The Girl From Ukraine

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Charles, my mate wants to get himself an overseas girlfriend. I prefer to go for the british one. We both love our football club so much that we want our girlfriends to be part of it.

Submitted: August 22, 2017

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Submitted: August 22, 2017



Getting beaten by Barnsley, Nottingham Forest caused me a lot of pain. Still, I'll get over it.''
Charles said:''Of course, you'll get over it. It's one of those things. Did you enjoy the footbal, though.''
''Yes. One of those things , you say? I'm a loyal football fan, and I expect to see my club do well.''
''Come on, they're now third in the league, and that's not bad!''
''It's awful, they should be on top.'' I told Charles. ''I want to see them back in their rightful place.''

My name is John Carwet. My friend's name is Charles Wentling. We just came out from the Barnsley ground. We went there to watch Nottingham Forest, our darling football club. They got beaten 2-1 and it left me deeply hurt.

Charles tried his best to calm me down, but he knew what sort of person I was when it came to football. Both of us were great fans of Forest, and we wanted to see the club do well.

At my flat, Charles went immediately on the computer. I went and got the teas ready. When I came back with the teas, I saw that Charles was into one of those dating sites. ''What are you looking at?'' I asked him. ''For God's sake don't tell me you're interested in one of them.''

He was on the dating site for women from Ukraine.

''These women are beautiful,'' he told me. ''Look at this one. Ain't she something?''
''I can go down to the local pub, and pick something more beautiful.''
''No, you can't! admit that you're now seeing beauty like you've never seen it before.''
I said: '' Almost every one of them got their lips painted with thick paint, don't like it.''
Charles laughed. ''That's not paint, it's lipstick!''
''It looks like paint to me. They've overdone it, too much of it.''

Charles said: ''What would you do if you met one of them?'' He scrolled down the page, as the women appeared one after the other.
''I wont be doing anything because I'm sure I wont be meeting any of them.''
''You never know,'' he said, still looking eagerly at the page. ''I'll take this one.''
I looked closer, and I had to admit that she was beautiful.
''How old is she?'' I asked him.
''22, just about the right thing. And listen to what she wrote, 'I'm an honest woman, looking for the right man. I'm family minded and I love children.' ''
''Is she communist?''
''No. She isn't! You don't think I would...''
''Yes you would, Charles. You'd pick up on any beautiful thing communist or no communist.''
''Ukraine has no communist party. It is not accepted there.''
''We've just come out of a stadium with about 13,000 spectators, why didn't you try and find a woman from among that lot. Why go overseas?''

Charles wasn't listening to me at all. He was already making contact, sending an email away.
''Nothing's going to come of it. She's far too young. And how are you going to meet her. Oh! No. In Ukraine?''
charles heard me this time. He said, ''You've hit it right. We shall go to Ukraine.''
''It's not safe there. I'd rather stay here and cry my heart out over Forest.''

Charles said: ''Forest can take care of itself even if things don't go down well for a few games. Who's going to take care of you? You need a good beautiful woman as your wife.''
''There are some nice beautiful British women around.''
''But will they be as faithful and honest as these women here?''

Charles was trying to make a point. I said to him, ''Okay! you take an Ukranian woman, I'll take a British one, is that ok?''

A couple of days later, Charles received an email that his girl was coming over for two see if she'd like it. Well, now,we don't have to go to Ukraine, and I could look around to find me a British woman.

In town, I was coming out of one of the department stores when  I saw this woman. She hopped passed me,gave me a smile, half turned back, and carried on. This was my chance, I told myself. Don't make a fool of yourself now. You have to play your cards right. If you want her, you have to make your move.

I didn't see anything wrong at all with British women. Some of them were really beautiful and well-built. Once they get to know you, they'll stick with you through thick and thin.

The woman I had just seen was just in front of me at the cash register. I managed to talk with her just as she stepped out the door. ''How'd you like to go and have a drink with me?'' I said to her very confidently. ''There's a bar just across the road.''
''Okay!'' She accepted.

We went to the bar across the road, and I ordered some wine. When we had our drinks, I said to her, ''My name is John Carwet, and I'm crazy about football. What about You?''
''I'm Irene Butley,'' she said, ''and I like football too.''
''That's great, '' I said. ''Then I could invite you to one of Forest' home game. How would you like that?''
''I will come.''

We started in conversation about many other things, and I actually invited her to my flat. I wanted Charles to see what he was blind to see--a real british woman. She had it all. Her lips weren't painted red like those women Charles were after. I also liked the way she dressed, nice and neat not overdoing it.

Charles came around just in time for me to introduce Irene to him. He looked shocked. I said to him, ''What is it? Is there something wrong?''
''No. No... it's just...that's really strange!''
''What is?'' I wanted to know.
''The girl I'm dating on the internet, guess what? her name is Irena.''
''You're joking with me, '''I told him.
''That's a coincidence!''
''have you got a photo of her?'' Irene asked
Charles brought a number of photos and showed them to Irene. I had already seen them. Irene questioned Charles some more. ''What made you go overseas to Ukraine to find a woman? Don't you like british girls?''
''Of course, I do. But there are certain things I just cant stand. British women like their alcohol. Some of them drink more than the men.''
''So that's what put you off?''
''Another thing about them is, they keep on sending useless things on the phone. And if they're not happy, they'll storm at you.''
''Are you listening, John.''
''Yes, I heard every word he said. But Charles is like that. It's ok with me.''
''Anything else Charles that you don't like about the british women?'' Irene questioned him.
''They don't often come right out and say to the man 'I love you!' they just like calling us funny names. One thing I must say, though, if you make a joke, they'll laugh their heads off.'' Charles was letting it all out.

Irene said: ''As a woman, I have to say that these women that you're after are really pretty in the face. Is that all you're looking for?''
Charles said: '' Not only are they pretty, but their standard of living is pretty high. And they always stand behind their man.''
''And then gives him a push when things go wrong.'' Irene said.
''I think Irena would make a good wife. She's young, and I can train her into many good things.''
''The first thing you have to train her to do is, '' I broke in, ''is to love Forest. If she do that, then she'd be the best woman in the world.''
Irene said: '' Charles, you keep on mentioning the british women, but surely you must mean the English women. There's a difference between 'English' and ''British.' ''
''Yes, silly me,'' Charles replied. ''There's definitely a big difference between the two.''
''Coming back to the way Englsih women are,'' I said, ''you'd better watch out if the relationship breaks up.''
''Why? What happens?'' Irene asked.
''They become totally out of control, and give up everything.''
''That's not true, John. Not every English woman is like that, yes, there may be one or two. Most English women are strong. They don't give up easily.''

''From what I know of the English women,'' I said, ''I'm not referring to British women here, they're very reliable, falls deeply in love with one man. They goad their mates to take up something that is worthwhile.''

''Irena,'' Charles declared, ''is a very good cook at her age. She likes the beach and the park. Her family means a lot to her, and she would like to have her own family.''
''That gives me an idea, '' I said to Charles. We could take her to Skegness if it's a nice sunny day. We could stay late till evening. I'll bring my guitar, and we could have a sing song.''
''She'd like that,'' Charles admitted. ''It would be just great.' I'm also planning to go to the army surplus shop and get some equipment for two days.''

''Camping?'' I almost shouted."''Are you crazy? The girl wants luxury.''
''I think it will go down well.'' Charles had his mind made up.

I asked Irene if she was free on the dates when we would be going up to Skegness for the day. And at another time when we would be going camping for two days. She said that those days were ok.

We all went up to Heathrow airport to meet Irena arriving from Ukraine. We stood there watching the people coming off the plane. I saw this young thing, gorgeous as can be, and straight away I knew she had to be Irena, Charle's flame.

When she met us we greeted each other and then we went into the car.

Back at Charle's flat, we all made ourselves comfortable while Irena and Charles hugged and kissed each other. She started telling us about the flight over, and how her parents, families and friends came to see her off at the airport.
''You're really beautiful,'' I said. ''Charles was right. Ukrainian women are beautiful indeed, and not in the face alone, but also in the figure.''
''Watch it,'' Charles said, funnily, ''She's mine, all mine.''

Irene said to Irena: ''Is it  really so beautiful in Ukraine, and is it peaceful there?''
Charles had the coffee ready. we each took a cup, and poured out what we needed.
Irena answered: ''It's still not good between Russia and ourselves. Yes, Ukraine is still beautiful. There is still clashes in some areas. They accused our people of carrying out terrorism against them. With Russia, you don't know what they'll do next; they keep on building forces in Crimea.''
''That's awaful,'' Irene told her, ''that they should be treating you like that! Anyway, enjoy your stay here.''
''Thank you!'' Irena said with a smile.
''See, Charles,'' I told him, ''there's still trouble around that area. My foot is not going there. Noy just now, anyway.''
''It's not the whole country. Just certain parts.'' Charles assured me. "Let's not bother much about that. Let's get this Ukrainian lady a lively two weeks here.''

Irene and myself left Charles and Irena to get on with their love life, and we went back to where Irene lived. Her flat was small but nice. Decorated well, just like I expected someone like her would have it, She set the coffee on and we had a cuppa.
''What a couple they are?'' I said to Irene. ''I think that they'll fall deeply in love, and then there'll be wedding bells.''
Irene said: ''From what I've read about those Ukrainian women, they are very romantic; and very passionate too.''
''Aren't you romantic and passionate?'' I asked her.
''British women are romantic and passionate in a different sort of way.'' Irene explained to me. ''And they show their love very deeply, and honestly.''
''Well, I'm glad i made the move first to get at you. You could have turned me down when I had asked you out. Why didn't you?''
''I just had strong feelings about you, that's why.''
''I said: ''I also felt something inside of me telling me, 'Go for it.' ''
''Irene said: ''We shall see how we get on.''

The trip to Skegness came on a day that was really sunny and beautiful. We left Nottingham for Lincoln then headed up to Skegness. It took us just over two hours. there were many people up there already and the place was spectacular. We went on quite a number of the rides and many other atrractions. then when evening came, we found ourselves at the water's edge just the four of us. We started chatting about quite a lot of things, and I sung a few Beatles songs along with a few from other artists. Late at night, we drove back to Nottingham.

I could see that Irena had a good time, an d Charles was pleased that it went down well.

When we got to nOttingham, getting out the car, Irena gave Charles a big kiss. She  said: ''That was really romantic.! I enjoyed every bit of it.''
Charles said, ''I'm glad you like it, it's my pleasure.''

We all went up to Newcastle to watch Nottingham Forest win 2-3. They had me trembling close to the end, but they held on and came away with the points.

Without Irena knowing what was going on we went and set up camp in a farmer's field. It drizzled for an hour and then the sun was out all day. There was a stream nearby. The tent was up, camp beds all there, and the burner outside was burning away while the lunch was being prepared.

Charles brought Irena across the farmer's field. They came to where Irene and I was preparing lunch.I looked to see how Irena was taking it and was surprised to see her all chuffed up. That was good, she didn't mind what we were doing. We had knocked up something special for her, and when she tasted it, she gave her compliment. She didn't say nothing much against the camping. She must have done this sort of thing back in Ukraine. She had told Charles that she like hiking, taking long walks over the mountains; and walking along the beach looking at the stars. 

The two days camping went down well. Everyone enjoyed themselves. It stayed sunny so we were lucky not to have any rain, except for the drizzle when we first came.

We took Irena to Nottingham castle, told her stories about Robin Hood; an d took her to the Robin Hood Legacy. We visited Wollaton Hall, City of the Caves, the National Justice Museum, the Aboretum, a Victorian park with many trees. It was opened in 1852. We took her to other places over the two weeks that she stayed.

Her stay now ended, we took Irena back to Heathrow where she boarded her plane back to Ukraine.



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