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Just another short story

Submitted: August 06, 2008

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Submitted: August 06, 2008



The black midnight sky was lit up by the reddish orange flames burning in the

skyline. People were running and screaming “he did it, he did it.” The accused

man was Jackson Mott the mechanic at the “Toyota” dealership in the next town

up the river. Jackson was darting in and out of the shadows of the trees, trying

not to be so suspicious but still trying to stay hidden from sight. The night seemed

do dray on while he sat back and surveyed his handy work. He was thinking how

good he felt about what he had done, and what he was going to escalate and do

next. As the sun started rising in the east Jack still had too much adrenaline to

sleep, so he sat staring off into space chewing on his teeth shaking and trembling

uncontrollably. He knew there was a search party forming as he waited in an

unsecure spot. He was making a plan for what he was about to do that evening

and preparing himself for the big night. He knew that his life was about to change

for the worst but he was excited for what he was about to do. Off in the distance

he could start to see the police coming for him. So he knows that it was time for

him to take a flight again. Grabbing his props for the evening festivities he runs

into the trees trying to stay in front of the men looking for him. The day was

starting to tick away as the arsonist sat at a back corner booth of the sub shop

watching the news unfold of how close they were to finding the guy who set the

fire, in Cobb City. He was trying to force down his tuna fish sandwich, but he was

he was sitting in the Mission’s day room he was listening to some dark

trying to get his mind straight about the dirty deeds he is about to commit.

Nobody can imagine the horrific things that are about to come to pass. He was

thinking about a couple of people he has read and heard about; there was an

unnamed man and then there was “Andrew”(Andy) as they called him. His last

name being “Chicotolly.” Chicotolly was an Italian national who could only speak

broken English and it wasn’t even very well at that. He had just got to the U.S.

suffering he had caused. He had been on the run for many, many moons, and had

finally just given up and let them catch him, Jack was thinking about the time

“Chicotolly,” had sat and waited for his number to come up. He was given a menu

of a lot of poplar meals but chose a cheese burger and fries, with a diet pepsi. He

was brought back by the loud snoring coming through the loud speakers. The

police walked in and arrested him.

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