Daddy's Greenfield Girl

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Often youngsters grow up watching one parent physically abuse the other. Sometimes as teens their patience reaches a tipping point.

Submitted: July 06, 2009

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Submitted: July 06, 2009



Screeeech!" the lower hinge squealed. A footfall followed the squeak. Nancy pulled on the cross-buck door which easily swung open. She entered and looked through the empty corn crib across the pasture. Worn and dirty cleansing utensils littered the crib promiscuously. Old rusty Del Monte cans lay nested in each other.
Nancy secured a rusting skillet from the pile and stood quietly inside the darkest wall in the old Greenfield shack.  Twenty years had passed since Grandma died. Twenty long years. Now she had been so lonely. No soft hand, or sweet kind word ever came her way anymore. Driven by an insane world, she crouched low and waited.
"Nancy! Nancy! Come on out. Daddy's here."
Nancy stayed rock still and poised to strike.
"Nancy! Nancy!"
Daddy eased slowly to the old door and waited. When Daddy passed into the center of the space, Nancy sneaked upon him and crushed the back of his skull with the bottom of the heavy iron mass. He fell into a heap. His can of Prince Albert slipped from his pocket.
Nancy spaded a shallow hole for the body. She dug as deep as her physical strength would allow. She deposited the corpse and packed manure laden dirt round the body. When she finished, the floor lay as smooth and as dirty as before. She left and reentered the great house.
"Nancy, where's your Daddy?"
"He's in the barn I guess."
Mama Cooper washed her hands and sat at the red and white dinette set Lottie gave to her.
"Now Nancy, you get these red Idaho potatoes peeled and we will call Daddy to dinner."
The daughter rinsed and calmly cut the skin from the spuds. She skinned each one smooth and deposited each one in the black two-quart skewer. "These will be enough today."
Mama visited the outhouse and came back in. "I guess your Daddy's gone to the store."
"No Mama, he's not at the store." Nancy said as a factual matter."
"Not. Well he's not at the barn."
"Yes Mama in the barn."
"No. I checked."
"No? Mama Daddy's at the barn asleep."
Mama stopped cold as the ominous words flowed over a rising apprehension.
"Nancy. What do you mean?" Mama asked as she slowly walked around the table and to the back porch screen door which Mama pushed open and stumbled awkwardly and unsteadily forward.
Nancy followed at her heels.
"Nancy what have you done?"
"Daddy's asleep Mama. He wont's wake for a long time. I gave him a good decent burial,"
Nancy explained calmly as mama stepped into the burial chamber.
"Oh, my God child. What have you done?"
Nancy put her hands on her mother's shoulders and squeezed. "I got rid of the ass-hole. He won't hit you no more. I killed him. Bashed his brains out!"
She sat over the spot where reposed her dead husband Henry Cooper.
Nancy wrapped her arms around her lovingly. They hugged and gently cried.
"Nancy, Nancy your daddy doesn't deserve to lay here. He deserves better."
"Mama. I killed Daddy. We can't tell anybody."
Mama sobbed and as she sat upon the low four legged milking stool, the legs sank in the loose soil."
"Oh Nancy what a rash and bloody deed you have done here. But I guess he deserved it."
"Come on Mama. Dinner will burn. We got to get back in the house."
Mama solemnly shut up the barn tight and turned the latch. They swatted mosquitoes as they returned to the bungalow.
After dinner, Nancy and Mama rocked in the white wood porch rocker. The evening settled into dark shadows. Across the lane, Pentecostal worshipers arrived piecemeal for the Sunday evening services.
"I always wondered what money would bury us first. Well I don't have to worry about him."
"He's gone for good. I conked him."
Darkness enveloped all and the only light came across the yard from the church house windows. Black crickets chirped in the night.
"No moon out tonight." Mama said quickly.
"Listen," Nancy urged, "Listen."
"I heard something."
"Just the services across the way."
Nancy's remarks stopped interrupted by a thump.
Nancy bolted upright seated. "Mama listen."
Mama sat forward on the edge of the rocker. "I'm listening."
"A dragging foot and then a thump."
The nightmare began to unfold. Nancy stood and clutched her mama.
"Mama. Daddy's not dead is he?"
"No." Mama repeated, "No."
Nancy clutched her mother close. "Yes, yes. He's dead and buried."
"No daughter. Daddy's not dead."
"But I killed him."
"No." Mama repeated, "No."
Nancy clutched her mother close. "Yes, yes, he's dead and buried."
A cloud passed and the moon illuminated two figures on the screened porch.
"But Mama!"
"Nancy. You didn't kill your Daddy. He's alive and coming for you and me."
"Mama. Please no. Help me. Save me!"
"Look. Listen. Listen!" Mama exclaimed.
Drag. Clomp. Drag. Clomp. Drag. Clomp.
Nancy drank the sounds into her perked ears.
"No. No. It can't be."
Drag. Clomp. Drag. Clomp.
"Nancy here he comes."
"No, no."
Daddy's nose shined in the moonlight. He smiled. "Nancy. Here's Daddy. What did you leave me like that for?"
"Oh Daddy. Don't hurt me please."
"Henry leave Nancy alone!"
"Old lady bitch, shut up! I'm going to kill this young bitch!"
Mama stepped forward.
"No. Son of bitch no. This bitch won't let you."
"Henry leave Nancy alone!"
"Old lady bitch, shut up! I'm going to kill this young bitch!"
Mama stepped forward.
"No. Son of bitch no. This bitch won't let you."
Mama produced Henry's .44 Magnum Smith and Wesson.
The moonlit glint of steel sparkled in Daddy Cooper's eyes. With two thumbs, she pried the hammer back hard and pressed till the mechanism clicked.
"Good bye!"
A shot lit the porch and a blast slammed into Daddy Cooper's head. His brain splattered all around. Bloody gurgles wallowed in a dripping quagmire.
"Sloppy bitch!"
Mama fired again and opened his torso. He fell in a heap.
We all know he had it coming. Look here comes a neighbor.
"Miss Cooper you OK? " asked Keeter politely.
"Yes Keeter we are. Just taking some pot shots as coons messing with the chickens. Just go back and tell everyone I'm sorry for interrupting services."
"Ok Miss. Youins have a nice night now."
"Come on Nancy. Let's get Daddy back where he belongs."
"Your a good mama. I love you."

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