"Don't Think it's Gone ; 'Til You See it Go

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Submitted: June 19, 2008

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Submitted: June 19, 2008



"Don't think it's gone; 'til you see it go."

The night is hot and the stars are shinning bright above the open staduim. The crowd stats pouring in and filling the seats. The venders are milling around as they start walking up and down the stairs between the row of seats selling peanuts and popcorn. Music is blarring a little to loudly through the PA system. The diamond is nicley kempt before any of the players take the field, when it will have cleat marks and scuffs from players slidding into the plate. Fans around me are talkign about their favorite players and what teams are going to make the playoffs. It seems like time is driping through an hour glass.

At the 2 and half hour mark before game time the players for the home team come out on the field and start batting practice. They always get first crack so the field is perfect before hand. Players are hitting and playing catch while others are talking to a few lucky fans sitting around the fence's. They stay on the field for about 45 mintues so the opposing team can have some practice time to.

The home team goes back int the club house to have their pep talk and get int their game uniforms. The coach is standing by the lockers telling his players that are slumping to get their heads in the game and to relax and not worry about the slump they are in. The players that don't need the incouragment are either helping the ones who do or doing their pre-game rituals. The time is ticking away and the first pitch is in about 20 mintues. so the players drift to the dug-out and check their gear. The the coaches drift in. the catcher and pitcher are on the field getting ready. The guest sings the National Anthem and gets to throw out the first pitch, and the game commences. The first pitch is a ball to one of the leagues best hitters, at the time he has a .350 batting average. Pitch two crosses the plateat 95 miles an hour and is a fast ball down broadway. "Shweesh," nothing but air. "Strike one," the umpire barks. The pitcher looks to the catcher for the pitch type and shakes off two or three signs before getting on he likes. The ball is chopped to third. The third baseman picks it and throws to first beating the runner by a step. With a sigh of relief from the pitcher he continues the first inning striking out the next two batters.

While the teams switch places with the home team comming off the field, the announcer is calling a number for a sweepstakes winner. He barks "Seat number 113, row D, aisle 15. The crowed screams as the fan stands and heads to an usher to claim his tickets to the next home game. In the mean time the teams are ready to continue the game. The first player stands at the dish staring and glaring at the pitcher like he's saying; "come on you fool give me a pitch I can hit."

The pitcher rears back kicks and fires a submarine style pitch and sails on the catcher and hits the netting behind the umpire. It hit's so hard it almost ricochets all the way back to the pitchers mound making the ump, catcher and the batter duck and scour hands over the heads. The umpire screams a warning to the pitcher one more of those pitches and you will get the hook. The pitcher kicks and deals a pitch right down the middle of the plate with not a bit of movement. The batter plants his front foot and swings violently trying to knock the cover off the ball. All the crowd was quiet and you could hear the swoosh of the bat and hte kwhack of the ball hitting the catchers mitt. The next two pitch's are on the inside corner of the plate, striking him out. Two more batters fair the same way.

The top of the second inning comes and goes with the opposing team scoring five runs on two hitsand a couple of errors. In the bottom half the home team gets four of them back on 12 hits. The rest of the game goes quietly for both teams. During the the seventh inning stretch a guest sings "Take me out to the ball game." Nothing happens til the bottom of the ninth with  two outs and on runner on base. The team hero strides to the plate with his ego pretruding out and his bat on his shoulder. He kicks, fires and deals. The batter swings with a loud crack the ball heads for the fence. The center fielder leaps in the air at the last second. Catching the ball on the home-run side of the fence. The batterin the mean time had reached third in his glory or so he thought. But by the reaction of the corwd he could tell the game was over. The game ends with the bark of the announer saying; "Don't think it's gone 'til you see it go."

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