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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

Almost everyone has heard the name ''Abraham'' but do not exactly know who he was, and how he came to be the ''Father of the Nations?''

Table of Contents

UR Of The Chaldees, Birth of Abraham

Submitted: April 14, 2018

The astrologers of the king Nimrod warned him that a son will be born to Terah, and that he will be a danger to the kingdom.
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The Move to Canaan

Submitted: April 22, 2018

It became too much for Terah. losing his son, Haran, and getting in trouble with Nimrod; he decided to move away.
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The Seed Of Abraham

Submitted: May 04, 2018

Abraham is getting older, and he need children. He must have an heir to take over from him. If that doesn't happen, everything would go to Eliezer, his faithful servant.
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Ishmael is born; Isaac is born

Submitted: June 03, 2018

What Abraham longed for, he got. A son named Ishmael; and then later, another son named Isaac. So Eliezer could no longer be his heir.
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