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Breathing can be so easy you do it without even thinking about it.. Try doing life that way.

Submitted: March 19, 2013

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Submitted: March 19, 2013



Life keeps knocking but I won't answer voices keep yelling the same things over and over again but my heart wouldn't listen.. Block my thoughts to not think, punkture my heart for every reason possible.

I can feel a part of me flowing in my veins, not going through my heart but all gathering around it hardening making it hard for my heart to beat normally..

This is a strugle God but so many things tell me to move forward, to keep breathing.

If it was up to a human to decide weather to breathe or not, that wouldve been that way too. But that's not how You work, that's how you created us. It's Your decision to keep us alive. It's not our foolishnes that rules our lives, it's You.

Although everything seems meaningless, although nothing makes sense at this moment, I know for sure, one day, one day everything will make complete sense. I will be cured, youred, and reborn.

I'm knocking on my own door for now. Waiting for any reaction.. Just a little reaction as a breath. Just that.

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