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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
written by joinus malunde.
a short stroy about an act of betrayal between friends

Submitted: January 22, 2016

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Submitted: January 22, 2016



“Even the devil was once an angel “were the words Jeff whispered in my ears as he left the crime scene. “He betrayed me!! That fool took away the trust I had for him!" I screamed out in pain, hurt and anger. Mwamba was beside me but I could hardly see him. “Come down Theo, anger won’t solve anything. You have a witness sitting just over there." Mwamba said. "Jeff is very stupid, he has been like a brother to me, and he has killed his own boss and has framed me!" I said in reply. "I have my finger prints all over the gun he used to kill Mr. Jones." " Theo go home while you can" said Mwamba "you will stand with me through all this, won’t you?" I asked " Jeff is my brother, he is my blood. I hope you know what that means" Mwamba said in reply "no I don’t" I answered in awe "then find out" he said as he left I looked at him with fury as he took his leave. "Even Mwamba is a devil, a stupid betrayer" I screamed at the top of my voice as I rolled on the ground like a mad pig playing in mud. The look at Mr. Jones body evoked the feeling of going to meet my marker (committing suicide)

Jeff and Mwamba were my childhood friends.Mwamba was my best friend since my eighth grade and I trusted him more than I trusted any other person. Both Mwamba and Jeff worked for Mr. Jones. Jeff was Mr. Jones personal driver while Mwamba was his accountant and company manager. Working for Mr. Jones was very good paying. Mr. Jones was Briton, from a very wealthy family and was the only member of the family who settled in Africa, Zambia to be precise. The jones family was one of the most influential families in Europe, but this is a story for another day.

There was a man sitting just in front of the crime scene. He was there all time. He was the man Mwamba mentioned about earlier on and most likely might have forgotten about. I quickly gathered myself up and started moving towards him. Alas, he was the poor old man who was usually found at the corner of my street. He was a man who no one really knew but was called by different names. I knew him as kachi flows. It was quite a lame name to use for an old man but I liked it. He saw everything that happened and I knew he would help prove my innocence. I reached where he sat and said "you saw what happened and know that I am innocent. Will you help me prove my innocence?" He just took a deep breath and looked at me without saying a word while shaking his head in disapproval. "Darn you old man!!! Curse you foolish beggar!!!" I screamed in his face. I quickly started walking home with a wounded and broken spirit. "Dear God, you know I can’t bare this pain, spare me the pain and take my life instead." I prayed with a heart full of terror. Morning came without a new dawn for me. It was barely a few hours after the murder of the most successful businessman in town. The strange happening was the talk of town and that gave me utmost discomfort. "Mr. Jones brutally murdered by thugs" was the headline on JOINUS NEWSPAPERS and many other news media. This was a story of public interest and I knew turning myself to the police and explain what happened was the best thing to do but I couldn’t dare have my very own best friend arrested. I decided to go to Mwamba's place and ask why Jeff betrayed me like that. Just upon entering Mwamba’s house, I got welcomed with displeasing looks from both Mwamba and Jeff. I left the house without saying a word. "Those brothers betrayed me and are now making me seem like I did wrong" I said to myself. I went back home and pondered hard about everything and I decided to go and report the case to the police. I knew Jeff killed Mr. Jones but I never saw him kill him. The only thing I remember is being in a car with Mwamba, Jeff and Mr Jones. Jeff was about to drop me home before he, Mwamba and Mr. Jones would travel to Livingstone. The only clear memories I have were seeing Mr. Jones and Mwamba count huge sums of money and latter seeing Mr. Jones dead. I quickly went to the police to give my statement but to my shock I got detained after doing so. I spent six days in police custody. The cell was a very filthy place and I regretted turning myself to the police. On

Friday 18th October 2013, exactly a week after that fateful day, the case was in court for hearing. The only lawyer I could afford had just graduated from the law school and had no experience whatsoever. This was a case of life and death to me but for my lawyer it was a mare experiment. The famous justice Kachinga was put on my case. It was a case of public interest and this caused great commotion in and out of the courtroom before the proceedings would start. Barely five minutes into the procedure, was I told to give my statement in relation to the death of Mr. Jones which I did.

The arresting officer brought in Mwamba, Jeff and Kachi flows as witnesses. To my surprise, all their statements pointed to me as the murderer. I told my lawyer to do something about it but the useless boy became deaf and dumb, he kept quiet as if he was not present during the hearing. Mwamba's statement was not different from Jeff’s, he said that he was counting money with Mr. jones when I got his gun and pointed at Jeff and told him to stop the car which he did. Everyone got of the car and I shot Mr. Jones in his forehead. I couldn’t believe such a statement could come out of my own best friend. "I have been surrounded by betrayers all my life" I whispered to my lawyer but he kept quiet. I then pleaded not guilty and the judge set 31st December, 2013 as the judgment day.

Judgment day came with terror though I had a handful of hope. The courtroom was fully packed with people of different statuses and rank, most of them being journalists from several news media. I was trembling in fear of what this day would unfold. Justice Kachinga was about to give judgment when I prayed from within like never before, "Dear God, you know I can’t bare this pain take my life instead." I prayed. " I find you Mr. Theo guilty of murder and sentence you to 25years imprisonment with hard labour." was the judgment. I cried like a new born baby. "I am innocent! I am innocent!" I screamed at the top of my voice.

Just before I was taken out of court, I remembered having an imagination of killing Mr. Jones and get away with his money after seeing him count his money with Mwamba. Mwamba had a gun with him and I imagined grabbing the gun from him like they do in the movies. Such an imagination owed to the pressure my landlord was giving me because my rentals were due two weeks before the death of Mr. Jones. I then realised what I thought was an imagination was in actual sense nothing but reality. I betrayed myself the moment I thought Jeff and Mwamba murdered Mr. Jones. I thought I wasn’t capable of hurting anything. I was only strong, dangerous and a hero in my imaginations but the act of betrayal manifested in reality when I made my childhood friends jobless by murdering their employer. I still don’t know why I did it. I never got away with any money but I at least know my veins are marked with one bad word, "BETRAYER". I deserved the pain I was going through. Indeed the devil was once an angel and so was I.

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