Atlantis Olympian Games (spin-off of hunger games)

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I, Samuel am picked to go to the Atlantis Olympian Games. These games are a death sentence to children on the country. Just in case I might die, I record things in this journal to share with you.

Submitted: March 03, 2010

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Submitted: March 03, 2010



You will probably think that the story I am telling is entirely false and foolish and even stupid. But no matter what you think, I know this happened. I am going through all of it. Everyone around me is fighting for a chance to stay. To stay…meant that you are still alive. Yet just the opposite meant a head on challenge with twenty others to see who survives. Hello, my name is Samuel. The year is currently 2416 and coming to a close very soon. I am one of one million children who were chosen to go to the Atlantis Olympian Games. These Games are not one to be excited about being in. One million kids enter, 250,000 come back alive. The 750,000 others aren’t so lucky. Why would society do this you may ask? My father told me about five years ago that the world is ‘overpopulated.’ There are currently forty five billion people living on this earth. There are many shortages of food and water. By getting rid of future adults, society believes that the world population will be cut by 25%. Now 750,000 kids a year doesn’t seem like much considering forty five billion people on the earth. That is because we are not the only ones competing. There are many tournaments. I am in the 13-15 year old group competing. I am 14. Other age groups are the 10-12 leagues, the 16-18 leagues, and the 19-21 leagues. When you turn 22 you are said to be an adult, and are no longer responsible for the Games unless you take a child to enter. For every child that enters, the government pays you $1,000. This has resulted in many kidnappings and the earth is no longer a safe place to live anymore. Right now I am riding in a mansion with 29 other kids. I am alone and have no friends in this mansion. I believe I will die in this tournament, so I am writing all of this down. The mansion is all the way up in the sky and our driver looks very unhappy. I remember when my father told me the first thing humans invented to fly was a hovercraft. It was a tiny little tube that people would go inside and would suspend in the air only about four feet! I find it funny that technology has come such a long way, from a little tube to a whole house, a mansion, and 20,000 feet in the air. Since 750,000 kids are in a league, they divide us up into three divisions, 250,000 in each. I hear they make us do challenges. Whoever wins the challenge gets to stay, the twenty one that don’t, go through another challenge. The one that wins gets to stay, while the other twenty die. Twenty die in a division each day. There are three divisions. So that’s 60 people dying every day in a league. There are four leagues. So that makes a total of 240 kids dying every day in this competition. We do this until 250,000 kids are left. 240 times 3125 are 750,000. This means if I make it all the way, I will be fighting for 3125 days which is the equivalent of over eight years. That does make sense though, because 14 plus 8 is 22, which is the adult age. Yet I think…I think I might rather die.
We arrived shortly after noon and the stadium was huge! It was the size of two New York Cities put together. And this was just for one division of the three. This is where I was staying. It turns out you have five roommates. Mine were Oliver, T.J., Jason, Steve, and Cody. Cody was my favorite because he was kind of like me. We talked that day and became friends. I really hope he isn’t going to die. Yet again, it is a competition and the less the better. The room was a tent. It was a huge tent, the size of a large cabin. I learned to bond with the other guys in my tent over the next three weeks. The fourth was the hardest week though because I was starting to get home sick and the Games hadn’t even started yet. They begin at the end of the fourth week. I wondered what the first challenge would be. I tried to prep myself for it, but it didn’t work well because I didn’t know what the challenge would be! It was the day before the challenge that made me most nervous. I knew that 240 kids were going to die that day and I had no say about it. Heck, it could be me! That’s the only thing I was worried about…staying alive. Me and the guys were keeping ourselves entertained so we didn’t have to worry about it. We played games and talked about what we liked to do; we climbed on the beds and jumped around. We did everything we could to not think about it but T.J. broke the silence. “Do you think one of us will die tomorrow?”
“Don’t worry about it,” Oliver said. “We’re all going to survive this thing. And in a couple years, we’ll all be back to our homes.” I laughed. A couple years were all he thought. I did the math, as I told you before.
“What do you mean a couple years? I did the math while riding over here in the mansion. This thing will take us at least eight years if we make it.” I spoke in a harsh tone. I was already sick of the Games when we weren’t even through the first challenge yet. “This is going to consume us until we’re 22 years old and don’t have anything to worry about anymore.”
“But I’m fifteen. I turn twenty two in seven years. They can’t still keep me when I’m twenty two,” Jason pleaded. “What’s going to happen to me then?”
“Nobody knows Jason. You have to stay alive till then to figure out,” said Cody. I totally agreed with him. It’s amazing how alike we are.
“That’s right. Let’s all focus on the challenge tomorrow first. We can prove we have the endurance to stay here all the way.” I sounded almost bossy because of how mad I was. I just wanted to go home honestly. It got quiet after that and the room was entirely filled with nothing but silence. Everyone except me and Cody went to sleep. We talked for hours about the Game tomorrow. I was so scared. I could tell he was too, but he was trying to cover it up with fake calmness and a look that said ‘yeah, I’m fine with it…but I’d rather not.’ Me and him ended up only getting five hours of sleep which wasn’t good and was foolish because we needed all the energy we could get.
“Alright boys, come on. The Games are waiting for you. Remember that this is the first and get pumped to do well. We don’t want anyone to die in this division that early.” That was Bob, our adult to keep us in check and to make sure we don’t run away. Yet he is a kind man and I don’t think he would want to see any child die. We six followed him a long way to the huge stadium. There were so many scared faces. It was seven o’clock p.m. and the crowd was cheering as we went in the stadium. None of us saw any hint to the challenge accept there was a white line in front of us that we were told not to step over. There were thousands of televisions across the stadium. They all came on at once. It was President Monet on the screen.
“Hello 13-15 league division 2. I know you are all worried but remember, we don’t mean to do this to you but it has to happen.” There were hundreds of snickers from the crowd. “In front of all of you is a white line. When I say go, you will race across the white line all the way down to the walls of the stadium. The walls, this week have been replaced by rock walls. When you get to them, climb all the way up to the top and jump over the wall. You will find many exits. Get through an exit to win the game. There are motion detectors on each of the exits. When enough kids are through, all the exits will close up and the remaining twenty one kids will be sent to the challenge of fate. The one that wins that mission is lucky enough not to die. The other twenty will die this week…by a shot in the head.” The crowd once again cheered. This was horrible. How could anybody be so cruel as to laugh and cheer about this? Damn them all to hell God, please. “Ready, set…GO!” I dashed as hard as I could. I wasn’t the strongest runner. In fact, I get eleven minutes on my mile at least. But out of 250,000 kids, I wasn’t that bad. I was behind the normal amount of people but I was sure I wasn’t going to be last. There were at least one thousand people behind me. Most likely a lot more but I couldn’t see. I was less than halfway when I saw the numbers on the television counting how many kids are going through the exits. Running was horrible. A lot of kids were being pushed and trampled. Getting an injury would hurt my chances at the next challenge, yet I slipped. I fell and others hit me hard. I caused a chain reaction of kids falling like dominos. I got back up and ran with a hurt ankle. I finally found my way to less than twenty feet to the rock wall. It had been about an hour. Remember the stadium is as huge as two NYC’s put together. I reached up the rock wall but others pushed me down. It was the most insane thing ever. I saw the number on the television count to 170,000 kids. I was not going to die today! I pushed kid after kid off the wall. I injured a lot but I did what needed to be done to gain safety. This worked well when I reached near the top. I found kids at the top were pushing kids climbing down to the ground. Why would they do that when they had a chance to exit right then? I didn’t know but I somehow managed to get to the top when the number reached to about 204,000 kids. I raced for an exit but then I tripped again and more people trampled me. I tried to get up five times but I fell down. The number was at 221,000! I leaped up, punched, stabbed, and gutted a few kids. I finally got to an exit at 237,000. I laughed and screamed to the heavens. I was so happy and other kids were too! They were hugging strangers and dancing and cheering. I didn’t see any of my roommates. I hoped they were Okay. Then everyone stopped cheering when they saw the number reach to 249,979 and the exits immediately closed. It was silence and we all drudged back to our rooms.
I was last to come back to my room. I found all five of my roommates back and greeting me. “I thought you were a goner!” I took that as a compliment from Cody. We all hugged and laughed. Bob came in the room.
“Guys, want to watch the fate challenge? It’s on channel five.” We didn’t want to but we needed to know what we could be up against. We turned channel five on and we saw twenty one kids crying their eyes out at the fate challenge. The President spoke.
“Well, we have our first fate mission. Attached to you kids are chains that are all connected to each other. At the end of your chain is a gun. All you need to do is pull forward. Obviously if you pull forward, you avoid the gun. Yet since you are all connected to one chain, it pulls the others closer to the gun. The first person that is too weak and cannot pull themselves will touch the gun with the back of their head. Once the gun detects that something is on it, it will shoot. Ready kids? Ready, set…GO!”
The kids dashed forward. This one big, heavy girl was pulling forward way ahead of everyone. The rest were pulled back towards the gun. Then a guy with a red shirt started to pull forward and the rest were pulled back even more. Soon all of them were going forward but it got tough because all of them were pulling. A girl in pink fell and couldn’t get up. She started crying because all the rest of the kids were pulling. She was forced back further, and further. Finally she hit the gun. BOOM! Blood splattered on kids. A guy to the right started screaming with her blood all on his face and was too shocked to pull forward. He let go and was dragged to the gun. BOOM! Another one was dead. I was starting to vomit across the floor. “I think we should turn this off,” Cody said.
“NO! We have to know this.” Oliver was hyped up about it.
“We already saw! We know now! TURN IT OFF!” BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Another three died.
“You and your boyfriend can go somewhere else than,” Oliver said. He and the others continued to watch. BOOM! I vomited again. I never saw anything else after that. Cody tried to comfort me somewhat but it wasn’t working. I finally got hang of myself and nodded off to bed. The next day I found out the heavy girl won, and got the chance to stay. Bob told us the next morning that since the government can’t tucker us out every day with a challenge, there would be one every other day, and that they would randomly choose someone to die.
“So they could just come in here, pick one of us out and shoot us?” T.J. demanded an answer.
“Unfortunately so. But at least you have a free day to relax.”
“Relax? How can I when I might be shot at in my sleep tonight?”
We are currently very scared and have no idea what the days might bring. This is Samuel. The date September 13, 2416 in the Atlantis Olympic Games.
We all six awoke thankful that we were not shot at in the night. One channel on television shows a list of every kid that has died. 480 so far and with today’s challenge, it’ll add up even more. I was so scared about today’s challenge. Last time I barely made it. And I have several bruises and thumps from being trampled. Bob did the same as two days ago. He led us to the stadium where we were perplexed as to what the challenge was. The televisions turned on. “Hello kids of the league 13-15! This is your second challenge. There are thousands and thousands of boxes all around the stadium. In these boxes are keys to get out. There are three doors in the stadium to get out. A key is guaranteed to unlock a door but there are three so you might struggle a bit to find an exit. Good luck!” IT turned off and we all dashed to find boxes. They weren’t hard to find. They were everywhere. I got a box very easily and got a key. Suddenly the count was already going and it had only been two minutes! Up to about 2,000 already! I tried the door at the end of the stadium. Nothing worked. I fell and a kid stole my key! I cursed and went to find another box. There was one at my feet. I got it and tried once again the same door. It didn’t work. There was up to over 20,000 already. I went to the other side of the stadium making sure nothing got stolen. It has been one and a half hours in and it didn’t look good. 130,000 were safe. I tried to get to the door but there were so many people! It was worse than the first challenge! Everyone was pushing and yelling at you. It felt like the world was the sickliest place to be. 190,000 were in. It took so much time because I had to run from that one end to the other. It was finally my turn and…NOTHING! My key unlocked the third final door. It would take me another thirty-forty minutes just to get to that side. I ran as fast as I could but time was against me. 220,000 were safe. Only a couple thousand were left and it didn’t look good for me. I was half way there when 237,000 were safe. I had about 10,000 left to beat but it was hard. I even walked once because it hurt my lungs so bad from running. The dreaded number 249,478 was approaching. When I finally reached the bustling couple thousand people and the third door, about 244,000 people were safe. I thought I might pass out but I didn’t. I ripped the person trying their key out to the ground. I stuck my key in and it opened! But another kid went in ahead of me! The door closed and now I had no key. Unfortunately, I had to play the game dirty. I took a well built guy’s key and stuck it in the keyhole. It worked and I ran out before anyone else could. I had made it again but I will never forget that guys face when I stole his key. It was anger, confusion, and sadness all mixed in one. I almost felt ashamed when I got out of there more than relief.
Once again all six of us remained. I found out that I was again the last to return to the group. I knew they thought I was weak, probably because I was and it was starting to show. This time I wasn’t as scared when the guys turned on the television. It is a good strategy to know what you could be up against. The familiar voice of our President came on. “Welcome to the second fate challenge! Today these twenty one kids will be hanging from bars all the way on the ceiling of the stadium. The twenty that fall, will obviously be falling to their death and the last one to make it gets to stay for one more night. Alright kids get ready, set HANG!” All kids took hold of the bars and they were being raised up to the ceiling. It was sickening to watch but I had to or all the other guys wouldn’t appreciate me, except maybe for Cody because he was my only friend here. It had been half an hour into the challenge and nobody had fallen. That’s when I saw him. The well built muscular guy I had stolen a key from! I ruined his chance to stay!
“Sorry guys, I have to go to the bathroom.” I ran out yet I didn’t have to puke. I just felt a little dizzy. What I did only two hours ago could have made a death sentence to someone I didn’t even know. This game was sick and ruthless but I went back in to watch it anyway. Seven had dropped in an hour. The guy I had created a death wish for, was still holding on strong. I was rooting for him only because of what I had done. The other guys started to get bored of everyone just hanging there so they went somewhere else but I had to watch it. I had to know if I just killed a guy. It came down to four people over the next three hours. When you’re playing for your life, you get a little motivated. There was a girl who looked like she had no trouble, the guy that I probably murdered, and finally another guy who was having some problems with his holding on. In another minute he fell to his death and I closed my eyes. It was the moment of truth. Had I murdered someone or not? Suddenly he came FLYING down to the ground and with a big THUD he, guts and all, went scattered across the floor. Yes, I had just committed the crime of murder. The girl looked so happy when she was lowered back down to the ground. Even with somebody’s guts at her ankles, she was smiling. She raced out of the stadium and back to her tent. I sat in front of that television for another three hours just thinking about what I had done. I decided I should get some sleep, unlike last time so I climbed into bed pretending that I had not stolen anything, murdered anyone, or even entered the Games.
* * *
I am sorry that I have not written in here for over three weeks, but I am still very shocked about what I did. All five of my roommates still remain. We all have made it through numerous more challenges. The hardest one for me I remember was the rope swing challenge. You had to swing like Tarzan to an exit! It was crazy and almost every kid fell at least once. It is the fifty second day, and a resting day which means random people will be shot at at night. 12,480 people have died so far. Since there are so many challenges, we decided we didn’t need the television anymore to watch the fate ones. Now we have a good idea what we are up against. I miss my family so much. They don’t really know if you are alive until you come home…or you don’t. I have bonded out here with the other guys a lot more and now I am closer to T.J. and Oliver. Yet we do all talk and share strategies and do everything we can to try and win. Most people would think we are treated harshly out here but honestly they treat us very good. We get enough food and it’s not like we get beaten to death or anything. Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you something. Even a challenge every other day will tire us out for 8 more years, so every three weeks, we have relax weeks. So yes, it’s more of random shooting which is wrong but if they keep tuckering us out, we’ll all die. Tomorrow is a challenge day. Now challenge days are more like school. It’s more of a pain than anything. I mean it feels like you already know you’re going to make it out so what’s the point? Honestly I felt actually bored in one challenge. It was a riddle that ended with this final phrase: Congrats, you figured it out. Press the button on the opposite side of the stadium to open an exit…I was actually the first out of my group to finish on that one. That was about two weeks ago. I heard a rumor going around that the next challenges were getting harder. I didn’t understand what that could possibly mean. We have already endured so much. I have no idea how you could do this for eight years. I would most likely be hoping for them to come kill me in the night. No, don’t talk like that! I can survive this. 250,000 kids get to go home every year to their families. I need to stay strong for them.
Steve went to bed first and for some reason was very scared. You could tell in his voice. It was getting higher and lower, changing pitches all the time. I assume it could be puberty but you can also tell in his look. I don’t really know Steve so I haven’t written of him. He was pretty quiet but everyone likes him. He’s very strong too. If I had to go to a fate challenge with him…I don’t know what I would do. I pray every day I don’t leave here. How ironic that statement is! All I want to do is leave, but leaving means death and staying means living. I guess it will all come down to sanity. If I can endure all of this for a matter of years and keep my head I just might make it. One thing Bob told us about today was that no matter what, one day we six won’t be together. When it comes down to a certain number of kids, there will be extra room in some tents so we will merge into others tents. I don’t want that day to come. Well, I’m going to go to bed and hoping I do well in tomorrow’s challenge.
“In today’s challenge you will be testing your knowledge AND your strength. Think back to the first challenge. Yeah, the rock wall. Well it’s back and this time when you get to the top, a trivia question will be up on the exit door. Whisper it correctly into the monitor, and the door will open. This time it will let five kids go at a time. We do this until the last 21 kids as you know. GO!” I ran as fast as I could. It took so much energy to run to that end of the stadium. I hated it so much, yet my build was getting better and I was getting a lot quicker.

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