The Lachrymose

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a, I suppose a excerpt from an Idea I had...please comment and tell me if you like it or not

Ashes to Ashes...

Dust to Dust...

Worlds is left to ruins...

Because of a Righteous lust...

The Omega Trigger...

The Key to this wreck.

Grabs the weak...

and wring it by their helpless necks...


"We're getting closer....I can feel the doctor's aura." Chris says, turning to his team of tired warriors. " close! Cause I'm getting tired" Ant says,grabbing to a dilapidated building. "Close..." Chris responds. "Do you feel Jordan around" Thurman ask. "Nah..." Chris says, a bit nervous. Jordan couldn't hide from Chris, since they both have the power to "Connect".Chris couldn't use his Omega Trigger powers on Jordan, and Jordan Vice-Versa,but still, Jordan was a weapon made by "The Gods". Created to be advance, Created to kill anything lesser or equal to him, so his tricks were endless. "Come on, we can't waste time..." Chris says, looking around, just to see if his brother was around. They began to run, racing a race that probably wasn't a race at all. Only 5 of the 7 doctors live, and Chris,Thurman, Anthony were on the verge of finding the cure to ending the Titan plague, they just needed more info on the cure, how to create it. Running and Running, the trio have been introduce to a town full of Titan victims. Ant looked around, surveying the area, Chris the same. Thurman listened to the wind; following it's path. Knowing that every doctor is in hiding, they could use the Wave Guardians, which is weakening, but not weaken enough for Chris to precise the location of doctor, Thurman and Ant try to help. Thurman can follow a air pattern, see where the air is going and who is using it, one of his little perks. Ant was using his technique he title " Eyes of the unspoken" where he was able to bring his eyes to the darkness of anywhere, to find anything or anyone.

"Anything...?" Chris asked. "I got something...." Thurman answered. "Doctor Filson, He's there...." Thurman added,pointing at the tallest building in the sick city. Ant looked at the area Thurman was pointing at and soon controlled the darkest shadow, scanning the area the doctor was located. "He's alone...Thurman" Ant informed and looked at Thurman. Thurman nodded, placed his hand on Chris's and Ant's shoulder. In a blink of an eye, they disappeared of the foul streets and appeared behind the doctor.Doctor Filson, one of the contributors to this filthy future, one of the contributors to create the Titan plague, and he was one of the few hopes to change all of that. The Doctor noticed the arrival of the trio, before their was words exchanged, a gasp, Thurman instantaneously appeared next to him, with a sign of a small amount of wind.

"I'm suggesting you stay still....before I crack your neck with out even touching you" Thurman threatens, wrapping air around Filson's neck slowly. Filson, the frantic, young, and hopeless doctor, stood there,fighting his sweat and his nervousness. "Now listen...."Thurman commanded and turned to chris and nodded. "Ant..." Chris said, signaling him. "already being taken care...." Ant answered, destroying the Wave Guardian....Chris began flexing his fingers, "better..." he informed his friends. Doctor Filson made a weak attempt to press the emergency button, but was confronted by surprising pain. He jumped and fell to the ground, from their, a 16-legged black widow attacked the man's thumb and scowled at the Doctor. This Black Widow was different, it's face wasn't of an arachnid, but of a Women's face, a face that have seen a thousand sorrows yet seen a thousand anger....The Black widow soon scurried up ant's leg and under his hoodie. "That wasn't if you knew better, you would of known we're "The Reckless Three"...and when we do something....we do something that leaves a mark..." Ant informed him. "Either in your memory....or in your blood" Ant continued, almost with a sadistic smile.

"Listen I'm sorry.....This isn't my fault....-" "Well there's a very....VERY angry 19 year old that says other wise" Chris said to Filson, abruptly interrupting him. Chris detached a loose pipe, circling his finger around the tip slowly, he began scraping the steel off, making the  pipe sharper....and sharper. With this Filson began to hold on to his heart..."Listen please....everything....everything is Leon's fault....The plague, the destruction of the city....the reason you're like this..." Filson began to blame. Chris, with his powers lifted the Doctor and slammed him to the wall and brought the sharp pipe to the man's neck. The pipe, being controlled by Chris's two fingers,levitating, began drilling in Filson's neck slowly. "I never asked you who to blame....I ASKED FOR THE CURE!!!" Chris said, losing his temper. "Yeah, what's wrong with us?Who said we wanted to change back?" Ant said, laughing. Thurman began accessing the Doctor's computer, "'s not here....." Thurman informs Chris...."Then where is it..." Chris Answered..."It doesn't say....I guess the cure wasn't created yet..." Thurman tells while scratching his head. "ughhh" Chris starts, calming down "This is so troublesome!" He yells. "You created a death machine that is prepared to fight in any condition, that is prepared to take on more corruptions, able to compress the world from destroy the USSR, Korea, any place....but you haven't built a possible cure for a possible infection??"

"The Titan Plague was an accident, we couldn't be prepared for an accident" "Filson stated. Chris head dropped, "But....I think Leon was...." Filson added, and that's when Chris looked up. Ant and Thurman gave their attention to Filson. "L-l-leon was s-s-uch a loner. He always did projects...on his own" he began to state as his nervousness build. "o-o-oh is th-at so?" Ant asked,rhetorically mocking the nervous Doc. Filson nodded. "Y-y-ou just gotta get me...." he began to bargain,but stop to wipe the sweat off his head, "You gotta get me out of here....Project God is coming.....". Filson kept rambling on and on, but chris was lost in his mind....or what his mind found...Ant and Thurman realized that face. "He's near...isn't he...?" Ant asked, returning to a more serious side. Chris let go off his telepathic grip and looked out the gaping hole of the building.

Before his eyes, Chris,Thurman,and Ant saw him. Project God, The Feral Juggernaut,The crying raven....Jordan. His red scarf, blowing in the wind he was making from the rage of his telepathy. Behind Jordan,was a path of destruction. Hurling Buildings, dust, and amongst it all....pain. Jordan, without a flick of a risk, threw a 5 story building at the building that housed the  "The Reckless Three". Standing their, Chris,Ant, and Thurman stood their...knew chris could handle this. Chris lifted his hand, stopped the building and threw it to the side. Jordan threw another but smaller, and Chris simply tossed that aside too. Each building that was flown at them, Filson screamed in terror. "My god...what have we created..." Filson Whispered to himself. Chris slowly turned the infidel doctor with hatred and stated, "You have created the pain of a thousand angels, You have created the future for desolate have created The dear scientist....and we...and that..." Chris said, pointing at Jordan who was looking back at them..."Is the tears of the gods,the cries of the forgotten....." Chris finished and smirking in sympathy......."Hear them cry..."


Submitted: December 05, 2011

© Copyright 2021 jokernj. All rights reserved.

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