Eternally Yours Forever

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Submitted: December 29, 2012

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Submitted: December 29, 2012




Jace Nakido peeled back the velvety black drapes from the windows of his luxurious apartment 
on Royal St. He watched with faded interest as the drunken tourists stumbled by and how the 
weary locals hugged the street corners to let them pass.

Here and there couples held hands and kissed as they strolled along in apparent bliss. A few had 
taken to the sparse shadows afforded by doorways to fondle one another and even to do some 
serious necking, a much favored past time of his.

It was the eve of Valentines Day. All the shades of red were splashed across the city like a 
gigantic paintball gun explosion marking people like targets. The color of blood called to his 
inner vampire, goading him, daring him to unleash it upon the humans. That was something he 
couldn’t allow especially if he wanted to remain in this wondrous city for any extended length 
of time.

If only he could find that sexy woman to spend the evening, the one who had cast a few 
interested looks his way the other night. He had felt a strange attraction towards her the 
moment he laid his eyes on her. The heated passion in her eyes had given him a raging hard-on 
for days, a fact he found annoying yet highly arousing at the same time. But crowds weren’t 
his thing and she seemed to always be in the thick of one.

More to the point, his kind had to be careful of who they drank from nowadays. It was a feat in 
itself to find nourishment. The so-called vampire enthusiasts were everywhere. Even worse, the 
ever so sneaky vampire tour guides wreaked havoc with his feeding schedule. Incessantly 
casing the streets in hopes of glimpsing and possibly meeting the infamous creatures of the 
night, they unwittingly cut off his supply of food.

His steely gaze wandered skyward where an almost full moon had begun its ascent for the 
evening. Its light cast an iridescent glow across his strong features. Strips of clouds moved 
over the moon, nearly piercing it in half.

Jace let out a throaty laugh. It was on this very same holiday that his long lost love, Emma, had 
shattered his hopes and dreams. He had offered her an eternity of happiness with him. But in 
the end, she had shunned him, disgusted by what he was. She walked out on him, never once 
looking back.

The idea of true love was lost to him. Oh, there had been a few dalliances in the past with other 
female vampires, but he had never let himself fall in love again. And after turning a century old 
last month, although he looked to be in his mid thirties, he resigned himself to the fact he would 
live alone. Forever.

A niggling sensation prickled the back of his mind stimulating his heightened senses. 
Immediately his smoldering brown eyes began to glow, searching the streets for the source. He 
scanned from one place to another, working his way down the street. His vamp vision quickly 
dismissed everything until it settled upon a petite woman casually walking down the street. It 
was her!

She had just stopped to peer into an art gallery, her gaze longing and searching. Dressed in a 
black knee-length chiffon skirt, white blouse and black leather jacket, she looked young, 
possibly in her early thirties. Her clothes fit her to perfection showing off her assets in all the 
right places- ample breasts and a small curvy waist. And even though she was at least a foot 
smaller than he, her shapely legs were encased in black boots, showing off just a little of her 
creamy skin. Those legs made him unexpectedly wish that they were wrapped around his lean 
hips in a heated embrace. Curly auburn locks cascaded down her back and his fingers suddenly 
itched to run through the thick mass.

Jace’s fangs dropped instantly, his cock hardening painfully, straining against the zipper of his 
pants. A slow tortured hiss escaped his lips. The bout of lust that ripped through his body was 
so strong that he instantly shifted into mist and descended downstairs, uncaring if anyone saw 
him do so. He needed to meet this woman, whoever she was, and lure her into his bed for one 
night. After all, it was Valentines Day. A day and night for passion.

As he approached the front gate from the inner courtyard, he shifted back into his human form. 
He waited by the gate, sensing she was near and walking closer to him every second. His body 
thrummed with sexual energy, even more so than was natural for him. A night of carnal 
pleasures with this woman would be just what he needed to stave off the loneliness and release 
his pent up energy…maybe even two nights.

Preparing to unleash his calling, he focused all his vampire energy on the woman approaching. 
He closed his eyes, breathing in deep. She was just a few steps away. Four…three…two…

He opened the gate, sending his aura washing in a tidal wave over her at the same time. He 
turned to face her then immediately took a step back.  

She was even more beautiful up close. Long dark lashes lay over half-closed amber eyes filled 
with lust. She had a pert upturned nose and rosy lips that begged to be kissed.

He had to fight to keep his fangs in check but his unruly cock was another matter. His pulse 
quickened as she stopped in front of him and gazed deeply into his eyes.

It took a moment before he found his voice. “I believe you’re looking for me.” He eased up on 
his calling, enabling her to speak, when all he really wanted was to take her, right there up 
against the brick wall.

She blinked. “Yes I am.”

Jace flashed her one of his dazzling smiles. She started breathing heavily and he could smell the 
building arousal between her legs. He hooked his hand into her elbow and guided her through 
the gate. “Come.”

~~~~ ~~~~ * ~~~~ * ~~~~ ~~~~

With a flick of his wrist, the candles around his bedroom lit, casting a soft gentle glow. Not that 
he needed it to see but he wanted her to feel safe and cherished. He planned on making love to 
her all night until the candles had all burned out.

She let out a small gasp of surprise tinged with sexual promise as she surveyed the rose petals 
that were strewn across the floor and bed in a decadent display. She turned towards the bed, 
letting go of his hand. Before she could turn again he was there behind her.

His hard lean body pressed firmly against hers. Long strong fingers traced lazy paths down her 
arms. He lowered his head to her neck and shoulder and breathed in deep. His eyes swirled with 
red as another wave of lust hit him. The blood in his veins screamed for him to change, to take 
her, to drink from her, to fuck her over and over again until their bodies were both replete. He 
couldn’t understand why he needed her so badly; he just knew that if he couldn’t have her no 
one else would. She was his.

“What’s your name, my sweetness?” he whispered, trying to gain control of the raging beast 
inside. It almost came out as a growl.

The sexy minx actually rubbed her ass up and down the length of his erection in his pants. 
“Mmmmm…Claire. My name is Claire,” she purred. She tried to turn in his arms but he held 
her firmly encaged in his embrace.

“Don’t move yet.” Damn, she was going to make him explode in his pants like a randy teenager 
and he hadn’t even gotten inside her yet. He would have blamed it on the vamp aura but he had 
stopped using his calling on her after they entered the gate. He grinned, realizing the heady 
arousal oozing from her was real and not induced by him. This time his fangs did drop.  Before 
he could retract them, she twisted and faced him.

Jace froze and drew in a sharp breath. He was unable to hide that part of himself from her 
quickly enough and yet relief coursed through him. She knew what he was. He could see it in 
her eyes and she wasn’t afraid. Curious, yes, but no trace of panic or alarm flashed in her eyes.

“You don’t have to hide from me. I know what you are,” she said, as she undid the buttons on 
his shirt then she zeroed in on his pants last.

This was unexpected. “You do? What gave me away?”

She cocked her head, her hair falling aside to reveal the quick throbbing pulse on her neck. It 
took all of his control not to bite her here and now.

“Besides the nice set of fangs you’re sporting, you mean? Well let’s just say I’ve had my eye 
on you for some time,” she answered with an amused twinkle in her eyes. Her palms smoothed 
across his pale chest, removing his shirt as she went along. She leaned in to run her tongue 
across the cleft in his chin. She nipped and laved her way to his mouth, eliciting a deep moan 
from him.

Her soft lips brushed his. Her tongue licked across the seam of his mouth, demanding entrance. 
Any questions he had at that moment washed out of his mind as quickly as a levee bursting. He 
parted them, allowing her access and when she ran her tongue across his fangs, the blood from 
her cut flowed down his throat like sweet nectar. He groaned at the exquisite taste and realized 
those few drops wouldn’t be enough to sate him.

Hell, he could drink his fill for tonight and that still wouldn’t be enough. Maybe if he had her for 
eternity. Absolutely not- what was he thinking? No one in their right mind would want to be a 
vampire. He had known only a handful of older vampires with mates. Besides, he had already 
been rejected once and no way was he going down the path to heartache again.

“Remove your clothes,” he demanded with a husky voice. It was agonizingly tempting to 
enthrall her so he could regain control. Did she really realize what lay beneath his cool human 
exterior? Did she know how close she was to unleashing the raging sexual predator within him? 
He backed up to give her room and watched with red flecked eyes as she stripped to her bare 

Claire stood before him and began to play with her nipples, plumping them, making them hard 
as diamond points. Her body swayed to music only she could hear.

“You’re playing with fire,” he warned as he removed his pants and shoes. His cock sprung free 
and he gripped it with one hand, stroking it hard. He was trying to warn her but she was having 
none of it.

“Oh I don’t mind a little heat.” Claire strolled over to the bed and stretched out on the black silk 
sheets on all fours, facing him. She ran her tongue along her bottom lip, practically lapping up 
the drool as she watched him struggle for control.

Damn, if she didn’t want him to lose it! Well if she wanted a taste of what it was like to be a 
vampire then he would give it to her. Before she could even blink, he was there before her. He 
threaded his right hand in her hair, urging her to take him in her mouth. He let the full force of 
his calling assault her and watched with wicked pleasure as her body beaded up with a fine 
sheen of sweat all over it.

Her hips undulated as she brought a hand between her legs to stroke herself. She trembled 
slightly and let out a low long moan as her body found its pleasure.

That was all it took. He rocked against her mouth twice more before releasing himself down her 
throat. His knees trembled with the force of his orgasm but this was just the beginning of a full 
night of pleasure for him. When he pulled out he was just as hard as before.

He flipped her around and under him, not even allowing her body to come down from its peak. 
With one stroke, he completely sheathed himself to the hilt while her walls continued to 
contract around him. Immediately he bit down hard from the extreme pleasure overwhelming 
his senses. His fangs pierced his bottom lip.

Blood welled up and Claire gently licked it from his lips.

Jace compelled her to look at him. She truly was beautiful and he briefly fantasized about 
keeping her for himself. “Why do you want me to lose control? To change into something you’
re not ready for?”

“But I am ready.”

Jace shook his head and sighed. If only he could believe her. “Do you know what it’s like to 
become one of us? To have to feed from humans so we can live? To have intense sexual 
cravings? Do you really?”

“Yes I do. My…my boyfriend was taken from me by a vampire. He offered to change me but I 
turned him down,” she said softly.

“Why? When it appears that’s what you want.”

Her voice was tinged with sadness. “I didn’t love him as much as I thought I did.” She looked 
him straight in the eye, passion overriding her past grief. “But with you it’s different. I feel a 
connection…like we were meant to be together.”

Jace nodded. He had felt it too the first time he laid eyes on her. Slowly he began to thrust deep 
inside her letting the change take over just enough to allow his cock to increase in size.

She let out a gasp as he rocked between her spread thighs. She ran a fingertip down his cheek 
and across his lips barely brushing against the tip of one fang. A small cut appeared. She 
pushed her finger inside his mouth knowing he would suck the blood from the wound.

“Please, I want this and I’ve wanted you since the first time I saw you. Besides, you can teach 
me everything I need to know,” she pleaded, watching his eyes swirl with the imminent change. 
She pulled her finger out and licked over where his tongue had been.

Damn. This was the first time since Emma that he considered converting someone and she was 
begging him to do it. He could actually see them together for a long time with him showing her 
the ins and outs of vampirism. He especially liked the part about being inside her. And the 
thought of her with another male, human or otherwise, made him see red, literally. The change 
flowed over him instantly. The decision was made as he suddenly sank his fangs into her neck, 
her life’s essence flowing into him.

Claire’s body arched up into his as he rammed inside her and drank from her at the same time. 
She screamed his name over and over again, urging him on. One hand came up to cup the back 
of his head while her legs wrapped tightly around his powerful thighs, holding on for dear life. 
Her body bucked wildly as she tried to meet him thrust for thrust. Then all too soon, she was in 
the throes of the most powerful orgasm ever. Her head tossed back while her body arched into 
his strong embrace. Uncontrollable spasms shot through her. Her muscles clenched 
rhythmically, milking him towards his release.

He laved over the puncture wounds with his tongue, sealing them closed for now. He would 
have to feed from her a few more times to complete the transformation but he would enjoy 
finding other delicious spots on her body to sink his fangs in.

“Wow!” Claire finally managed to breathe out after a few minutes.

Jace gave her a knowing smile. “This is just the beginning, my sweetness. I’ll need to drink 
from you a few more times before the change is complete.”  He gazed into her amber eyes, 
seeing acceptance and even eagerness there. A warm feeling threaded through his heart. Was it 
the stirrings of love? He gently stroked her cheeks with the pads of his thumbs. “There’s no 
turning back now, Claire. I’m not giving you up. You’re mine now. Forever.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” she agreed, then kissed him deeply. Her tongue ran up and 
down his fangs, making him throbbing hard yet again.

Jace growled a warning. She let out a sensual chuckle. If this was what she was like before 
being turned, she was going to be a hellish minx after the change. A fact which turned him on 
wickedly knowing he would be the one on the receiving end. But one question still bothered him.

“How did you really know what I was? I thought I was being extremely careful hiding that 

Claire laughed and gave him a sly smile. “Oh you were. But you see… every time you came 
walking near my tour group your eyes glowed red just before you suddenly vanished.”

Tour group? Oh for the love of everything unholy! “You’re a vampire tour guide?!” he asked 

She nodded, with a smirk on her lips. “But don’t worry. Your secret is safe with me.” Claire 
wrapped her legs around his lean waist and ground her hips up against his.

His eyes began to swirl with a mixture red and brown, a sure sign the sexual beast was coming 

She picked up a rose petal. Brushing his lips with it, she whispered, “Forever.”

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