Melvin's Demon

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A high school student decides to summon a demon. He succeeds.

Submitted: January 27, 2015

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Submitted: January 27, 2015



The room was dark, except for the candles. He had placed one candle at each point of the crude pentagram that he had drawn on the floor. He took in a deep breath and smiled. He could smell the sickly sweet odor of something decomposing. It wasn't a strong smell, so it must have been a small animal that had died. Perhaps a mouse got caught in one of his mom's traps. She hated mice, but he liked them. He felt akin to them. Outcast. Shunned. Powerless. But not after tonight. Tonight, he would no longer be powerless. Tonight, he would be in control of his own destiny.

Midnight was getting closer. In just a few more minutes, he would recite the ritual. In just a few more minutes, he would no longer be powerless. In just a few more minutes, he would be in control of his own destiny.

He picked up the dagger that he had bought from some satanist he met online. The guy told him that it was made from the same bronze that Goliath's sword was made from. He drew the blade of the dagger across his hand and squeezed the blood into the center of the pentagram. He sprinkled salt at each point of the pentagram while he recited the ritual that he found with a quick search online. As he got to the fifth point, smoke started pouring from the candles and flowed toward the puddle of his blood in the center. He finished the ritual, the smoke started coming together in a humanoid shape. He smiled as he watched. He smiled as his power took shape. No one would dare do anything to him when he had a demon under his control.

The smoke started to solidify. A face started to form. Solid, yet fluid. It constantly pulsed and morphed. He wasn't sure where to look until eyes appeared. Glowing, red eyes took shape. He stared into the eyes and smiled.

“What is your name, demon?” he asked.

The demon said nothing. It continued to stare at him with its red, glowing eyes.

He stepped out of the pentagram, thinking that perhaps he couldn't control it if he was in the pentagram with it. He knew that as long as it was in the pentagram, he was safe.

“What is your name, demon?” he asked louder.

The demon followed him. It stopped briefly at the edge of the pentagram before following him out of the pentagram. It smiled. Or perhaps it just looked like a smile. His smile disappeared. It was replaced by a look of fear.

“I demand that you tell me your name, demon!” he screamed.

Finally, the demon spoke. It was a deep rumbling that sounded almost like distant thunder.

“You demand?” it rumbled. “It seems you are in no position to demand anything, son of Adam. Names have power. To know what something is named gives one a certain power over it. You, son of Adam, know this, that is why you demanded to know my name. But know this also. You have no power over me and, you never will. You do not know my name, but I know yours, Melvin Albert Griffith. I know yours.”

“But the ritual...”

“The ritual?” laughed the demon. “You mean that silly little game you played? You will know better next time, if there is a next time. Do not mess with things you don't understand. The words you spoke are powerful, but only if they are understood. And the last human who understood the meaning of those words left his mortal life before the pyramids were thought of.”

“But the web site said...”

“The web site? You seek to summon more power than you will ever comprehend with some words you got off a web site? You are not worthy of the honor I am about to bestow on you.”

“Honor? What honor?”

“Yes, Melvin, honor. I have need of a host and...”

“And you want me to find one for you?”

“No, Melvin, I do not want you to find one. I have already done that. You will have the honor of being my host.”

The look of fear left Melvin's face. It was replaced by a look of sheer terror. “What if I don't want that honor?”

The demon grinned. He spoke to himself, “He actually thinks he has a choice in the matter. He is humorous.”

The demon dematerialized and became smoke again. It entered Melvin through his mouth and nose. Melvin's mouth was frozen in a silent scream as the demon entered. His body jerked a bit as the demon took control. Melvin couldn't speak. He couldn't move. He could see what the demon was seeing and hear what the demon was hearing. He could think, but couldn't get his thoughts to anyone except the demon.

“What should I call you?” he thought to the demon.

“You can call me what you would have had me call you, Melvin,” the demon thought back.

“Yes, Master,” Melvin thought.

The demon took his new host to bed. In order not to call attention to himself, he decided to keep as close to Melvin's routine as possible. Melvin slept. He had nightmares, but they paled in comparison to the reality he was living. A demon was in control of his body and there was nothing he could do about it.

In the morning, Melvin, led by the demon, had breakfast with his mother. As he finished, he picked up his backpack and gave her a hug. As they hugged, the demon came part way out of Melvin and entered his mother, not to possess her, but to take her life. As her life ebbed, the demon gained strength and power. Melvin was heartbroken, but there was nothing he could do. He could not even grieve.

Melvin and his demon went to the bus stop. There should be lots of people to terrorize and feed on at school, the demon thought. As they got on the bus, the demon felt a presence. He had felt it before, but not in a long time. He kept his anchor in Melvin, but let his unholy presence flood the bus. All the young people who were on the bus fainted at his presence. All except one young lady. She looked at him, like she could see him. She shouldn't have been able to see him, but it appeared that she could.

“You do not frighten me, demon. In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you to tell me your name,” she said. But she never moved her mouth. She was speaking through her spirit and not her body.

The demon tried to object, but she was filled with the Holy presence. “My name is Murder,” he said.

“Murder, in the name of Jesus Christ, I command you to come out of that young man. Come out of Melvin.”

“You cannot command that. I have a legal right to be here. Melvin wants me here.”

“Allow Melvin to speak without hindrance and let me ask him.”

Melvin could hear what was happening and realized that he was in control of his voice.

“Melvin, do you want that demon controlling you?” the girl asked.

“Audrey? Help me. Get it out of me! It killed my,” Melvin said before the demon stopped him.

“Well, Murder, it seems you are not wanted by Melvin. I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of him and go your way. Do not bother anyone under my protection again.”

“Melvin did want me,” the demon growled. “You haven't heard the last from me. One day, we will defeat the carpenter and his followers. We just need to gain our strength.”

“Keep thinking that and we will continue to gain strength as well. More than enough to defeat you and your kind.”

The demon exited Melvin's body and vanished. Melvin collapsed like the rest of the students on the bus. Audrey started to wake the other students up, starting with Melvin.

“Thank you,” Melvin whispered. “I'm sorry I caused such trouble.”

“Stuff happens,” she replied. “I don't know how it got you, but if it was something you did, don't do it again. The next time it could be deadly.”

Melvin started to cry. “It is worse,” he said. “That demon killed my mom before we left today.”

“Did he make you kill her?”

“No. He just sort of took her life out of her. One minute I was hugging her, the next, she fell down, dead.”

“I know it hurts, but we'll find you a place to live and help you through this.”

Melvin gave her a small smile through his tears. “Thank you.”

When they got to school, Audrey went with Melvin to the office. They told the counselor that Melvin's mother had died at home. Melvin had been through a lot, but with a friend like Audrey, he knew that he would be okay, eventually.

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