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The traditional definition for a sniglet is a word for which there as yet exists a word for something that happens in the environment.

Submitted: July 26, 2009

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Submitted: July 26, 2009



A Little sniglet
A large meaning can sense
A little piglet
A large leaning can mince.

So many things
That language left behind
More language needed
To lead the verbally blind
To added words heeded
Linquists lucky flings
To coin new wordies
Even if wordy dirtys.

We'll beging this heisty
But not too fiesty
By learning a trick
By meanings to pick
At runnel we'll start
To fill our wordy cart.

A snotty kid a drip report
Will earse the snot with a snort
This long elastic mucus strand
We'll call a runnel band.

So when the runnel within the snout
Emerges long as silence lets
Then to save a face with jets
Sucks in the juice no more to rout.

Now with runnel punctured thus
You gladly chide his way with pus
But with wordies slicky runnel
You'll gladly supply a needed funnel.

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