A poem for my wife

I dream only of you

To Kelly Penfold

There is something about Kelly's eyes
I can see how she has been hurt by the lies
If they are the window's to her soul
All I hope is the past hasn't taken it's toll
We have a magical chemistry that is strong
Why for us to meet has it taken us so long
It will be a happy day when you say you'll be my wife
Take these words to heart, we can start a new life
Being apart is so lonely
It is you I dream of only
All you have to do is say you want to start anew
Then i promise me love to forever be true
Your eyes bring me to my knees
When I look at you it's you I wanna please
The way I truely feel I hope you will never leave
That we were meant to be together is what I believe
You have a very beautiful body and face
Can it be our past the future will erase
I have been put in a trance
Thanks for opening up and giving me a chance

Jon Penfold

Copyright ©2008  Jon Lawton Penfold

Submitted: April 22, 2008

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