saw the craft, she was really amazed. She walked all around it She saw the four nozzles of the harrier all pointing downwards. ''You've really done well. This fairy tale of yours is becoming real. What a great thing you've done.''
''It was good thaqt I had that harrier guy, If I didn't, I'd still be in the dark.''
Ellyenne still surprised asked, ''How long now before you do the final test?''
I answered, ''About two more months and I think we'll be ready to test the harrier engine and the vertical take off. By the way, the harrier man helped me with the electromagnetic systems.''
''That's great,'' Ellyenne said. ''It's really  complicated, and I think you have to watch out, for you can get lots of problems from it. If it runs smooth, you're in luck.''
''At the moment it is working ok.''
''If you get it into faster than the speed of light would become quiet. You'll hear no sound at all.'' Ellyenne told me.
''I think we're working in that direction, but it takes time.''
''Are you expecting a great noise when you start the harrier enhgine? Ellyenne asked.
''At first it will make some noise when it accelerate vertically upwards, the thrust exceeding the weight of the craft. After that, we would switch off and go over onto the electromagnetic system which should hold the craft steady, and we should be able to move up to a higher altitude.''
''How did you get the outer skin of the crft so shiny and smooth?'' She asked.
''That is a secret, I can''t tell you,'' I joked. "It has to do with anti-matter."
''What?  Have you cptured those particles. Our scientists are busy in that area. Are you sure you haven't study physics yourself?''
''Believe me, I'm only a scrap yard worker, but not dumb. There are some particles and anti-particles that has to do with matter.

I showed Ellyenne the middle part of the craft, just above the control panel. She couldn't understand how we got so much work done in so little time. After she had a good look around, we went to her place. While we were there , I said to her, ''There's a disco on in town, great music is playing there. Fancy going up and see?''
''That's great! Of course! I love disco.''

She told me some more about her visit to her parents. When the time came for the disco we went and had a great time.
More work took place on the craft and it was getting close to the date when it would be tested. Newes were spreading fast everywhere about the work that we were doing. The newspapers were in on it as well.

The final date came, and it was now time to see if the craft would fly. The fire brigade men were there, and so were a number of daily papers. The harrier man was the one who was going to do the operation. In the control panel area, I did a test with the voice computer. this main computer was first class, it let you know when something was wrong, what it was and where it was.

Ellyenne was looking at all the buttons and levers. She herself got accustomed to what a certain lever was for; or a button. There were all sorts of lights flashing here and there. The lever for the nozzles, she picked out easily.

I asked the harrier chap how he felt, and he assured me that he was ok, ready to perfom, and get this craft to lift up. There was a small panel only for the Harrier start control. Threre were a few levers, and buttons, and many switches. There was the throttle and nozzle lever, fuel control switch,parking braek lock, Rudder switch, speed brake switch, air start switch, throttle cut off lever and many more. Becuase we weren't using the cokpit itself, we had to fit certain things in the craft differently, but in a suitable place. Everything was still the same. What we were really interested in was the power of the engine and the nozzles that would raise the craft. The downward thrust and the wind would then make it possible for the craft to lift.

On the Wednesday, the time was set for 14.00 pm. There were many people hanging around. Photographers were many. THe Harrier man told me that it wasn't easy to keep the aircraft stable when it was in the hver position. We arranged it so that the nozzles would do the job we wanted them to do. We placed one in a certain position where it would blow air down, while the two, left and right, just in the outside middle position, would blow up and down, and the one in the rear, would blow down, and side to side. We converted most of the levers to push buttons on the control panel.

With the laser communicator, we brought down the samll dome underneath the craft, we enter this, and it took us up, one by one. All three of us were now in the craft, in the control panel area.

At exactly 14.00 pm, the Harrier man pushed the button and started the jet engine, it started whining, the sound of it turned out to be a beautiful sound. The lever for the nozzles were held, making them to point downwards. Then suddenly, I felt the craft as it lifted slowly and stayed there, not far from the ground.

What a great feeling that was. We were now in the open yard, and the Harrier man took the craft up higher, floating in a dancing position, forward, backward, sideways left and right. It came back down slowly and landed. From a standing start again, it lifted up, it did not stay in the hover posirion very long. The engine needed to be cooled with water. All this was available.

Ellyenne was enjoying it, but she was speechless and amazed ast what we had done.
The third time we went up, we switched over to the electromagnetic system where the cen trifugal system and the three wheels came into operation. Everything worked perfectly. There was hardly any sound at all, just a slight vibration. The propulsion system was working. The lens system worked great. As we moved up higher there was a high-pitched hum, and then silent again.. We came back down, and landed. Photographers were taking pictures left, right and center. They kept on asking a lot of questions. What a day that was, fantastic.




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