Everything i post originally had a tune to it. Tho as im untalented the tunes are still stuck in my head. This particular one is relating to issues with self harm. So a little melancholy I guess.

Little silver stalk
Little silver stalk.
One end pretty , the other sharp.

Not enough to tear at my heart,
or bleed til i fall apart
But damge will be done,
My day is light but my mind is dark

Little silver stalk,
Little silver stalk,
Sea green and peaches, imagination to carve roses.

Pulling as if flesh were magnetic,
years all done , its an old habit.
Relief is the promise
Not all tidal waves are lost.

Little silver stalk
Little silver stalk
Too many reasons and causes

You retreat like a lover
Scar tissue comes out from under cover
Reminders of mistakes I continue to make.

Little silver stalk
Little silver stalk
Tarnished, corrupted and disgusted.

Submitted: December 10, 2009

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