More Than He Bargained For...

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Submitted: December 02, 2017

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Submitted: December 02, 2017



More Than He Bargained For...


(After a good date, Jolly was expecting to walk away with a phone number and a good story to tell his mates, but got way more than he bargained for)


I was standing outside her house, our lips tightly pressed against one another, sealing what started as an encounter in a lively, roaring bar. Me, a grey wolf and her a slick black gorgeous dragoness.

I felt her soft, long tongue as it wrapped around mine, our bodies interlocked under the gloomy streetlamp as it flickered in the cold December wind.

After what seemed like an eternity I slowly pulled away, I felt my cock bulging in my pants. I could imagine fucking those big tits and that nice little pussy. Her moans as she slides up and down my length.

I asked her for her phone number, a strain of anxiety in my voice as I did. Without a shard of hesitation, she lent down, writing it on my hand. I could see her cleavage through her tight white vest. God I was so hard, I just wanted to fuck her so badly.

She leant up again, she stared at me with those seductive red eyes, like she was putting a spell, or more honestly a curse on me, I could feel my mind bending as she stared directly into my soul.

I said goodnight and was just about to go when a shot of adrenaline pumped through my body. Staring down I saw her tail rubbing against my bulge, I looked up, she shot forward, wrapping one arm around my back and the other against my throbbing cock. She licked my cheek before whispering softly into my ear.

“Make me yours” She said, her voice smooth and enchanting. And with that, she grabbed my cock firmly, leading me into her house. I was so fucking horny.

Leading me in she let go of my length. I sat down on the brown leather couch, spreading my length I rubbed my inner thigh. I was so hard it hurt. She fell to her knees, on all fours she crawled forwards, her tail wrapping around my leg. She sat on her knees in between my

Legs. She pulled off her vest, revealing those big fucking tits. My cock throbbed so hard it hurt intensely.

She undid my belt, throwing it aside she unzipped my jeans, revealing the tip of my massive cock. She grabbed the tip, pulling out all of my length. She pressed it against her cheek, teasing me.

I moaned slightly as she wrapped her long tongue around my length, sliding it up and down. She began to massage my balls with her hands.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I grabbed the back of her head, forcing her to take my whole length in that small mouth of hers. She gagged before beginning to suck it like a good girl.

I looked down, her other hand was rubbing that tight pussy. It made me want to cum all over that pretty face and on those sleek tits, but I held it in, I wanted to fuck her gorgeous mouth for as long as possible, I thrusted my hips to give the dirty little slut a challenge.

She was slightly surprised but quickly turned the tables, she began to lick my tip while still sucking my cock. Fuck I was so close to cumming.

-By Jolly

© Copyright 2019 Jolly. All rights reserved.

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