The Crystal Dome.

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The old man started talking to the boy about where he had been.

Submitted: September 08, 2018

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Submitted: September 08, 2018



''I've come from a place with its streets paved like gold, and the houses as if they were formed from crystal.'' The old grey-haired man relate his story to the boy.  ''As soon as the children are born, they can walk and talk. They do not cry or make any fuss. The cars there are fantastic. They travel at a very fast speed, changing into light and back. You can get from one place to the next without any bother. There are no cables or wires anywhere to be seen. On the wrist, there's a watch with pictures showing, and a voice telling you what time it is, and giving you instructions for your route.'' 
''Could you take me to that place Sir, it sounds like heaven?''
''Heaven is much higher boy, that's where God lives.''
The boy said, ''I'd like to go and see this place. The way you describe it, it sounds marvellous.''
The old man said, ''This is not a place for Earth people. You have to be born on that planet to be able to live there. It's a different system altogether from that of the Earth. The people on earth spit and yawn, and has to go to the toilet often. The people on that planet don't do those things at all.''
''Are you saying Sir, that we earth people can't go anywhere except the Earth?''
''It is possible for you to trvel to other planets in your solar system. If you venture farther, it's going to be difficult. You're going into another solar system that is not like your own.''
The boy said, ''We can build ships that would take us way beyond the imagination, deep into space.''
The old man said, ''Of course you can build ships to go there, but the human flesh won't be able to stand up to such things.''
''What can we do then?'' The boy asked.
''From your own solar system, you can send out ships controlled by robots. They will take the place of human beings in deep outer space.
The boy said, ''That sounds very challenging. Couldn't it get out of hand, where the robots take control?''
''It depends on the programmers.''
''You said you're from that place, and you look just like one of us.'' The boy told the old man.
''That is true, I look like one of you, but I'm very different in many ways. I don't need to eat any food to stay alive.''
''But you breathe our air!''
''Yes, we've conquered that part, and also your sunlight. You only have the one sun in your solar system. We have many of them.''
''Have you got a sea like ours?'' The boy asked.
''There's no sea where we are. We're enclosed in a great dóme like crystal space.''
''Can you take me back with you?''
''I'm afraid not'' the old man said. ''You will not last out the journey. At a certain point, the ship turn into light.
''Wow! fantastic!''
''Your body you see, is not tuned in for such things. You'll have to bear with your destiny, until you shed the body.''

The End.

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