Princess Lorreta

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This story is about a Princess I happen to bump into who was on her way to Scotland. Later, back in London, we became real friends.

Submitted: July 16, 2017

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Submitted: July 16, 2017



I set out on the  Monday to Scotland from England for a well deserved holiday. I decided to take one of the country roads in order to see much of the country side. I like to see the open fields and the trees, and the farmers with their horses and cows and the dogs rushing here and there and the sheep in their flocks. There weren't much traffic on the road I took. Now and then a car would pass me. With the radio on I jusr relaxed and paid heed to the road.
Five miles on this road I saw this black and white mini at the side with a woman just leaning on it. I pulled up and asked if I could help. The woman was slim and tall, well structured from head to foot. She was wearing faded blue jeans, along with a white shirt with the cuffs rolled up. I noticed a small black watch on her left hand. ''Yes,'' she replied. ''I think I have some sort of trouble with the engine. I don't see any smoke or anything like that coming from under the bonnet.''
''I will check and see what's wrong.''
I parked my car just ahead of hers and walked back to her car. ''You have to always make sure that you get a good check up before you start out on your journey,'' I told her.
''Yes, I know. I did have it check just before I set out. About a mile back it started playing up.''

I checked the car and found that it was flooded with petrol and just needed time before it would fire over.
''Where are you headed?'' I asked.
''I am going up to Balmoral.''
''You don't mean the castle, do you?''
''Yes, exactly. And you?''
''Oh! I am just driving up to Crathie, a small village in Aberdeenshire,'' I told her. ''You said Balmoral, but that is where the royals stay. How come you're going there?''
''I am one of them.''
''You're kidding me?''
''No. That's the truth. I am a princess.''
''But princesses are not allowed to be on their own. have you got someone to guard you?''
''Guard me... I don't need anyone to guard me. I can take care of myself.''
''But still...''
''The rest of them know what I'm like. By the way, you metioned that village Crathie. I know it well. I often go through it, and have a look around.''
''There are holliday accomodations there, and that is where I'll reside.''
I tried to start her car. It kicked, stuttered and then went out. ''Let's give it half an hour. Maybe then it would be ok.''
''That's fine. When it is running again, I hope it wont kick out. I will have it checked properly again when I get to Balmoral. I didn't catch your name.''
''Just call me Jay G.''
''Jay G?''
''Yes, that's it.''
''Is that a nickname, or the real name?''
''G is the first letter of my surname, and Jay is just the short for Jayson.''
''Oh! I see.''
''And yours?''
''Princess Lorretta.''
''Nice name,'' I said. Then I went and tried the car again. This time it started and stayed running. There was a smile on her face. ''You know what you're doing. Thanks very much.''

I told her that I would follow closely behind her for the rest of the journey. She slipped in behind the wheel and drove away with me following. As we came to the road where I'm supposed to turn off, I pulled up beside her mini. She turned the window  down. I said to her, ''Princesses are stubborn. You must get yourself a policeman to protect you.''
''I know. I have quite a few but sometimes I escape them and go on my own.''
''That's dangerous,'''I told her. ''The royals back home would need to tie you down.''
''Oh! they don't worry much about me.''
''Take care,'' I said.
''Thanks for the help. And take care yourself.''

I then drove down the road that would take me to Crathie. When I got there I found the place where I would stay, booked in and went to my room. I had a quick shower and relaxed for a bit. My thoughts went back to that princess. My God! she was a beauty. Very tall, and a very nice personality. She was very brave as well, I thought, going all the way to Scotland alone. I was thinking that someone could have been trailing her behind, keeping their distance, but I hadn't seen no one at all. It was pretty unusual for a princess like her to be let loose on her own, but as she had already told me, they just let her have her way, and it was quite possible that not many people would have known who she was. I for one had never heard of her. I had heard of other princesses, but princess Lorretta--never heard of her. When I had enough of going through my thoughts, I went and had a look around Crathie.

Two weeks later, I was back in London. I happened to be walking along by the palace, and just as I got to an entrance on my left, there was one of those attendants standing just to the right of the entrance. As I passed, I saw a white tent in the grounds with people sheltering beneath, for it was a very sunny day. The attendant said to me: ''Has the queen invited you to her garden party?''
I said to him, ''Don't be so stupid. Why would the queen invite me to her garden party?''  Then I looked at the scruffy jeans I was wearing, and the faded shirt; not to mention the worn out shoes. The attendant was smiling when I heard someone calling out from the garden area. ''I say, hello! hello, there again!''
I looked, and there was that princess waving like mad. She came down  to the entrance way and I turned around and looked her way. I could see the rest of her party underneath the tent. I raised my right hand and gave a wave.
''This is a shock,'' she said. ''I never thought I'd see you so soon. How was your holiday?''
I said, ''Fine, had a good relaxing time. And you?''
''You know what the royals are like. Sit down, yappy-yap, have to visit some place they've been invited to., and everyone has to tug along. That's what keeps us all together.''
''How come I've never heard of you before?''
''Do you read the news or watch the tv?''
''No. I'm mostly out in the woods, in a nice spot, and writing.''
''How nice. So you're a nature person?''  Some one was calling her name from behind her. She said, ''Coming, wont be a minute.
I said to her, ''Who are those people there? I do not see the queen.''
''The one nearest to you is the queen's mother. She is very old. The other two opposite her are her friends.''  Pointing to where the person was she carried on,'' This one here  is the prince. The queen will join us later. Make yourself comfortable.''
''Me?'' In this state?''
''You're ok! No one's going to mind.''

We walked over to the tent in the garden, and I suddenly thought about that attendant down at the entrance, he must be psychic.
Princess Lorreta introduced me to those sitting under the tent. She told them that i had given her a helping hand, when her car had broken down.
The prince was sitting next to me. He said, ''Jolly well done, for doing such a good service.''
The servants came with a tray of refreshments and placed a glass of orange in front of me.
''So where do you live and what work do you do?'' princess Loretta asked.
''I'm in tharmy, ''I told her. I'm just about to return back to duty.''
''what regiment is that? May I ask? The prince wanted to know.
''The Signals,'' I said.'' Communications.''
''OK!'' he said, ''So i see we have a private soldier who looked after the princess while she was on her way to Balmoral!''
''It was nothing. I would have done it for anyone. And I didnt even know she was a princess until she told me.''
he took up his glass, chuckled, '' She's a real princess, that's true.''

We chatted on some more and the conversation went into the history of the royals. I was very good at that, for I had been studying the British royals for sometime. I was also into the Dutch royals as well. I told the prince about King Alfred the Great and his brother Ethelred.
''This Ethelred was very religious,'' the prince told me. ''So religious that he would go into his tent, and start praying before he goes into battle.''
I said, ''That's right. But there was one time when Alfred was waiting for him, the danes were gathering up a great force on the top of the hill, so Alfred decided to act and not wait for his brother to finish his prayers. Had he not done so, the Danes would have won.''
''You seem to me a decent fellow,'' the prince told me. ''I would like to meet you again, and we could chat some more. I have to go now to get ready for an important opening of a center. See you later then.''
''Nice talking with you. Enjoyable.''

The prince left and princess Lorreta carried on with the conversation. She asked if I believe in reincarnation. Do I think that people come back after they've been taken away. I said to her that it is a very interesting subject, but at the moment I'm busy studying the energies of the planets on human beings.
''Do you believe that?'' She asked, surprised. ''In what way can they have influence over us?''
''Quite a number of ways,'' I told her. ''At a certain time according to the positions of the planets, you fall in love and get married.''
''But it is I and the other who is doing that. How on earth can the planets decide for us? Are the planets really doing that? Or is it the human being of his own choice?''
''It seems to me,'' I said, ''that they're there to serve us. They do not compel us to do anythin g, and of course we can do whatever we want to do.''
''Will you cast a chart for me and teell me what you see?''
''I'll gladly do that for you,'' I told her.

The queen came out followed by another younger prince, and I bowed and said, ''Your Majesty.''
She sat down, then turned and said, ''So you'rethe young man who helped the princess while she was on her way to Scorland?''
I said., ''Yes, Ma'am, I am he.''
''What you've done is very good. And what were you doing in Crathie? Balmoral is not very far away.''
''That I gathered. I was just visiting to have a look around like I have done with most Scottish places I have visited.''
''It is quite peaceful up there. That's where I take the family to recupperate.''
''It's very nice up in Scotland, but there are many hills and bogs.''
''Yes, that's true,'' her majesty replied. ''But the beauty of it is great.''
''You have to excuse the way I'm dressed at the moment. I had no idea that today I would be sitting with the queen. By the way, I think you have done a great job all the years you have been serving.''
''Thank uou, nice to hear. I'm only doing what my ancestors have done. The Great Alfred, only seventeen when he fought side by side with his brother. And when his brother died, he had to take over. And it is through him, Alfred, that England became so great. He is the backbone of this monarchy.''
''Yes, he turned out to be a great king, ''I told her. ''I think that down through the centuries we've had great princes, princesses, kings and queens who have wrested England from unworthy power.''
Her Majesty had this piercing look, she could tell straight away what some one was like. I knew she sensed that I was someone who loved England and the monarchy. There was something that was bothering me as well. The way I met the queen was pretty unusual. Normally,  such a situation would not have taken place.
''I heard that you're a private in the army.''
''Yes, Ma'am. The Royal Signals.''
''My son visited them not so long ago.''
''I'm at the moment on a couple of weeks leave.''
''Are you likeing it? I see that you're still young.''
''Oh! yes, with pleasure. It's all in the line of duty for you, your Majesty.''
She smiled and said, ''We all have to do our duties.''
''Yes, Ma'am,'' I replied.

It was time to leave and the princess escorted me back down the road to the entrance. The attendant was there--grinning. The princess said to me, ''You see that building over there,'' pointing to a building just on the corner of the road opposite where we stood, ''that's a club, and I'm often in there. You can come and meet me there next time you're free..''
''What if they don't let me in?''
''Oh! everything will be ok. Don't worry.''

When I left the princess, I turned to the attendant and said, ''What are you grinning about? Is it because what you had told me came to pass?''
''Oh! No. You see, I was expecting you,'' he said.
I said, ''Who so? Why were you expecting me?''

He grabbed me on the left arm and said, ''I know who you are. You're the queen's father!''
"'Oh my God!'' I said it out almost loudly, ''that means that ypu're psychic.''
''Well, you can call it that. Something I inherited.''
''Please,'' I said, ''don't spread it around.''
''That I wont do, sir. But the queen herself might do so.''
''I think that the queen sense something, the way she spoke with me.'' I told him.
''The queen is no fool, my friend. She too, can see through people.'' He let go of my arm.

''And I thought...''
''Well, you had better keep it safe. We know about the spirits.'' He looked me in the eyes.
''I'm really amazed!'' I said to him, ''are there many people who know about that then?''
''Yes, but only the expert ones. Others talk but they have no proof.''

After our little talk, i went on my way. It hadn't really surprised me to see on the front page of almost all the daily papers, a picture of the princess and myself. And at work, everyone was staring at me. I said to one of them: ''Ok! that's me for sure, but just friends with the princess. I swear, nothing more.''
One of them said: ''You're in a very dangerous position there, my friend. Even if you're honest, you can still be blamed for things that had nothing to do with you. Tread carefully, mate.''
''I will,'' I replied. ''If the princess didn't like me, I would not be in this positiom.''
''You realize that every move you make from now on, the photographers will be there. They are like a pack of hounds.''
''I'll pose for them , give them all that they want, the nosy lot,'' I told him.

I met the princess again at the club just on the corner of the palace. This time I was dressed decently. I had on brown trousers and a blue sports jacket, with an athletic emblem on the left side pocket. I went through the door, and there on the left was the princess Lorreta. There were only a few people who looked at me arkwardly. I settled down in a chair next to the princess. She said, ''You've made it. I told you that you would be in no trouble coming here.''
''I was a bit jumpy at first, but now all the butterflies has gone away.''
The princess called the waiter over, and ordered some drinks.
''So how was it back there at your regiment, and with your photo in the papers talking to me?''
''It is scary!'' I told her. ''I'm known my many people in my regiment and other regiments as well; but now I'm going to be known by the whole British public.''
She took a sip of her drink and said, ''That's what you get for being royal, and also those attached to them.''
''I'm only a friend, not your husband, and the press is making a big thing out of it. Back at my regiment, some of them approached me, to get news for their magazines. I told them that you and I were thinking of tying the knot. You should have seen their faces. One of them asked, '' How could the princess be marrying a private soldier.''
I said, ''Don't ask me, it just happened.''
''Oh! that's awful, giving away our secret.'' She saw the funny part of it.
She told me that the prince would like to chat with me again. She told me too, that whenever I get the time, I must come to the club. That was very interesting, because I took to the prince straight away. He'll make a nice king, I thought, when his mother has finished her reign. Going back to Alfred,  we read how the people loved their kings, queens, princes and princesses, and all the royal family.

The princess gave me her birth date so that I could erect a chart for her, and explain what I saw.
''You have to tell me everything that you see,'' she siad to me. ''No lies, I can take it all without fear.''
''You're really a tough one, princess,'' I told her ''I'll be quite honest with you and tell you the truth.''
''You're a genius,'' she said, looking at me very seriously now. ''I'll be going overseas for two weeks. When I come back, I would like to go out to a disco with you. is that ok?''
''As long as you don't get your self in trouble.''
''No. I wont, I've already asked the queen, and she has given her permission.
''Well that's settled then.'' We talked for another half of an hour, and then I left the princess.

I met the princess again after I had gone away with the regiment for a few weeks training. The princess kept her word and we went to a disco, not very far from the palace. She told me that her tour in Canada went down well. She was glad to be back and meeting me. ''It's nice,'' she said, ''when you're around. I really miss you.''
I said, ''I really miss you too, princess. You're the best.''  We enjoyed ourselves at the disco, but there were police guards in the building and outside in cars.
''Now you're been properly guarded,'' I told her. We were on the dance floor and swinging around. Disco lights flashing here and there, and the music was loud but enjoyable.
She said to me, ''Those guards have their duty to do, I cannot prevent them from doing it.''
''You see, '' I said, ''that's the trouble with you royals. You cannot go anywhere in London without being followed.''
''That's true. But that's the life of being a royal personage. Just follow the rules and you'll be ok.''
We went back after we had fun on the dance floor, to where her friends were.




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