The Space Ball.

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See what the pen can do! My poem.

Submitted: March 12, 2019

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Submitted: March 12, 2019



I got this space call,

Inviting me to a space ball.

Explaining what dress to wear,

As if I really care.


When I got there,

I saw men with long hair,

Vicious animals lurking near,

I was there to enjoy, and not to fear.


Then I saw this woman,

And I shouted out loud,

''Wow'' who's that beautiful thing?''

I almost got ban

As I went through the crowd,

And up to the King.


''That was Venus, you were looking at

She's neither too thin, nor too fat.

Just the right measurement,

She's heavenly sent.


Mars was at the door,

Grafgging his iron feet across the floor.

''There's some one missing,'' I said.

Looking around and scratching my head.


""it is the sun,'' some one cried.

''Too dangerous to have him here.''

He was completely denied,

Entrance, we couldn't have him near.


Vulcan, I see, tall and fiery,

Mer cury is chatting his head away.

Jupiter is king, big, not wiry,

Saturn will make the day.

Uranus is close to Venus, too close.

Neptune is like a glass, where you can see through.

Pluto is dark, not verbose

Start stamping your foot, when you get the cue.


The Moon's node showed up,

And also the daughter of hell.

The music played, and we started to bop,

I still had time to yell.


''Wow that Venus has it all,

Can I take her back to earth.

If you do, it will be your own fall,

And a timing for your re-birth.

© Copyright 2019 johngumbs. All rights reserved.

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