Surviving Life

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This is my first piece I'm submitting and sharing, it tells you a little bit about me and how I have leart to survive. Please feel free to comment!

Submitted: March 18, 2013

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Submitted: March 18, 2013



Because this is how life goes It takes you up to the heavens and then down to your toes If I could only be stronger than this If I could just understand why rejection pains my heart in so many ways..

I look back at my younger less troublesome days and I see a girl with curls and freckels on her nose Trouble free Worry free

Why must love be so complicated? Why must I worry myself this much?

Maybe I'm just not made for someone and everyone's not made for me... Is it because of the mistakes I have made in the past? Is it because they are scared?

Maybe love wasn't made for me, maybe love isn't life And life doesn't know anything about love.

But this is me standing up from my love grave and swifting around in my cold, stonehard soul. This is me showing life how to live. This is me making a decision for myself! This is me.

Stonehard, ice cold, bitter me.

Who will break me when I'm unbreakable, who will try to send shivers down my spine who would want to hurt me or use this love as a weapon.

Injure my soul? You won't. Break my stone heart? You won't be able to. Ice my humanity? Already done. Bitter my life? No need.

For this is me without love.. Surving in life.

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