I remember the rain

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Submitted: February 19, 2013

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Submitted: February 19, 2013



I Remember


I remember the very first day that I met you

I remember the 'Winterfresh' gum that you used to chew

I remember how the summer sun kissed your face

I remember hanging out all day alone at your place

I remember your smile as we'd lay in the grass 

I remember counting clouds and just letting time pass

I remember the respect i held for your family

I remember the ways you used to comfort me

I remember the touch of your fingers intertwined in mine

I remember sneaking out together, left around nine

I remember warming your body when you got a chill

I remember having our friends over for some burgers on the grill

I remember the look on your face as i walked to the door

I remember the sadness and the longing for more

I remember the yelling and the crying and the pain.

I remember how your tears would fall just like rain

I remember later regretting ever saying goodbye

I remember seeing you two months later with some other guy...

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