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Gwendolen was a young little girl of 9 years. She was tough and sporty. One day she just disappeared.

Submitted: March 21, 2018

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Submitted: March 21, 2018



Gwendolen was a nine years old girl. She was very clever, lived with her mother, and daily would visit her grandmother who lived about 3 kilometres away, up the hill. Every day after school, Gwendolen would be playing football with the young boys who lived next door to her. Now and then you'd see her playing with a girl, and dressing up dolls. Some people might think that she was a tom-boy, but that was far from the truth. She just like playing with boys more than with girls. I think when she grows up, she'll have no problems making contact in a romantic relationship. It will just happen without any problems.
Gwendolen was just a girl who loved sports, and was interested in physical exercise. Visiting her grandmother was a real pleasure to her. She would stay there for hours on end, and return late in the evening. It was safe and the parents didn't worry much about her walking the few kilometres.

On a Wednesday of one week Gwendolen failed to turn  up at her grandmother's place. The police was notified. They started investigating. Gwendolen had her own mobile and knew how to use it in an emergency. She knew too, about keeping away from strangers, and always to make contact with her parents. This day, they heard not a word from her. They found it pretty unusual, for she always made contact with them. She knew a girlfriend who lived halfway to thr grandmother. When the family went there there, the girlfriend knew nothing about the whereabouts of Gwendolen.

A week passed by and still there was no word of Gwendolen or where she might be. A big search and investigations took place. Everyone around were interrogated as to their whereabouts. There was no information of where she could be or who took her away. She hadn't no need to cross the main road to get to her grandmother. Walking at the side of it on the left would bring her to her grandmother. Her grandmother was just turning 70, still strong and capable of looking after herself. She was visited often, and was never really alone. It came as a shock to her when she heard of the disappearance of Gwendolen. A month passed by and still no sign of Gwendolen.

Then one day, the police got information from someone who had seen a blue car stopped at the side of the road, and had seen a young girl entered it. The parents knew of one of their friends who had a blue car, and had many times brought Gwendolen home.

The family of the blue car, when they were questioned, hadn't seen or spoke to Gwendolen for sometime. At her school, they knew nothing of her, only of the last time she attended. Her parents were worried stiff, hoping wherever she was, that she was safe, and in no way in danger. The news ran a story. It was all on the TV. Everyone who watched TV or listen to the news would have heard about the disappearance of Gwendolen.

Eight years later, the police got a tip and raided a house on the river side. There, they found Gwendolen, she was six months pregnant, and in good shape.

The End.

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