Village Day.

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Driving along the country road, my mate and I ended up in a strange village.

Submitted: June 10, 2018

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Submitted: June 10, 2018



At the beginning of the village there was a halt sign with three men in control. One of the men had a box like we see at the polls. I was very inquisitive, wanting to know why we had to stop.Why couldn't we drive straight through. There were no crowds or anything like that. The man with the box said, ''You have come this far, you cannot turn back because the road is blocked. I noticed another of the men with this sack on a string. He said, ''In here,'' pointing to the sack, ''are tickets.''
''Yes, all you have to do is draw out one, and keep it for the Village Day which is in two days time. The tickets are marked: Run through with sword; head chopped off; burned at the stake; and escape.''
''Really? Some weird things you've got in this village!''
''If you pick the 'escape' ticket, you get the benefit of picking out five beauties from the lineup.''
''And if I pick another ticket, you'll actually do what is written on it?''
''That's the rules,'' the man with the box said. ''It's all official for the Village Day. The priest of the village has permission from the higher ups.''
''But you just can't go doing what the ticket says. This is modern times.''
''Will you pick a tgicket, both of you?''

My mate didn't like the idea, but seeing we were trapped, we both took a ticket. Looking at mine it said: 'escape.' My mat's ticket said, 'burnt at the stake.'
He said to me, ''I hope this is not for real, and that it's only a game.''
I assured him it wasn't, and that these villagers were serious. He was still baffled with the weird rules they had.

We accomodtaed ourselves in a small bed and breakfst place. Next morning, we went looking around. The church wasn't far away from us, it had massive open sapce at the right side of it. At the back was the cemetery. Men were already setting up for the Village Day. There was a stand with wood around it and chairs laid out in the front.

The guillotine stand  with chairs around it was slightly to the right. A few meters away there were two poles with ropes hanging from them, with stakes of wood driven in at the bottom. We had already checked what ticket we had drawn, and had had said nothing much about it. My mate said, ''You know what I have drawn, don't you? ''To be burnt at the satke.' ''
''Good lord,'' I shouted. ''This is utterly foolish, nonsensical, and yet when we look around, it is real. My ticket is 'escape.' ''
My mate said, ''We have to go around, not fearing, pretending it's make belief.
''If it is for real,'' I told him, ''you're going to lose your life.''
''What an awful thing,'' he said, ''coming to this village to give my life away. I'm going to plan my escape.''
I told him it was too late to do anything.

Village Day came and we attended. There were many people there. Those who had tickets for the sword were run through, and taken away Those for the burning were burnt to ashes while the spectators cheered. Those for the lineup had to pick from 20 beauties, five. I handed my ticket over and went up to the beauties. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My favourite princess was there in the lineup. The alarm clock on my bedside drawer went off, and I woke up.

The End.

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