Mood Swings and Loud Music Presented in Shadows and Soft Light

Mood Swings and Loud Music Presented in Shadows and Soft Light Mood Swings and Loud Music Presented in Shadows and Soft Light

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



As the title suggests the mood of the poems swings all over. There are some dark poems and a couple which deal with adult subjects.
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As the title suggests the mood of the poems swings all over. There are some dark poems and a couple which deal with adult subjects.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Mood Swings and Loud Music Presented in Shadows and Soft Light

Author Chapter Note

As the title suggests the mood of the poems swings all over. There are some dark poems and a couple which deal with adult subjects.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 20, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 20, 2012












Mood Swings and Loud Music,

Presented in shadows and soft light



John Sams




Mood Swings and Loud Music



Dancer – Prancing On The Stage.

Moving, Swaying In Rhythm

To Heavenly, Melodic Music.

Rocking, Rolling In Time

To A Hard Driving Beat.


Dancer – Entertaining The Audience.

Loving, Caressing The People

With Slow, Tender Strokes.

Mesmerizing, Holding The Crowd

With Passionate, Hypnotic Grace.


Dancer – Making Love To Me.

Entrancing, Possessing My Mind

In Gentle, Subtle Ways.

Asking, Insisting That I Be Hers

With Persistent, Pleasant Persuasion.








My Love



Through Me

Into Thee

Back To Me

Love For We




Forever Love



I see you in the glow of morning and the deepest dark of night

I see you when my eyes are open and in my every dream

I feel your touch when we’re together or even separated by miles

I feel your touch in my heart and deeper still within my soul

I fantasize about you whether I am awake or asleep

I fantasize about you whether I am with or without you near

I will always be with you whether in flesh or in spirit

I will always love you even after our time on earth is done












Time and Space



Today And Yesterday

Are One And The Same

They Blend Together

And Produce Tomorrow




Dream of Love



To hold you in my arms,

To be held by you,

To taste your lips on my lips,

To feel your body pressed to mine,

Is my simple dream of love.
















A Joyful Song



Love And Dreams

Beautiful Things

To Share And Hold

As We Grow Old


Life With You

Always New

A Joyful Song

All Life Long




Simple Needs



A Simple Man With Simple Needs

A Home To Live In, Food To Eat

And Most Of All A Woman To Love.


Simple Needs And Simple Dreams

Love Returned, Not Fleeting Passions

Sharing Life And Love Forever More.













Bygone Years



After All These Years

Can I Still Doubt The Truth?

The Passing Of Time

Shrouding In Darkness Our Youth.


Summers Long Ago

And The Plans We Made.

The Carefree Love

And The Time We Shared.


Years Gone By

Brought Tears And Pain.

Love Slipped Away

Now Nothing Remains.




My Life, My Love



My Life, My Love

Only One I Know

Only One I Wish To

My Life, My Love

Sweetest Ever Known

Known Forever More





To The Peter Pan In All Of Us



Ask Me Not For A Course

Steer To The Far Points

And Let Destiny Take Us.

Chance Will Be Our Compass,

Success Will Fill Our Sails,

Failure Will Guide Our Rudder.

History Will Be Ours To Make

And Life Will Be Ours To Take.


Adventures Await In Far Off Parts,

Some Real And Some Imagined.

We Will Navigate The Seas,

With No Thoughts Of Danger

And We Will Profit And Plunder.

We Will Set Our Own Rules

And Live By Them Unconditionally.

We Will Watch Our Backs

And Die If Need Be

For One and Another And All.


Set No Course,

But Steer Straight,

For The Sun Is Out There

And The Moon And Stars Await.




The Immortal



Since The Dawn Of Time

I Have Known Life.

I Have Seen Happiness

And Also Suffering.


Having Known The Pain Of Eternity

I Long For The Joy Of Mortality.

With Life Clinging Harshly

To An Unwanted Soul.













Come tickle me fancy

And make me laugh.

Come jump me bones

And make me happy.


Come tickle my fancy

And make me laugh.

Come jump my bones

And make me happy.


You tickle my fancy

And make me laugh.

Please, jump my bones

And make me happy.




The Day



The Day Dawns Bright – A New Beginning

Noon Comes As The Hours Pass

Night Steals In As The Day Ends

Eyes Close And You Sleep







Future Fulfilled



In This Dawn’s Dim Light

I See a Vision of the Future.

The mists of Time Unfold

And Before Me Stands a Man,

A Man of Commanding Presence,

A Man of Woundrous Peace,

A Man but not a Man,

Not a Mortal but a God.


The God Speaks and the Words Soothe.

They Soothe the Soul

And Quiet the Spirit.

They Quench the Desire

And Instill a Hope.

They are Prophecies of a Future,

The Future of Mankind

And Also of the Gods.


The Prophecy is Peace,

And Love is the Final Quotient.

The Future is Secured

With the Joining of God and Man.

The Rise of a Supreme Race,

Wiser and More Intelligent,

Content with Love and Nothing More,

And Peace and Love Shall Reign.



Too Late



In These My Last Years,

I Can See All My Fears

Return To Me From The Dead.

My Position Is Fruitless.

My Life Has Been Truthless.

Too Late, Soon I Am Dead.
















I stand at the end of a corridor,

Doors lining both sides.

I move slowly forward,

Moving to doors one by one.

Pausing at varied intervals,

Opening a door and stepping in.

I visit the room for an indefinite time,

Leaving after experiencing all I can.

Some doors I leave wide open

To revisit these rooms later

And others I close firmly.

As I reach the final door,

I turn and reopen all the doors.

I re-examine my choices before advancing,

Confirming or condemning them in turn.

Finally, I step through the last door

Into a corridor, doors lining both sides.







Today’s Happiness

And Tomorrow’s Pain

Are Often Times

Yesterday’s Game.


Yesterday’s Problems

And Today’s Illusions

Are Often Times

Tomorrow’s Solutions.











To Old Friends



The Tick Of The Clock

Rings Loud In My Ears

The Sound Of A Knock

Belays All My Fears

The Sight Of The Doc

Brings Back The Years


The Taste Of The Wine

Helps To Loosen The Tongue

The Progress Of Time

Dampens Not The Fun

The Memories Of A Time

When Once We Were Young




Tales Of Might And Magic



Listen Now And Hear My Tale

Of Dreams They Raped And Stole

Mind And Heart Bound For Many Years

Bound Ever Tightly By A Spell


My Tale Is Told Of A Time Long Ago

Before Recorded History

When Mighty Wizards Ruled

And Fought For Greater Power


One Of These Was I

And Very Powerful Indeed

I Could Shape Evolution

With But A Wave Of My Hand


Dear Earth – My Mother

She Whose Fertile Soil

Is Giver of Precious Life

And Receiver of Mortal Death


I Drew My Power From Her

And She Loved and Protected Me

My Enemies Were Many

And Their Powers Varied


Some Belonged To Water Magic

And Others To Magic Of Air

More Powerful Still Was Fire

These Were Bitter Foes


Each Magic Had A Light And Dark Side

And Every Mage Knew Both

In Time A New Enemy Appeared

A Hybrid Magic Using Only The Dark


The Dark Magic Was Used To Conquer All

Each In It’s Turn Fell To It’s Spells

Until Only One Remained

I Fought Them Well And Hard For Years


In The End I Was Undone

Earth Mother Betrayed Me

She Gave Up A Mighty Cavern

Into Which I Was Trapped



Now I Wait Throughout The Ages

For A Champion Of Light Magic

To Help Restore The Balance

And Release Me From My Bonds












Animal Play



Little Monkeys

Be you ware

Of dancing Turtles

In the air


Turtles snap at Monkey heels

Turtle does as Turtle sees

Now Turtles play

And swing through trees


Little Turtles

Have you found

The crawling Monkeys

On the ground


Monkeys walking slowly

Traveling at a Snails pace

Imitating Turtles

Challenging Hares to a race.








Unfailing Knowledge.


Undeniable Truth.


Unfaltering Faith.


Unlimited Love.











The Second Coming



In The Land Of The Living

In The Land Of The Dead

Only The Wise Shall Rule

As ‘Tis Often Times Said


Only He Who Is Strong

And Who Knows No Fear

Will Fulfill All The Prophecies

As Told By The Seer


Now Is The Time

For Our King To Come

In This Time Of Darkness

To See Evil Undone


To Bring Peace To The Land

For All Of Eternity

To Lay Evil To Rest

At Last We Shall Be Free







In Birth’s First Light

I Begin A Search For Truth

My Search Uncovers Only Lies

And Countless Deceptions


In Day’s Desperate Glare

I Pursue My Search For Truth

My Search Uncovers Only Lies

And Countless Deceptions


In Night’s Strange Darkness

I Sustain My Search For Truth

My Search Uncovers Only Lies

And Countless Deceptions


In Death’s Strong Grip

I End The Search For Truth

My Search Uncovers Only Lies

And Countless Deceptions






Indifferent Times



Through My Inner Eye

I See A Thousand Tomorrows

Good Times And Bad Times

But Many Times Indifferent

These Times I Fear

Never Dedicating Themselves

Passing Between Good And Bad

With Surprising Ease

Sanity Trembles And Quakes

Until At Last The Period Ends

And Only The Strength Of Love

Can Pull Me From The Whirlwind

Of Confusion And Insanity




Of Dreams And Fantasies



I Dream an Endless Sea of Fantasies

And I Revel in the Joy and Happiness

Of All That I Wish Were True,

But Then I Wake to This Cold Reality.










Lost In My Own Body

Here and Not Here

There and Not There

Am I Somewhere

Or Am I Nowhere

I Hear Them Talking

And I Scream To Them

My Scream is Silent

And They Do Not Hear


I Cannot Move

But I Move Everywhere

I Go Down The Hall Often

I Visit The Other Patients

But No One Knows

No One Sees

Only I Know

Only I See

But You Think I Am Blind


I Cannot Taste

I Cannot Breathe

I Cannot Touch

I Can Hear

And I Can See

And I Miss You All

I Want To Come Home

I Want Out Of Here

I Want To Tell You I Am Alive




Legend Of The Paladin



To The Planes Of Hell We Ride

On Our Steeds Of Silver,

Dressed In Shining Armour,

Weapons At The Ready,

To Fight The Evil Of the Devils.

We Are The Guardians Of Good In Men.
















Hail The Heart



Hail The Heart – A Wondrous Thing

Holding The Key To Man’s Future

Holding The Many Secrets Of Life

Hidden Emotions That Guide


The Desire Which Leads Man To His Quest

The Passion Which Rules His Life Unto Death

The Pain Which Causes His Undoing

The Love Which Quenches His Soul




The Eye Of The Beholder





Hair So Fair.

Beautiful Smile.

Eyes Quite Clear.

Lips Fully Moist.

Voice Ever Soft.

A Melody Of Perfection.

My Life.

My Love.







Baby Seals



Wah! Wah! Wah!!!

Stop your crying baby seals.

Dry your eyes and see the pretty lights ahead.

See the bright pretty lights ahead

And hear the angels sing

About the birth of a new savior.


Watch the darkness melt away

And hear the herald angels sing

Of the offspring of a peasant and his wife.

Feel the wonder of a new creation

And go into the house of the Lord




Spirit Of The Times



The Holiday Spirit

Brings Out The Best

In Times Of Trouble

It Provides A Rest

In Times Of Need

Comes A Charitable Deed

In Times Of Sorrow

Comes Love Tomorrow

The Greatest Love

Is From Above













Dreaming A Better Life



I Nestle My Head In The Pillow

Swiftly Falling Asleep

Serenity Fills My Resting Hours

And All My Dreams Unfold

Past Defeats And Future Conquests

And All The Riddles Of Life

All Problems Fought And Won

Until A New Tomorrow Comes







Christmas Time Is Almost Here

Time For Rejoicing Coming Near

Light On Trees, Snow On Leaves

Love Of Life No More Strife

Peace And Joy You Find

In Abundance For All Mankind

















Wedding Toast



To Love

To Hearts And Flowers

To Romance And Ecstasy

To Poems And Songs

To Walks On The Moonlit Beach

To Life Long Moments Of Joy

To Me And Mostly To You







Rage Flooding Through My Body

Engulfing My Ravaged Brain

Flowing Down My Arm

Into A Waiting Fist

Out To The Hard, Immobile Wall
















Denying Our Love



Slowly I Close My Eyes

And Silently I Weep

Without You Here Beside Me

I Don’t Know How I Can Go On


Living This Life

Cheating Fate

And Denying Our Love


Slowly I Open My Eyes

And Silently Remember

The Joy Of Being With You

And Knowing Your Love




Through Eternity



There was a tear in the fabric of time

And I fell through

Into an age of warriors and damsels in distress

And I fell into your arms


There was a hole in the Great Wall of China

And I found my way through

Into the distant time of Kublai Khan

And I found my way into your heart


I braved the obstacles of time and space

To be by your side and I’d do it all again

For the comfort of your touch

And the feel of your body pressed to mine


We have ancient ties beyond this dimension

And I have found and lost you many times

And as I lose you yet again, I cannot despair

For we are destined to meet once more


There is an end of time in the far future

And we shall pass through

Into the glorious Kingdom of Heaven

And I shall spend eternity with you










Staring Up At The Bottom Of My Table

Asking Stupid Questions Of Why and How

Knowing Fully Well That The Decision Was Mine

Realizing Some Day I Must Change My Way

Insisting That This Time Will Be The Last

Lying To Myself And All Who Will Listen

Hoping That One Day I Will Keep My Word




Wedding Vows



Vow To Honor, Cherish And Love

Exchanged Before God And Family

Vows To Be Faithful ‘Til Death

Pledged For The Whole Of Eternity




















Heaven And Earth



Heaven’s There

I Know Not Where

Above Sky Or Underground

I Keep Searching around and around

All Your Life You Shall Not Find

Aught Of Heaven Or It’s Kind







Set up by your love,

Destroyed by your betrayal,

Killed by your heart,

If not by your hand.


She lay on the couch and remembered the last time they had seen each other.  The tears ran down her cheek as she recalled his last words.  If it had come from anyone else she wouldn’t have taken it so hard.  It was the truth by other people’s standards, but he had known her better.  She thought that of all the people in the world, at least, he knew how it really was.  She didn’t really want to do it, but then she couldn’t do much else.  She was a lousy cook, she couldn’t sew, taking dictation was out of the question, math never was her strong suit, she had no talent as a singer or dancer or actress, and no one wanted to marry her.  All she was good at was sex and she was the best.  He wasn’t willing to make her a respectable woman any more than the rest.  He had used her and then thrown her away like trash.  She had trusted him and loved him.  All he wanted was a good time and he told her anything she wanted to hear to get what he wanted.  He had her just where he wanted her and she couldn’t do a thing about it.  She could only love him.  But she paid him back with interest she thought.  And on the floor he stirred and moaned.  Slowly she withdrew the knife from his stomach and brought it back down into his groin.  He stopped moving and never moaned again.  She just cried and slept.









If it doth run in circles to and fro and round again;

Have heart dear sirs, stick to it,

For one day you may find a conclusion to it.



Shadows And Soft Light



Listen to the Tolling of the Heavy Iron Bell

Clanging in the Steeple of the Now Deserted Chapel

Enter Quick a Lightning Flash and Thunder Crash

Chilling Wind Blows and Moans Through Close Shut Doors


Prayers Once Lifted Up to Heaven and Almighty God

Now Silent for These Many Long Dark Years

Every Now and Then an Echo of the Past Saunters In

A Church Mouse or His Enemy the Screech Owl


On This Sunday Morning All the World Stands Calm

The Inhabitants of the Graveyard Wait for the Judgment Day

But Elsewhere in This Desolate World Life Still Stirs

The Sun Shines Down on a Small Thatch Roofed Cottage


Baby Smiles Up at Weary Proud Overjoyed Parents

Father Holds Mother Around Her Soft Full Waist

He Softly Kisses Her Forehead and Gently Strokes Her Hair

He Pats Her Plump Belly and Hopes This One’s A Girl


And God Looks Down Upon the Earth and Sighs

He Hopes All the Imperfections Have Been Corrected

He Doesn’t Want to Try Again, So Many Times He’s Failed

Defective Programming Has Ruined His Game Every Damned Time






My Beverly



She always has a smile for the hurt.

She always has a laugh for the pain.

She always has my love for her own.

She is always my Beverly.







In Times Of Old

And Times Of New,

I Seek No Other

But Only You.


Some I’ve Lost

And Some I’ve Found,

You Are My Brother

We Are Forever Bound.





























In The Wild



A Pride of Panthers Pacing

Patiently Preparing Purposefully

To Pounce upon Pausing Pray.


A Litter of Lions Lingering

Loftily Licking Lazily

At Limber Lustrous Loins.


A Gathering of Gazelles

Grandly Galloping Graciously

For Gay Gregarious Gratification.














Free Ride



Riding Down The Highway

Wind Through My Hair

Lookin’ For The Right Way

Just Want Someone Who’ll Care


Don’t Need All That Much

Just Someone To Hold

Just A Lover To Touch

A Partner Like Gold


Just For One Night

Or Maybe Forever

If The Love Feels Right

We Won’t Let It Go, Ever







Virginity Is Virtuous

But Also Dangerous

Dangerous To One’s Maturing

Dangerous To The Ego

Dangerous to The Spirit

Never To Have Soared

In The Ecstasy Of Passions Fulfilled

Pleasures Consumed In Lust

Pleasures Consumed In Love
















In the neverlands of imagination

My love does live and breathe

She will live there forever

And our love will always be




Good Times



Yesterday My Life Unsure

Today My Life So Secure

Trouble Gone Through Light I’ve Seen

Learn From All That Has Been

Good Times And Happiness For All

Happiness For Trouble Is Small














The Way It Is



Living in the day,

Dying in the night.

The way of life,

The way of death.

The destiny of man,

The destiny of his soul.




Evermore The Raven



In the sky, the Raven soars.

He glides from point to point.

Never pausing, but always waiting.

Watching below for his prey.

He dives at an object far below,

And gently lands upon a lamp top.

He squawks at his quarry,

And his victim looks up.

The Raven’s stare is his only quote.

In that stare, fate is sealed.

The Raven flies away.

Quote the Raven evermore.











In The Heart


I Walk The Earth Alone

In Search Of Another

Who I May Call Friend

I Journey Far To Distant Lands

I Extend My Mind To Other Worlds

I Search Inside Of Myself

And Find That Friends Are Here

So Very Close To My Heart






I’m Tired

I Think I’ll Sleep

Not Now Though

There’s Too Much To Do

Later, I Think I’ll Sleep


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