The Last Soldier

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Sometimes winning the fight isn't the best option. When you realize what you have done, that's the end for you. And so it was to Spence.
This is a little story behind a bigger story in my mind called Soldier 158. Reid is from that story, and he has lost his brother and he is looking for him.

Submitted: November 08, 2013

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Submitted: November 08, 2013



The Last Soldier


It was horrible. Blood everywhere. It was the final fight of this endless bitter war against those mindless ravagers. They were the ones who wanted Earth to fight the nuclear war against itself. That war lead to the End of Earth. This is a new planet for us, a new planet that the human race can destroy. And we were getting close to that. The planet was almost dead before we started fighting, and now it's getting worse. There still remains a story worth telling. The story of my friend Spence, the one who didn't fall. 

There fight was ending and Spence was in the middle of the spilling blood and sounds of destruction and madness. But, he held the gun and he shot down numerous foes alone. He was a wonderful soldier and he had always been. But nobody like him. "He's cold as stone", said Jeremy Maider in the camp. "And he's mad as a who has drunk ten bottles of booze", stated Eric Tamahoe. He had no feelings. The only thing in his mind was winning the war, fighting for his planet. Even though it was already lost. He used that rifle expertly and he hid himself just in time and he always fought until the end.

"Fire in the hole!" Nobody knew whose voice was that. Enemy or friend? And then an explosion right next to Andrew Wilkens. Andrew flew a few meters to his right and screamed. His right leg broke and his helm fell of. A huge wound was decorating his hairless head. But he was alive. "Fuck!" yelled Jeremy Maider and ran to him.  "You alright?" he asked and Spence came to them. "Get behind that cover", Spence said and didn't take his eyes off the enemy. He continued and while running to the next cover he shot three enemies who saw only a black flash and then they fell down, dead as stone. "It's okay", Jeremy said and picked Andrew up from the ground. "I'll take you behind that wall", Andrew smiled back to him, if you can call that a smile. His face barely changed because he couldn't stop biting his teeth together. 

Spence never gave a thought of what he was killing. "They're monsters", Spence had answered when he was asked about his enemies. "And monsters don't deserve to live." He was killing beasts with no feelings, with no morale. He had no idea he was the one with no feelings. He would have never killed his friends, they were people, they were humans. 

Spence ran to the left, to the right and then he dived into cover. He took a small breath and heard screams, screams of death. There were people dying around him, but he didn't let that affect him. He wasn't weak. He jumped out of the cover, shot three foes and jumped back in. "Spence!" he heard someone yelling. "Grenade!" Spence ran away from. But he was too late and the grenade exploded. Spence flew a few meters and hit the ground. He lost his consciousness. 

When he woke up, the battle was ending. He had survived barely scratched, There were only five survivors on his side and seven on the others. They were fighting for the final victory. It was right on front of their noses. "Oh, thank good god, you're awake", said Jeremy right next to him. "We thought you died." "Where are the enemy?" Spence asked and right after his words a bullet flew through Jeremy's brain. He fell down to the ground. He had taken his last breath. Spence got angered, sat up and killed the one who had taken the shot. He got up and hid himself. He kept fighting.

Before long Spence was the only one alive on his side. There were still two left on the other and those two were hiding. Spence knew excatly where those two were. But it was too risky to attack now. He had ran out of grenades and he had only a half a magazine left in his pistol. He took a peek from his cover nad pulled his head back right in time to dodge few bullets. He wasn't sure where they were, but he knew they weren't moving. There was a long silence. Spence did nothing and the two enemies were just waiting for him to come out so they could kill him. That wasn't gonna happen. No, Spence had fought so hard for so long that he wasn't gonna lose. 

Spence picked up a stone from the ground. He squeezed it hard and then he threw it towards the enemies without even looking where. "What the fuck!" other one of the enemies yelled. Spence took a quick peek, saw where they were and pulled his head back. He picked up a another stone and threw it. This time straight at other of the enemies. "Ouch!" the enemy yelled. It was a direct hit and Spence's time had come. He took one more peek and shot the guy. One bullet was enough for him. It was a perfect hit right between the eyes.

There were two survivors left. Spence watched as the enemy ran off. Spence ran after him and caught him very quickly. They were standing in the middle of the battlefield just staring at each other. "It doesn't have to go this way!" the enemy screamed out of fear. Spence looked at him. It started raining. As those beautiful crystallic drops feel to the ground they hit the dead bodies and fused with all the blood. The sky turned darker and so did Spence's demonic stare. He lifted his pistol and aimed straight at the enemies head. "Yes it does", Spence said and pulled the trigger. He was the last survivor, he won the fight. He won the war.

Spence just stood there, staring at all the dead bodies, all the blood. Why wasn't he happy? He had won, why didn't he fell joy in his cold heart? This had always been his dream, but it felt like... like a mistake. He slowly walked to the body of his last kill. And crouched next to him. He put his hand inside his jacket and found a picture. It looked very old, it had been folded many times and it had ripped from one side. It was a picture of a happy family. There was a beautiful woman and next to her stood the man he had killed. On their both sides sat children. Three there was, a little girl and two young boys. There was red writing on the picture too. "No matter what, I will always love you all", it said. A tear fell on the picture, a tear from the eyes of Spence. A man who had almost never cried was crying over a family he didn't even know. He realised... They weren't monsters, they were just like Spence. Soldiers. The ones who sent to fight no matter what they thought about it. He had killed hundreds of fathers, humans... fellow men. Tears treamed down his face as he placed the picture back into the mans jacket and stood up. The rain was striking his face. It was cold... so very cold.

In the base the bosses and leaders were waiting for the survivors. If there were any. All the cameras were broken, and so were the radars. They had no idea what had happened. They only knew that it had taken far too long. They were abandoning hope when the doo opened. Spence walked in and everyone went to hug him. "What happened?" Commander Tomas asked. "I am the only survivor", Spence said and walked into his room. "Only", Tomas repeated and turned to look at Spence's back. "We won?" another man said. "Yes", Tomas answered. They started dancing in joy, jumping around happily as ever. Spence sat on his bed. He took a picture from under his pillow. His parents and his wife were smiling at him. A tear fell on the picture. And another one. "Don't smile at me", he whispered. "I'm a monster."

Spence packed all the items of war into a big bag, changed his clothes. And walked out of the room, into the middle of the celebrating band of commanders and leaders. He walked to Commander Tomas and dropped the back in the front of his feet. Spence walked away. He had only his pistol with him.

The news spreaded all around the world quicker than anyone thought. Every single town already knew that Spence was a hero. And not just a hero, a war hero. Spence was sitting in the bus again. He was on his way home. He was sitting silently, thinking of, once again, what he had done. He had learned to stop tearing. People would come asking is he okay if he was crying. But they came anyway. A young man sat next to Spence. "I heard what you did", the young man said with happiness in his voice. "I want to thank you for all of us." Spence stopped thinking and turned his head towards the young man. "It's great to have real heroes among us", the man said and smiled at Spence. Then he offered Spence a piece of paper and a pen. "Can I, please?" he asked shyly. Spence took the paper and the pen and wrote. Then he gave back the paper and the man thanked him almost a thousand times. Then he walked to his seat and checked the autograph. The paper read; "I am not a hero..."

Spence stood in the front of his house. He just stood there for a moment. Finally he knocked. His wife opened the door. For a moment they just stared into their deep eyes and pretty tears started appearing on his wifes eyes. "Spence!" she yelled and wrapped her hands around Spence's neck. "I knew you'd do it", she whispered into his ear. "I knew you'd come back." Finalle she let Spence go and took a few steps. Spence was crying. He was able to keep his family, even after all those kills. All those destroyed families. "What's wrong, honey?" his wife asked and gazed upon him with clear confusion. "I..." Spence tried to start a sentence. That seemed quite hard to him as he tried again. "I want to be..." Just one more word. Just one more... But he couldn't say it. Why? He didn't know. "Alone?" his wife said. Spence nodded. "Of course."

Spence walked into his bedroom. It was so clean in there. The bed had been neatly made and the table had nothing useless on it. It wasn't only great, it was perfect. Spence took off his jacket and and dropped it on the bed and took a seat. He put his hand inside the jacket and took out the pistol. It was loaded. It had been there for all the time. He neatly put it on the table. He took a pen and a piece of paper. And wrote... He wrote a letter to his wife, friends and everyone else. Maybe they would be able to understand him... maybe. He wrote the last words and a few tears fell on the paper. Spence took up the pistol and wiped the tears of his face and yelled: "I'm so sorry!" He aimed the gun at his head and shot without hesitation. 

3 months later. Fortunately, or unfortunately, Spence survived. But not without misery and pain. Machines kept him alive. He had lied all those days, weeks, months, on the same bed, plugged into the same machine. That machine kept him feeling pain. Endless pain. He couldn't feel anything, nor could he see. He couldn't taste either, he was fed with a drip. What a miserable life. Every single moment Spence hoped he could just die. Just fall asleep and never wake up again. But that never happened. 

One day Spence got a visitor. It was Reid Marrow. The legendary Reid Marrow. The best soldier of the training and an unbeatable foe on the battlefield. "Hello", Reid said silently. He felt sorry for him. "Finally, really someone to talk to", Spence answered. His voice felt like he had a cut in the throat. "You're Spence", Reid said. "Or what's left of him", Spence said and Reid put up a little smile, but quickly hid it. "I'm sorry for your condition", Reid said. The conversarion was a silent and a slow one. "Why are you here?" Spence asked. Reid took a slow look at the machine. "I came to ask a question", Reid answered slowly. "A question?", Spence said. "What should I do?" Reid asked. There was a silence. No one said a word. "Know", Spence answered. Reid was confused. "What do you mean?" The answer made no sense in any way. "You'll know, when you need to", Spence said. "Now I wish to ask you a favor", Spence continues. "Anything", Reid said. He wondered what he would ask. "Will you be my Angel of Death?"

Reid put his hand on the main power wire of the machine and turnes his head towards that broken war hero, who was lying in front of him, begging for him to kill him. "Reid", Spence said. "You will find him." Reid pulled and the machine turned off. On the same second Spence traveled to a better place.

The End

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