The Other Half.

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I heard this voice speaking to me; it was my ''other half.'' I spoke back to it just as if I was speaking to another person.

I never thought you'd be so egoistic, only thinking about yourself. What abot me, eh!'' I heard a voice just above my breast talking to me. ''You have all the fun in the daytime, but when it comes nighttime, you do not want to sleep, and to let me go on my escapades.''
''Do you know how much trouble you've caused me everytime I put my head down? You go to places that are dangerous. Places that are dark with strange people. Now and again, yes, you do go to a place and get yourself connected with some girl, and get married. Do you know what happens when I wake up? I find that it's not true. It was just make believe. Why do you taunt me like that?''

''Why make a big fuss since it's not real. You wake up and you are free to do whatever you want. All I'm asking, is give me the time too, to do what I want. If you get yourself drunk, It's your fault. I would be doing strange things.'' The voice said.
''Nonsense,'' I said, ''I don't drink or smoke. So who's to blame for your foolishness. Last time, you found yourself on the autobahn. That's a place for cars and lorries and the motor bikes, not for a soul. You really gave me a shock then. That lorry driver saw you and swerved, making him to run into a field.''
''He saw me?'' The voice asked.
''Some people can see you. You are shaped just like my own self, but not the same as of matter.'' I spoke back.
''I didn't know people could see me!''
''They're clairvoyants and psychics. They can see, and can hear.''
''So when I leave your body, they can easily trace me? Ain't that dangerous?''

''Sometimes it is and other times not. But you have to promise me that when you go on your adventures, to behave yourself, and not to rush back in a hurry.''
''Sometimes I have to, can't help that. If someone is chasing me, I have to get back to where it's safe, and that is home base.''
''If that's the way it is, and there's nothing that I can do to change the situation, then let it be so, but take more care.''
''I will I promise. I think it is true that I do get into places that a normal human being would find hard to get into. Take for instance, the time when that girl invited me to stay with her.''
''That's what I mean, see,'' I said, ''running off with girls. Don't you know she was teasing.''
''There were other people there, and we danced around and sang, and got drunk.''
''I'm glad that was all.''
''Wait! I did...''
''No. You didn't. Next time watch out, and be careful.'' I said.

''I think you're getting jealous, me having fun. You're just so busy with all those books.''
''Look who's talking! You're having fun on my account. If I should stay awake, there's nothing you could do.''
''You can't stay awake forever.'' It said to me. ''As soon as you lie down, I'll be off.''
''I told you already, I don't mind you going away. Just be careful, and keep out of trouble.''
The voice said, ''It's not that easy. Sometimes things happen so fast, that there's nothing one could do. So everything then that I experience, you also experience?''
''Yes, even when you go falling in love and all that,'' I said. ''Here in my bed, all the experiences come back to me.''
''Next time, I'll go to space, and give you something to think about.''

The End.

Submitted: May 23, 2018

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My! Such intense words, John!

Wed, May 23rd, 2018 3:19pm


Thank you!

Wed, May 23rd, 2018 8:29am

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