Supernatural Encounter

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This is why you never join gangs

Submitted: August 23, 2012

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Submitted: August 23, 2012




It was a cold winter evening. It was snowing which made things colder. Or maybe it was the wind that made it colder Hyde thought to himself. Either way he was looking forward to some hot coco at his house when suddenly an all black car drove up next to him and it slowed down to keep up with him. The windows were tinted, so Hyde couldn’t see in, but the driver could see out.

Hyde knew this was coming. The gang was now out for his blood since he quit. Without a second thought Hyde took off running. He knew this side of the neighborhood well including all the best hiding spots from rival gangs.

Being prepared is what had made Hyde valuable and when he quit he was already prepared. With a quick roll left he was lying on the ground of the alley. The windows had just came down and bullets flew his direction. Since he was lying flat on the ground the bullets missed him.

The car kept driving. Getting up hastily, Hyde knew he had to get out of sight before the car came back around. Moving in such a way that the snow showed no traces of his presence he walked until he came to a wooden fence. He climbed over it and immediately headed towards the tree house in the back yard. Hyde had been smuggling weapons into the tree house for years and now it felt like it was about to pay off. The best part was no one lives in the house anymore.

Hyde smiled. If the Bleeding Fist wanted to kill him they were going to have to try real hard.

He climbed the rope ladder and stopped at the door. There was a note that read:

Hyde if you’re reading this that means we (the Bleeding Fist) are out to kill you. We know this is one of your hiding spots. So now you have two options. Flee or get killed. It’s your choice.

-Tyson, leader of the Bleeding Fist

Hyde furrowed his brow. This was bad, but at the same time, interesting development.

‘I won’t run,’ Hyde said to himself. He dug the key out of his pocket and unlocked the door. Stepping into it Hyde felt a sense of accomplishment. Stacked neatly against the wall were weapon crates. A sniper rifle, Uzi, rocket launcher (in cause of an emergency), and a combat knife.

He checked the weapons off the list and made sure his back up ammunition already stocked. When everything was in order he turned on the laptop he had (also) stashed in there as well. In case it was a large number of people Hyde had set the whole back yard with land mines.

Hyde was ready, so he waited. One hour later Hyde could hear the sound of snow crunching under foot. Peeking slightly over the side Hyde could see the back yard jammed packed with people.

Without hesitation Hyde press the detonation button. Outside erupted in with screams and other things. When the smoke cleared the back yard was littered with charred bodies and blood. No one survived. Hyde’s mind began to wonder. That was WAY too easy.

Hyde’s suspicion was confirmed when he heard the sound of slow claps somewhere in the back yard. The claps continued until Hyde was able to see the source of the sound. It was none other than Tyson.
‘I commend your efforts Hyde.’ Tyson said unfazed by the debris of bodies, ‘And to be honest I’m surprised you had land mines.’

‘Well you know me.’ Hyde replied causally, ‘Always have to be set.’

Tyson chuckled and replied, ‘So true man, so true.’

‘So what brings you out here on this cold winter day?’ Hyde asked acting like everything was fine.

‘Oh nothing much. Just came to kill this dude that quit my gang the other day.’

‘Who would do such a thing?’ Hyde said pretending to sound shocked.

“Some dude named Hyde. I think you know him very well.’

Hyde smiled. Even though Tyson couldn’t see him Hyde was ready to make a run for it. He had his back pack filled to the brim with loaded Uzi bullets. With regret Hyde realized he wouldn’t be able to take the laptop, rocket launcher, and sniper rifle with him. Hyde had to keep it light since he might be on the run for days.

Hyde already knew there was a man with a rocket launcher on the roof. Partly because Hyde had spotted him and because Tyson always brought at least one person with a rocket launcher with him. Leaping out the left side of the window Hyde shot the man with the rocket launcher. It was a headshot.

To bad death had the dead man pull the trigger. Both Tyson and Hyde had to cover their faces to keep the debris out of their eyes.

The tree house was in flames. They ate hungrily at the wood.

‘Hyde! You’re alive!!’ Tyson exclaimed then he pulled out a pistol, ‘But not for long!’

Everything was quiet except the sound of flames feasting on wood. A cold wind blew making their jackets dance in the wind.

‘Bloody knuckles leads to Bleeding Fist,’ Tyson said.

‘May my fist be red to show I’m not dead,’ Hyde said joining in on the Bleeding Fist Pledge.

‘Let my lighter be high and my rivals feel dread,’ the teens said in unison.

‘For this I swear is the Bleeding Fist Pledge!’

Hyde and Tyson locked eyes and pulled the trigger at the same time.

Tyson became swiss cheese from the Uzi, but managed (with one bullet) to hit Hyde directly in the left shoulder. Tyson fell to the ground and caused the snow to slowly turn red.

Hyde slid against the fence fighting the pain in his shoulder. He should have been glad. Tyson was dead! So why did Hyde have a nagging feeling that it wasn’t over?

Hyde shook his head to clear his mind. He needed to leave. He stood up just as Tyson stood up. That scared Hyde. Most of the bullets hit the upper body area, so it should have pierced a lung if not both.

‘Good shot! But I’m better!!’ said Tyson sounding crazy. He picked up his pistol and was ready to fire when he realized Hyde was gone.

Hyde was running. Well more like riding on roller skates. Real dangerous, but Hyde was a pro when it came to roller skating. Even on snow. He had gotten the skates from their hiding place which was conveniently placed in the alley. His next hide out was five minutes away. It was an abandoned warehouse that was producing one hundred percent leather goods, but was shut down for unknown reasons. What made it stick out from other warehouses was the security system. If Hyde could get to the warehouse and activate the security system no one could get in or out. Hyde wasn’t worried though. He had been stashing truck loads of worth of food in the warehouse.

Hyde should have been paying attention. If he had he would have heard Tyson riding up on a motorcycle. Driven by instinct Hyde dove left just as the motorcycle barreled by.

By now Hyde could see the warehouse. All he had to do was leave Tyson with no transportation. The plan sounded easy. Its execution….. not so much.

Pulling the Uzi out with his right hand Hyde shot the tires. He hoped the tires would pop and spin out of control. Too bad the tires decided to be bullet retardant. Hyde swore to himself, put the Uzi away, and pulled out his combat knife.

Waiting for the right moment Hyde threw the combat knife into the snow directly in the bikes path. It broke when Tyson ran over it, but the sharp broken part managed to pop a tire causing it to spin out of control. The bike (and its rider) slammed into the wall and was immediately buried under snow.

Hyde smiled and continued towards the warehouse.

Hyde was out of breath when he got to the warehouse. The cold was giving his fingers frost bite. It didn’t matter though. He was alive and at this moment that was all that mattered at this moment. Now to go to work.

Hyde reactivated the security system which automatically caused the gate to close. He knew it was going to end easily, so he stood in front of the in front of the gate while staying inside the building. His Uzi had a fresh clip of ammo and he was ready to shot.

He didn’t have to wait long. What he saw over the horizon was a motorcycle riding quickly towards the warehouse. The gate was half way closed.

He opened fired and it seemed that all the bullets meet their mark. The bike burst into flames, but still rode steadily towards him. Hyde kept firing until he was out of bullets. He swore to himself realizing he had left the back pack in the security room. Which was on the other side of the building.

Just when he thought he was through the doors closed and locked leaving the cyclist to crash into the door.

Hyde sighed. This was a setback to Tyson. He would eventually break through the wall. Hyde felt that it was the truth.

‘About time you got here,’ a deep Russian voice said out of nowhere. Hyde spun around aiming the empty gun at the person. He was facing a tan man with shaggy hair and clothes that looked like they belonged in the 70’s.

‘I know the gun is empty,’ the man said after a moment of silence.

‘Who are you?’ Hyde asked masking his fear. Was this guy out to kill him?

‘Al-Cid expert demon hunter and exorcist.’

‘Why are you here?’

  ‘This town is infested with demons. I am here to kill their leader. I believe its name is Tyson.’

Hyde’s shocked look said it all.

  ‘Let me guess. He is outside right now is he not?’

Hyde nodded.

  ‘Then you’ll need this,’ Al-Cid proclaimed tossing a fresh clip of bullets to Hyde.

  ‘Bullets don’t work on him,’ Hyde said putting the ammo into the Uzi.

  ‘I know. They were missing powerful demon killing symbols which was the cross. Try it on that demon.’

Hyde nodded and turned towards the gate. He was wondering why he was listening to this strange man when a strange sound came from the door. In seconds the door was slowly being pried apart. The second Tyson’s head could be seen multiple bullets were racing through his skull. With a demonic scream Tyson turned to golden brown dust that was blown away by the wind.

‘Good show. Now how would you like to be my apprentice?’ Al-Cid asked.


  ‘You have many qualities that would make you an excellent demon hunter.’

  ‘I don’t know….’

Al-Cid peaked outside, ‘Look we don’t have much time. Multiple sets of demons are converging to this point.’

Hyde gave a sad sigh and said, ‘Fine I’ll be your apprentice.’

Al-Cid nodded, reached over, and picked up a shotgun. He cocked it and tossed it to Hyde.

‘Hunting time,’ Al-Cid said cocking his own shotgun. With a shrug Hyde realized he was never coming back.

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