Death Sentence

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Four assassins are held in a secret facility and are forced to fight their way out, but to no avail.

Submitted: July 08, 2014

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Submitted: July 08, 2014



The silence was deafening, only being broken by the occasional harsh breath of the other inmates. *clack* "Did you hear that?". Rivera jumped up and his hand shot to his hip, where normally a .45 Glock would be hidden. But as the rest of us had experience with, we were unarmed and that in and of itself scared us. Chong usually had a blade of sorts, Rivera his gun, Kent a chain, and me, well let's just say I have no need for further extensions. The others didn't know but I'm pretty sure our captors do. I hence the helmets. Well my weapon is my mind. I could convince the president to bomb his own house. I could stop bullets from penetrating my body. Hell, I could blow these guys' minds right now if I so wished. Literally. Their brains would flip inside out and explode outward, pushing on the skull until it was nothing but mush. One of our captors walked up to the door. "Stand back or die" the booming voice echoed through the walls. Reluctantly Kent stepped back and patted Rivera on the back. Rivera took no notice as he was inspecting the door and guard. "Don't do anything stupid" Chong whispered under his breath. So he'd noticed too. Well shit. Rivera was a quick thinker and a quicker draw but we had nothing against these guys. The guard walked in and as usual we turned and put our hands on the wall. One by one we were inspected and as the guard got to rivera, Rivera turned his palm outward slightly. Damn. With as much as he could muster, rivera punched the guard square in the face. With a loud crack the glass on the helmet cracked and the guard dropped to the floor as Rivera beat the crap out of him. I grabbed the guards gun and Kent his baton and we swepped into the hallway. Soon it was a blur of lights and doors as we ran and ran and ran. Finally we found a larger hallway and at the end was a large door. Guards were standing in a tight formation in front of the door. Each armed to the teeth with a Mac-10, Desert Eagle, and gas grenades. We kept running. It was now or never. I shot twice, bringing down two armed guerillas. Kent threw his baton knife style and knocked out another. That left seven. Point and click point and click point and click bringing down four more. Then they started firing. Chong went down first. His scream echoing off the walls and rattling my bones.  Kent was next. He went down silently, giving me a smug look of happiness. He'd always said he wished he went down with a fight. As unfair as it was, this was still a fight. Just me and Rivera were left running ever closer and as we reached them Rivera drop kicked one, knocking two to the floor. I grabbed the other and head locked gang style. He went down after seven seconds. And I looked up to see Rivera smiling. "You've grown" he laughed. We burst through the doors and his smile faded. It didn't matter if we had made it or not. This was pointless. It was over. Cause there was Kent and chong. Living and breathing. Only one flaw. They were adorned with a helmet and guns. A firing squad....our death sentence.

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