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A young man hears voice and they tell him they are angels.

Submitted: January 27, 2015

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Submitted: January 27, 2015




Arthur heard a voice; a quiet voice that he knew was there but couldn't quite make out. He looked around, but saw no one. He was alone. He decided that what he heard must have been the wind and not really a voice.

Arthur! The voice was louder this time.

“Who's there?” Arthur asked as he looked round.

Speak for us, Arthur. Be our voice. The first voice was joined by several others.

“Who are you? Why can't you use your own voice?”

We are angels, Arthur, and only special people can hear us. You are special, Arthur.

Arthur smiled. People had called him special all his life, but most of the time, they made it sound bad. When the voices, the angels, said it, he actually felt special.

“Can I see you?” Arthur asked.

Perhaps it will be allowed after you deliver our message.

“Are you sure you want me? No one will listen to me. They all think I'm stupid.” Arthur said, pronouncing the last word stooopid.

They will listen, Arthur. Just do what we tell you. If you do exactly as we say, they will listen.

“OK!” said Arthur. “What do I need to do?”

Go to Brandi's room and get her megaphone.

Brandi was Arthur's sister. She was a cheerleader and when she wasn't cheering, she kept her megaphone in her closet.

“Brandi doesn't like me touching her stuff. She won't like that I went in her room.”

Brandi will not mind. You are doing the work of angels. Brandi will be proud of you, Arthur.

Arthur ran to Brandi's room. She had never been proud of Arthur. In fact, she usually acted ashamed to be his sister. Arthur opened his sister's closet and pulled out her megaphone. It was the first time he had touched it. On the first day she brought it home, he reached out to trace the script that spelled out her name and she yelled at him and slapped his hand away before he could touch the first letter.

“Now what?” he asked.

Go to the high school. Go up to the roof. You can get onto the roof, correct?

“Yeah. I went on the roof all the time. Mr. Spicoli said I could. I went there to get away from the mean kids.”

Do not worry about the mean kids. They will not abuse you again after today.

Arthur smiled. The kids had teased him and picked on him for as long as he could remember. Grown-ups too, sometimes. It always made him sad and confused. He was nice to everyone. Why were they mean to him? He was glad that they wouldn't be mean to him anymore.

Arthur ran to the school. He knew the rules said he wasn't supposed to be there, since he wasn't a student anymore, but what angels told him mattered more than the rules. He knew his way around the large high school. He was able to get through the halls without anyone seeing him to stop him. He made his way to the fourth floor and once there, he walked to Mr. Spicoli's private room. The room he kept his secret bottles in. It was also the room that had access to the roof. Arthur set the megaphone on Mr. Spicoli's drinking table and climbed the ladder to open the hatch to the roof. He then climbed back down and picked up the megaphone. It wasn't easy to climb with the big megaphone, but he managed to do it without falling. Not that he was afraid of falling, he had fallen from the roof ladder before. But he knew if he fell with the megaphone, he might break it and his sister would be mad at him.

Go to the edge, Arthur. At the back, where all the people are. And do not say anything until we tell you to speak.

Arthur walked to the back of the school and looked down. It was lunch time and a lot of the students were sitting outside to eat, since it was a beautiful day. He saw his sister. He knew it was her because of her dress. He saw her leave the house in her dress with the purple polka dots. He wanted to call out to her, to let her know that he was there, but the angels told him not to talk until they told him to, so he kept quiet.

Now, Arthur, tell them hello. Tell them who you are. Use the megaphone to make sure they can hear you.

Arthur put the megaphone to his mouth and spoke loudly through it so his voice would carry, “Hi everyone. I'm Arthur. I used to go to this school. My sister is the head cheerleader.”

Down below, people started to point and talk.

“Hey...it's Farty Arty.”

“What's that retard doing here. I thought he was gone for good.”

Brandi heard him and looked up. “What is that idiot doing with my megaphone. I'll kill him when I get my hands on him.”

You need to tell them how they made you feel. Why they should not be mean to people like you.

Arthur smiled. He knew what he had to say. He spoke loud enough for people to hear him again, “A lot of you were mean to me when I went here. Some of you called me names. Some of you hurt me. I was punched. I was kicked. My head was pushed into toilets. Some football players made me lick the dirt off their football shoes. It made me feel bad. You shouldn't be mean to people. I may not be as smart as you, but I'm a person and I have feelings. Even my sister was mean to me sometimes, but I still love you, Brandi.”

The crowd of students had gotten quiet as he spoke. They were wondering what was going to happen next. Even Arthur didn't know what was going to happen next.

Arthur, now is the time you show them you can fly.

Arthur moved the megaphone away from his mouth and said, “But I can't fly.”

No, you cannot, at least not on your own, but we can and we will carry you. All you have to do is step off the edge of the roof.

Arthur put the megaphone on the edge of the roof. The principal and the school nurse came up through the hatch from Mr. Spicoli's room. They walked toward him.

“Come away from the edge of the roof,” said Miss Winger, the school nurse.

“The angels are going to help me fly,” said Arthur as he stepped off the edge.

Miss Winger screamed and Mr. Godfrey, the principal, rushed to the edge. He looked over and saw Arthur's body laying there, a crowd of students gathering around him.

Arthur looked down at his body. “I thought I was going to fly.”

A different voice than he had heard before spoke to him. You are flying with me to Heaven, Arthur.

“Do you mean I'm dead?”

Your body on Earth is dead.

“Are the other angels here? The ones who talked to me before?”

They were fallen angels. They tricked you and lied to you.

“Since I listened to them, why am I going to Heaven. I thought people who listened to fallen angels went to the other place.”

God knows your heart, Arthur. He knows that on Earth you did not have the intelligence to know they were trying to trick you. But listen to what those left behind are saying.

Arthur listened and heard parts of conversations.

“Man, we should have been nicer to him.”

“I'm sorry, Arthur. I'll be nicer to others now. I shouldn't have been so mean.”

“I love you too, big brother. I'm sorry.”

Arthur smiled, knowing that even if he had been tricked, he brought about change. He knew that people would remember him and be nicer to others.

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