Creating You

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The meaning of life and finding yourself.

Submitted: June 11, 2013

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Submitted: June 11, 2013




Is life something to be feared? 
Within every crevice lies something to be revered. 
To help find serenity admist chaos. 
You look for anything for your being to mirror. 
Your eyes quickly glance over the loss.
Engulfed and hypnotized into a career. 
Not because it reflects who you are. 
But it's easy to brag about in a bar. 
You searched for love in the depth of a pocket. 
After their death you hope to preserve them in a locket. 
Yet, their memory is quickly leaving. 
You didn't invest too much time in their grieving. 
Everyone thinks you're an unimaginable success. 
But, within somewhere hidden you are a mess. 
That mirror, the ever-lasting perfect image. 
Is nothing more than your life's scrimage. 
It wasn't the game, it didn't really count. 
The happiness wasn't in the money's amount. 
You destroy the mirror without any apprehension. 
You waltze by the snears of you lost your comprehension. 
Their lies no more smoke to see through. 
You've created you're decision. 
Of no imitating, only creating 

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