Again no tune as stuck in my head. A lady I once knew.

Day by day passes by. It passes by to the next so somehow it dosnt die.
Day by day lies unfold, truth gets told. But the little folded packages were always for you eyes to behold.
But you chose
ye you chose
You chose to let them go, to the recess of your mind , black, forgotten, blind so you can turn to your friends and say "nevermind"

So time goes, yes time goes
As days pass your time shortens and the weight of other worlds pushes on you.
You were never unkind
Never unkind
But you left all yourself behind, locked away, out of ordinary, scared to rewind, what would they all say to what they find?

Crows feet creep. They creep to escape the sadness of your eyes.
Too weak with labouring tales to tell
You dont want to tell
You cant speak
Your happy to go now, happy to resign, just want it over.
Tired of undercover, angry with the lover. But letting it go impossible to find.

Submitted: December 10, 2009

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Poem / Song Lyrics

Poem / Song Lyrics