Shiftless Flight

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The world continues to foul the atmosphere with carbon dioxide and other carcinogenic pollutants. William Wordsworth lamented during the Romantic Age of English Literature that nature faced a most uncertain future.

Submitted: August 09, 2009

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Submitted: August 09, 2009



Our world
Stands upon Wordsworth's word
Why man failed Nature.

Gloom dear Earth
Surrounds the globe
And cannot shake the robe
Clothed thus
A price pushes in a rush.

Thoughless youth
All men uncouth
Humanity gloats
Of daily jokes
Pays no attention
Each dances his rendition.

No regard for the blue sky
Global warming such a lie.
Heat breeds storms
Storms bring havoc
And amid all the dope
We must lose all hope.

There would have been a time
For such idiotic mime.
Time will not forgive the bloke
Tomorrow, or the day after coke
Nature needs to shed the cloak
Climate change not a joke.

A petty pace
For a lively race
Of bearded men
Make comical mistakes
As they foul mother's lakes.
A thousand terminal injuries
Make for innumeral burialsOf tell-tale parts
Piecemeal gone to darts
To kill au naturel quick
As swift as a mouse's click.

All yesteryears
Will have lighted fears
And made all cogs
Circumcised dogs.
Lipserviced loons
Will bay a moons
Clouded with air born dirt
Their phrases simply curt
No love's light wings
To o'er perch man's flings.

Be bloody, bold, and resolute
Hearken to the witches hoot
We must learn to play upon Hamlet's flute
Play the play always right
Say the word lest take's flight
And our world comes apart
And we to hell's basket gone in a cart
To nothing incarnate.

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