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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

When I first bumped into Ginger, I realized he was funny, funny in a way that sometimes make you laugh and other times make you angry.

Submitted: February 21, 2018

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Submitted: February 21, 2018



Ginger was a strange fellow, but he was my mate; and I went out to the disco with him. He was about 1,6 meters with short ginger hair. Everytime he smiled he showed his missing tooth. He had had this pack of tooth picks with him. Now and then you could see him with one picking his teeth. I said to him, ''For God's sake Ginger, try to act a bit more polite. We'll never pick up any girls the way you're behaving.''
He said, ''I'm not picking up anything, you're the one who wants to find a girl.''
Then he starts giggling. At that time I could have given him one across the gob to shut him up. ''That's what we young boys do, Ginger. We try to find a nice girl. Is there anything wrong with that?'' He started the giggling again, and said, '' I know what you're after, you want to get your leg over, that's what you want!''
''Ginger, '' I said to him, ''I'm a respectable guy, and I dont expect straight away to get, you know what!''
''Who are you kidding,'' he said. ''As quick as a rabbit, you'll be there. I know you well enough.''
''Suppose I meet up with one who wants to do it, should I turn it down?''
''See, I told you,'' Ginger said, ''tyhat's all you're after from the girl.''
No, Ginger. You're wrong. If could lead to a serious relationship.''
''Tell me another fib,'' he said.
''I'm not telling any fibs. If I meet the right girl, I would settle down.''
''Who would go out with you, anyway. As soon as they see you, they'll run away.'' Ginger made it clear to me.
''Who are you talking about? Me or yourself? I think I have a pretty good chance.'' Just then a nice chick came in and sat not far from us. We were in a small cafe off the main road.
''Watch this Ginger, and learn how to get yourself a chick.''
''Ginger said, ''Don't make a fool of yourself, for I will burst out laughing loud.''
''And then I'll stuff this bread roll straight down your throat. Now watch and learn.'' I got up and went over to the chick.
About ten minutes later I rejoin Ginger. I sat down, and he said, ''Well?''
I said to him, ''She told me where she hang out at night at the disco.''
''Is that all?'' He grumbled. ''Have you got a date with her?''
''I didn't quite ask for a date. I got the information I needed.
''Maybe she wasn't inyterested in you. Why don't you tell the truth?''
''Shut up, Ginger!''

Ginger and I left the cafe about 13:30 pm. He had to go and get some cat food, and I had a few letters to get rid of. I'll see you later I told him. Ginger and I lived in the same old building not far from the Main Post Office. Hew as from Dublin he had told me and had come down to England to see if he could better himself. He was a good cook.

Back in his flat, he had about six cata, and I just didn't like the strange smell that came to my nostrils. I didn't tell Ginger about it. He wasn't a bad chap, a bit out of place when it came to girls.
i said, ''Ginger, you're about 23 years now. Have you got plans of meeting someone special?'' He grinned, and said, ''I take it as it comes.''
''Over here in England, '' I told him, ''It's the 'in thing' to go out and find a chick by chatting them up. I do mean  chatting them up. If you find that they are married, you pass them by.''
Ginger said, ''For us it happens anytime. If you like each other and click, then you move towards a sold relationship.''
''I see! For you then, God knows when.''
'' Are you off to the disco tonight?'' He asked.

''Of course, I am. To meet some nice chick there.''
''So you already have a date?''
''No, you fool. We go to the disco to try to meet some chick, or we could take one with us.''
''I'll come with you,'' he said, ''I might get a good laugh.''
''You probably find something yourself, you never know.''
''Now you're definitely joking.'' Ginger gave his usual grin.

I took Ginger to a nice decent disco. Girls were pretty and plenty. The atmosphere was great. The music was loud but tolerable. We got up to the bar, ordered our drinks, then turned to watch those dancing on the floor. There were two nice chicks dancing with each other ''This is it.'' I said to Ginger.
''This is what? Ginger asked.
''Are you blind? Look over there!''
''Two girls dancing with each other, so?''
''Ginger, just follow me.'' We went over to where the two girls were. At first Ginger was hesitant, but I urge him on. I went in the middle of the two, and started shuffling my feet. I was surprised when they still stayed and carried on dancing. Normally, they would walk off the floor if they didn't like you. I was even more surprised to see Ginger moving his feet, and chatting with the girl.

After a few dances we went back to the bar, ordered more drinks. Just as I had taken a drink, Ginger blurted out that he was getting married. The drink that I had in my mouth came spurting out like a spray, with me trying to catch my breath. ''Could you say that again, Ginger?'' He was grinning now for a long time. ''I'm getting married soon. The girl I was dancing with is an Irish girl, and she was my date back in Dublin.''

The End.

© Copyright 2020 johngumbs. All rights reserved.

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