Wilmot Redd

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On September 22, 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts, Wilmot Redd along with 7 other ladies were hanged for witchcraft. She was accused by several teens as pinching them, cursing them, and afflicting them with spells.

Submitted: June 05, 2009

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Submitted: June 05, 2009



The sun's light shined once in Salem

And a full moon welcomed dreamers

The stars sparkled in unison

Days running fluffy white streamers.

Then one day an abiding sight

The loss of nature's precious light

Spectral scenes brought lies unseen

Mothers of men mischiefmaker mean.

Teenage girls invited to hop

Indentured insidious mop

Spurned addresses to disquiet

But provoked a cursing riot.

"What you little damned whore

Too good to party far from door?

God damn your filthy fucking ass

The devil won't take biting sass".

Limber Sarah fell too distraught

Having felt herself tempter caught

Thinking thus on possible fun

Now fearing God's retribution.

The minister scolded the dunder

Sunday Sisters sundry blunder

A hot hell awaited the sinner

Heaven only for sinless winner.

"Naughty thoughts tell God of wrong

Parishioners robbed of holy song

Confess thy deeds of dirty mind

Lest you fall still farther behind".

Shouts arose stepping through steeple

Aiming to invigorate his people

Falling into catatonic stupor

Magistrates mistaken with bizarre blooper.

Fervor held sway swinging the horde

Strumming satan's strings oblong chord

Sarah's whipping wheezing frenzy

Shouting screams sound nothing stingy.

Aisle's flooring full mopping the floor

Spinning wheels turning churchhouse store

Gossamer hairs flopping blonde wig

Girl planking wild ass turning jig.

Parish house hectic arms astir

Scrambling air for Beezlebub cur

Asked the little lady wallow

Why coated thus her too tallow.

"Wilmot Redd did curse me enough

In brazen ways most stiffly gruff

Upon a spell spelled to devil

Upon me to hell straight level".

Dreaming dreams of satanic wrath

Dancing dances witches sabbath

Prancing dunces damned lusty life

Pinching punches cutting with knife.

The witches sabbath must turn cold

The bitches wrathful must burn old

In ditches deeper must learn scold

The riches reaper must churn bold.

Salem magistrates maligned in school

Sinful miscreants satan's fool

Sorrowful warlocks wizened words

Shameful cursing dire fatal swords.

Four months time wicked witch in jail

Spectral sign consigned to hell

Within a week a noose was hung

Eight good women witches strung.

Top witches hill at Marblehead

Lays a mother's deep final bed

Wilmot Redd whose curse fell feldspar

Now stands tall historical star.

Inscribed insensate monument

Blue sky a terracotta tent

Innocently hanged from a noose

Lawfully a witch on the loose.

In memory of

Wilmot Redd

Of Marblehead

An Innocent victim of the

Salem Witchcraft Trials

Hung on September 22


Johnny Lloyd Redd  Copyright 2009 All rights reserved.

© Copyright 2018 Johnny Redd. All rights reserved.

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