The Strange story of how middle school kids saved the universe!!!

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In the distant future, a group of middle school boys give themselves super powers. This is the story of how they live life, which does include restoring the past so space-time itself doesn't rip apart, and going through the struggles of middle school...

Submitted: January 21, 2015

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Submitted: January 21, 2015



The Strange story of how middle school kids saved the universe!!!

It was the year 30XX, and all seemed to be well in Neoseattle. It was a typical day, Stan was on his way to school, accompanied by his three friends, Neil, Calvin, and Miles. The day went by like any other day in Neoseattle high, fast-paced, tiring, and nonstop work. When they weren’t working, they were scuttling to their next class. This is what any average student would say, however, the last thing you would call Stan is ordinary. Having an IQ of nearly 300, he was brilliant, unlike some who were still sticking forks in their toasters. School was no challenge to him, but he was no nerd by any means. He exercised regularly, was decent at several sports, and knew several versions of martial arts. Now, compared to Stan, his friends may seem like nothing special, but Stan had his reasons for befriending the seemingly simple group. They all had good grades, even if they had to really struggle to get their well-deserved “A” sometimes. Neil was a short, stereotypical Asian kid. When he wasn’t hanging out with his friends, he was most likely watching the latest anime episodes, eating, or sleeping. Calvin, was a quiet, lanky, but rugged looking person. He loved reading more than anything, and his favorite genre had to be fantasy. Calvin was no pushover though, and no one messed with him. Miles was the clown of the group. His quick thinking witty mind often lead him to trouble more than not. In fact, that’s how these 4 friends met each other, and became so close.

Stan (flashback)

I scowled, still mad at myself for letting myself get in such a bad group. What was the kid’s names we were rescuing? Miles! Miles was the one who mouthed off the teacher, and got himself 3 hours of detention. On the last day we got time to work on our science fair project during school, he started a big argument with the teacher, saying things like

“This work is stupid! Why do I have to work with these nerds? I don’t even get it!” Now, Ms. Baldwin was already in a bad mood. Most likely because most the kids were complaining about science fair. Miles unfortunately was the last straw.

”That’s it!” She snapped “That. Is. IT!!!” The whole class went silent. Nervous eyes darted around the classroom. Miles shrugged and walked out the room. He knew the routine. First, the principal’s office, and then usually detention. No exceptions.

“Great. I mumbled. How is he going to pull his own weight in detention?” I mumbled, frustrated with how everything turned out. Suddenly, the short one, Neil was his named jumped up with a gleam in his eye.

“Just follow my lead.” He whispered, obviously planning, and preparing to do something crazy. What ended up happening was all of us running back to my place, getting “equipped”, and then come up with a plan.

 “That was your plan?” I questioned, slightly in awe of how things actually were happening in reality. Neil nodded triumphantly. I sighed. “Well, I guess we could do this.” I muttered to myself. Things turned out exceptionally better than I thought they would. Detention took place on the 2nd floor, eliminating the possibilities of escaping through the windows. However, I did have a small jetpack that I brought, allowing myself to use and travel through the window. Neil and Calvin would then proceed to distract the teachers, using the various doo dads they had brought with them. As soon as the coast was clear, I lead miles out of the school, carefully, and stealth like.  When we met up at the meeting point, (The giant pine tree in the back of the school) we checked everything, and then ran as fast as our small legs could carry us. Back at my house, we all collapsed from all the excitement, plus being completely out of breath.

“Thanks…..for saving……me….” Miles said through quick breaths. “You guys…..aren’t nerds…..after all…” Still catching his breath. I smiled.

“Let’s just work on our project.” I said quickly. In the end, our project was magnificent. I created and built all the parts, Neil and Calvin took notes and data, and Miles did the presentation. Everyone loved it, even Ms. Baldwin. From then on, an unseperateable bond was formed between the four of us.



They had finally arrived at Stan’s house. On the outside, it looked like a simple rambler with a modest backyard. On the inside however, Stan’s room contained a path underground, where he somehow built his lab. He probably explained how, but I didn’t care or didn’t understand anyway. Stan was overly excited, saying that he had made something life changing, but when I saw the new giant empty chamber I gave him the look.

“Well?” I spoke expectantly. Stan grinned.

“Introducing, the molecular DNA modifier!” He said with extra flare.

“What does it do?” I questioned. The name hadn’t dropped any clues. Stan looked annoyed, and just rolled his eyes. Stan whispered something to Neil, who looked like he actually knew what was going on. At least, a little. When Stan finished, Neil’s eyes grew big.

“Seriously? No Joke?” Neil stood there, jaw dropped. Stan gave a simple triumphant nod. Neil thought about something for a moment, then whispered something back to Stan. Stan proceeded to type in something to a nearby keyboard, while Neil stepped into the chamber.

“Watch this.” Stan couldn’t help keep a constant grin. The machine started up, with the parts audibly working hard already. A long sequence of flashes, and then it was over. Neil proceeded to safely step out, looking virtually the same, except strangely a bit buffer and more confident. His hairstyle was also very different, with long spikey hair. Unimpressed, I smiled devilishly and said

“Boooooooring. The only thing that machine did was make me a little dizzy. Nothing real special.” Stan glanced at Neil. Neil nodded. Neil raised and opened his hand, and a small ball of blue energy appeared. He decided to throw it at one of the many empty desks that seemed to fill Stan’s lab. On contact, the table exploded, shards of wood sent sailing. “Wowzers.” I commented, at a loss for words.

“So then, who’s next?” Stan looked at me and Calvin. Calvin quick ran over to Stan, again, whispering back and forth. Calvin stood in the chamber with a confident pose. Stan proceeded to enter in whatever it was into the keyboard. The machine started up, the lights flashed, and it was over. Calvin exited the chamber floating effortlessly.

“So what can you do?” I asked, wondering what in the world Calvin turned himself into. Instantly, a fireball materialized above his head and came hurtling towards another table. The table was launched across the room, and burst into flames. Before the situation got worse, a small cloud rained above the table, leaving only the burnt remains.

“I’m a wizard.” Calvin said simply. Finally it was my turn. Stan cupped his hand up to my ear and whispered,

“What super powers do you want?” I pondered for a moment, and decided on being something a little more realistic, at least in my book anyway.

“Make me a super soldier.” I answered back simply. I stepped in the chamber, a little nervous and unsure of what was about to happen. A sharp stinging feeling pulsed through my body. It was too much, and I felt myself slip into unconsciousness. Moments later, I was back.

“You ok?” Stan asked nervously.

“Well I’m alive, aren’t I?” I mumbled, as I wobbled and managed to stand up. I looked myself over. I was stronger, and my senses were sharpened. This would be the first moment when I noticed and could break the fourth wall. “Sweet.” I thought. “But what about you Stan?” I asked.

“Well, you see, I prefer to rely on my equipment, without changing my DNA’s breakdown. It’s a safer that way.” Stan looked away, hoping we wouldn’t catch on. I raised an eye brow.

“So that’s why I blacked out.” “So anyway, wanna test those powers out?” Stan said, trying to change the subject. Of course, we all nodded.

“Here, these will compliment your powers well.” First he handed a staff to Neil, then a shiny, multi colored stone to Calvin, and finally a wristwatch to me. “I’ll tell you their full potentials later, but let me get suited up myself.” Stan grabbed a headband and put in on. Seconds later, it blended in with his hair and skin. Soon, unknown material appeared around him, slowly taking form. First the hands of the suit, then the legs, then the head and the body. It’s slick, but powerful looking design took a moment to fully look over. “Let’s go” Stan said clearly, even in his suit.  We quickly flew up the stairs. Outside of the house, we looked around for an appropriate place. We decided on the football field by the high school. “Let’s go. Miles, use your watch. You’ll figure it out.” Stan said before taking off, followed by Neil and Calvin who were able to fly effortlessly. By going through a few of the menus, I managed to find a sign that said jetpack. I pressed the go button beneath it. The watch radiated a green light, and soon, there was a jetpack on the ground. I quickly put it on and started it up. Soon I was right behind Calvin.


Flying through the air sure was great. At first, a little terrifying, but still, exhilarating. I had only dreamed of such things happening. It was an easy skill to learn, and Calvin also seemed to find it easy. The landing was a little rough, but nothing my new super-human body couldn’t take. Once everyone had carefully rooted on the field we looked over at Stan expectantly. 

“Alright.” He said “THREETWOONE GO!!!” He yelled. I didn’t even have time to relax to the punch that nailed me right in the gut. It sent me flying towards the goal post. Trying to register what had happened, I looked to see what Miles and Calvin were doing. They too were immediately forced into battle by Stan. Deciding there was no way around, I took my stance and prepared to charge a destructive energy beam he decided to call the Kameyameya. It seemed catchy at first

“Ka….” I chanted, slowly gathering my inner energy. “Me…Ya…me….YA!!!!” I screamed, letting lose my new signature move. It hit Stan directly, sending him hurtling upward. He managed to recover, the suit simply repaired itself before he crashed. Locking on to me, he seemingly appeared right in front of me, releasing a barrage of punches and kicks. I just blocked, not having enough time to counter his relentless attack. Just when I thought he was about to get a blow in, a giant stalactite struck, pushing him any from me. Calvin flew over to me.

“Stan knows what he’s doing. He’s much more powerful and experienced then all of us. We should team up.” He explained.

“He did ask for it.” I admitted. We sat there, gathering energy, preparing for what we hoped would be the final attack. “What about..Miles?” I said through gritted teeth, concentrating so hard it was a struggle to speak.

“Beats…me.” Calvin managed, equally concentrated as I was. As I released my Kameyameya, he sent a huge thunderbolt. Our combined attack caused the suit to explode, only leaving the suit’s hand and shield that he produced from his hand. Out of nowhere, a huge blast of plasma nailed Stan’s hand. The remaining suit exploded, leaving Stan out of breath, and defenseless.

“Alright that was fun. I guess….Let’s go home.” I told Stan. He simply grinned and whispered

“It’s not over yet.” He let out a cry, clearly straining to do whatever it was. Instantly the suit regenerated, and released a small blast, forcing away from him. Out of the smoke, Stan flew up, and yelled. “Now you’re finished!” He hands glowed, with a brilliant, intimidating, blue light. He got into his stance and rained down on us. Plasma bolts, flew everywhere, making huge craters in the stadium’s used to-be-perfect turf. When it stopped, we were tired and dizzy, as if we had ran in circles for an hour straight. Stan floated there triumphantly, letting the mask over his face disappear, showing his bold grin.

“You just wanted to show off, didn’t you?” I mumbled, now truly realizing why we tested out our powers. He shook his head.

“That was part of the reason. Of course, I wanted you guys to see your full potential too. Say, where is Miles?”  We checked, and found him up in the stands, munching on some chips.

“Just thought I’d sit this one out.” Miles said casually. “That was really exciting.” Calvin frowned. “It was a little too much for me, but I’ll adjust. Let’s just head back to Stan’s place.” We flew back home. As we arrived, we noticed Josh and his gang of equally stupid jerks. We tried to ignore them but Josh saw us.

“Yo! What’s up nerds? What geeky thing are you up to know?” he taunted.

“Shut up. Just because we have a brain unlike you sad specimens, doesn’t make us nerds.” Stan returned coldly. A little surprised by his sudden change, I looked over at Miles and Calvin. They simply shrugged. Josh only laughed.

“Oh my! Is someone still sore over that little fight you lost?”  Suddenly it hit me. Stan had decided to start martial arts after he had gotten beaten up, and badly too.  The next day he came to school with a black eye, and bruises dotted all over. He never got over it completely.

“So that was Josh’s doing.” I thought.

“I could take you on anytime. How ‘bout it shrimp?” Josh waggled his finger. I looked over at Stan and immediately swallowed nervously. Though we never talked about it, Stan could have really bad mood swings, changing emotions on a dime. The look in Stan’s eye was a crazy look. He was about to lose control.

“Things could get ugly really quickly.” I whispered to Calvin and Neil. Just as we were about to step in, Stan materialized his suit, and with explosive intensity launched himself at Josh. Josh nearly avoided the first strike by tripping over a nearby garbage can. Vulnerable and on the ground Josh, looked scared for once.

“Stop him!” Calvin shouted. We tried to grab him, but he just shook us off.

“Out of my way!” He screamed.

“Run!” Miles shouted. Josh’s gang ran away, but as Josh tried to stand up, Stan connected one, deadly, punch to the face. The blow caused Josh to fall over once again, his nose clearly broken, blood dripping all over his face. Crying now, Josh staggered up, and ran away. The three of us simply stood there, watching Stan stand there, breathing heavily.

“Well crap.” Miles finally broke the silence. “What do we do now?” Stan collapsed, unsure of how to respond.

 “I……I’m sorry.” He managed.

“No time for that now,” I reassured him. “We got other problems to deal with.”


Nearly two days had passed since Stan’s little outburst, and Josh had not returned to school. Josh’s friends had showed up yesterday, but not today for some odd reason. School was boring and routine, and so we decided to meet up at Stan’s house and do something. When we arrived we saw that a window had been smashed. Carefully, we unlocked the door and searched for the culprit. No one was in the house, but it was trashed. The only place we hadn’t checked was Stan’s lab. Carefully and quietly, we walked down the stairs. When we arrived, no one was there. The only thing out of place was a wicked looking portal, sucking up anything to close to it. We looked at Stan. He was thinking, and finally he said

“It appears to be a rip in time and space.”

“Shouldn’t that be impossible?” I asked.

“It should be impossible, but it might have been my Molecular DNA modifier’s work. However, what matters is it did happen. This is not good.”

 “Well, what should we do?” Neil asked.  Before anyone could say anything the portal rumbled and grew in size.

“We have to take care of that!” Miles said in a panicked voice.

“Let me think! I can figure this out.” Stan said harshly at Miles. The portal rumbled, even louder this time, and grew bigger.

“Should we be standing so close to it?” I muttered.

“I’m thinking!” Stan yelled. I felt my feet being pulled toward the portal. Suddenly, the portal enveloped us, tripling in size. All of us scream unsure of what was going to happen next.

When I woke up, I appeared to be in a forest. Still a bit woozy, I looked around and tried to take everything in. Next to me laid an unconscious Neil. I shook him awake. A few moments, he came too.

“Am I alive?” Neil stuttered

“I hope so.” We stood up and flew up to get a bird’s eye view.  We saw an older looking city, and the space needle.

“Wait a minute that looks like the first space needle. It was destroyed and they built a new one.” Neil said confused.

“I guess we really are back in time.” I said simply. We looked at each other, and drifted toward the strange old city.


I groaned. I shook my head, feeling my head throb, a harsh cold wind passing through.

“That jerk Josh is gonna pay!” I managed. (Of course, I didn’t use that wording, but I need to keep it PG) Looking around, I saw Stan, standing patiently, obviously waiting for me to get ready.

“We must have been launched in a slightly different part in space then Neil and Calvin when we were sent into the rip in time and space. This also could mean they could be in a slightly different time.” Stan finally spoke. I finally decided to take in my surroundings. A barren wasteland, which resembled a battlefield, ravaged by explosions and dangerous chemicals.

“We’re not safe here.” Stan spoke quickly. “We appear to be in the war.”

I shuddered “You mean the war?”  “Yup. The one that led to the few survivors deciding to create a safe place, by using the Indestructible and impenetrable fortress.  This fortress covered almost the entire state of Washington. When they could definitely say the war was over, they found that it had ended with no progress, every side killing each other. They did their best to scavenge any remaining resources, and lived in the safe areas, which was just Washington. They hoped some parts would soon be livable. But this was at the end of the war. No one knows exactly what happened during the war.”

“So….basically we’re in the biggest war known to man, have little to no knowledge of our surroundings, and have prevent Josh from ripping part of space-time, which will eventually end in everyone and everything’s destruction?” Mumbled, scared of the truth.

Stan nodded. “Plus, we have to find out when and where Neil and Calvin are, which means we have to figure out how to travel through time safely. There’s a bunch of other things, but I don’t want to kill you from the shock.”

“Well, this should lead to a totally cliché story.” I muttered to myself

Stan raised an eyebrow. “Anyway, let’s get on with it.” “Wait, watch out!” he screamed. We tried to jump out of the way of the explosion, but a piece of debris caught me in the arm. I winced in pain. I looked over at Stan, my vision blurred. Stan was knocked out. I screamed helplessly, the pain slowly getting worse and worse. Soon, a horde of men approached us.  One man emerged out of the crowd, and questioned in a harsh, commanding voice,

“What the heck are you doing out here kids? You’re too young to fight! You should be somewhere safe! Explain yourself if you want us to help you with that wound! ”

“Uhhhh.” I froze up. “We’re from the future.” The man looked shocked.

“So Dr. Gerald’s time machine did work! He did carry our message. But, you are the strongest warriors the future has?” I started to sweat, the wound plus the pressure of what they might do to me if I said no.

“Uhhh, well we didn’t get your message, but we are very strong fighters.” I nervously volunteered.

“I knew the doctor was a traitor! He just wanted to save himself!” he clenched his teeth, suddenly seething from anger “At least we were fortunate enough to meet time traveling heroes.”

“Yeaaaah…” I gulped “Heroes.” Quickly I thought. “But we’re not invincible, we’ll help in exchange for your support and knowledge.” Hoping that Stan would’ve said the same thing.

“Very well.” The man said. “Come with me. We can give you the proper care.” Soon they gave us food, and a decent resting spot for us to recover. Stan came to about 10 minutes after they had settled us in. I quickly explained everything to Stan, and he understood.

“Looks like we didn’t really have a better choice.” He decided.

“So it sounds like they have planned missions for us, and only us. Wait, wouldn’t that make a paradox?” I asked

“Well, maybe this was meant to happen, which means we should do our best in the missions.” Stan decided.

“So what about Neil and Calvin?” I wondered.

“We’ll figure it out.” Stan couldn’t think of anything else to say. The man checked on us.

“Are you ready for your first mission? Good, because we’re leaving in an hour.”

“An hour? Are you serious?” I exclaimed. The man nodded expectantly.

“Let’s go.” He said a little more forcefully.

“Guess we better get going. This is where our epic tale begins.” Stan said with a little gusto in his voice.

“Dude, come on! Totally cliché!”  I said, rolling my eyes.

“Whatever, let’s just do this.” Stan smiled.TO BE CONTINUED!

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