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Using large mountains of incomprehensible Bible quotes, quoted out of context and cherry-picked to try and support an argument. You see Bible-babblers in a dog-collar every Sunday, preaching and cherry-picking at church.

Submitted: July 24, 2011

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Submitted: July 24, 2011



that there is a personal something out there

something greater than what you can see, hear, touch,

smell, taste,

study, test & validate through rigorously systematic



that this personal something cares about what your life

specifically entails

on a daily basis

wherein what you as a little pubic hair in the great

great great universe

somehow matter more than what your short life

actually entails---

that this something out there can evade all questions

because it holds some kind of

power that due to its very intangible nature & that

makes you feel somehow

superior to the rest of us who do not believe as you

that this something in any way, shape or form does in

fact exist or matter at all in the


that there are texts that were somehow written down

by actual human beings who have had some kind of

contact with this something

which we are all supposed to read, have read to us,

be lectured upon, be brought up on, be molded by &

to abide by to the very last letter until our own


that you can communicate directly with this something

by squinting your eyes shut & talking to yourself---

that because you think this something speaks to you,

you therefore have the reason to start wars with

others who do not think like you

because you allows yourself to kill others in its


that you have the right to try & convert others into

your way of thinking so that they no longer follow

their own cult’s stupidity but now yours---

that you somehow lay claim to land & that your

manifested destiny may very well stretch the whole of

your periphery because of this something you believe


that you will die for this something, that you would kill

family members & loved ones for it if you felt that it

told you to do so (those stirring voices in your own

head rambling)---

that when you are finally dead,

you will be with it, closer to it, basking in it, doing its


rocking back & forth in a corner

mumbling complete &



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