The Combination Of The Solar System.

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One day, You'll be surprise to know that the solar system is inside of you. My poem.

Submitted: August 11, 2019

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Submitted: August 11, 2019



I took my mate to our Solar System,

From afar I informed him,

How the whole sytem is put together;

He said,''What is the purpose, why bother?''


I said, ''Be wise and understand what they're doing,

Their positions can also bring you to ruin.

Write down clearly what you see,

It will come in handy for all humanity.


 See the moon, it travels the fastest,

I like Venus, it gives love, that's the best.

Watch out for Mars, it can cause war,

It gives energies, and it can mar.


The whole system is weird,

And we as human beings become scared.

But not any longer,

We know the secret, now we're much stronger.


No love, will bring love,

No money, will bring you plenty.

You have to use your head now,

And not be left empty.


The combination of the Solar System,

Makes us fall in love, and out again.

I should say, they don't make us, but it happens

We are all connected, like carriage and train.

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