The Solar Kid a Fable

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
Jocosus starring as the Solar Kid whose life is an adventure in an asteroid belt in outer space. He is happy, joyous, and carefree wanting only to befriends the rocks that comprise his home. Still, there are some who wish to steer him down the wrong path.

Submitted: February 25, 2014

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Submitted: February 25, 2014



The Solar Kid - a Fable

Ball of Fire

There is a force that can’t be governed, that obeys no law.  This force has always been and always will be.  The possibility of nothing existing violates the laws of physics.  This force has ultimate power to give to that which it creates.  For an eternity that happened in an instant this force had thought, alone.  This force created the physical plane and filled this plane with physical objects, the objects of rock and fire and the laws that governed them.It dictated the manner in which these objects of rock and fire would interact with each other.  For a time that was all that existed.  It was the time of fire and rock, no water existed yet.  Till one day, a large ball of fire somehow inherited the will to ask to be more.

“I wish to be more,” said the ball of fire.

“What do you wish to be?  You are above the rock as you are cozy in all of your beautiful glory.  The rock is cold.  It does not mind being cold but still you are above them,” the Force said.

“I wish to be more”, the ball of fire responded.

“The comet is the most phenomenal of my creations.  It combines both fire and rock.  Do you wish to be like the comet?”

“I wish to be more”, the ball of fire responded.

“Your answer seems to be based on you being unsatisfied.  Why don’t you go back to singing that song you love,” the Force asked.

“La, la, la.  La, la, la,” the ball of fire sang for a time.

Then it demanded, “I want to be more.”

“You shall receive much but with consequence as a possibility, oh ball of fire that has learned how to plead,” the Force said.

“Consequence, what’s that,” the ball of fire asked.

“Have you ever seen two rocks strike each other?  They are never the same afterwards,” the Force answered.

“I can handle any consequence,” the ball of fire said confidently.

The Force said, “I sense in your tone that you think yourself above suffering.  Know that I have seen the outcome of everything and that this path is not prudent.  I wish for you to steer clear of this path but my justice dictates that you be allowed to traverses it.  Do you really want to be more than what you are?  Have I not given you paradise?”

The ball of fire responded, “You would not hurt me.  I know you are just and I have enjoyed the coziness of being a ball of fire immensely.  Still, why can’t I have more?”

“You are arrogant beyond compare and it would not be fair to the rest of creation to give you powers equal to mine.  The rocks do not mind crashing into each other.  The suns do not mind burning hot to the point of extinguishing.  You shall know unlimited joy but as a consequence you shall know sorrow from time to time.  You may have an existence of sorrow depending on your actions, you might make others suffer.  Such is the law of my realm that whatever I give must have a price.  For something given without repercussions is impossible according to the law that governs the fires and the rocks.  So, I ask again.  Do you wish to be more than the comet?  I know your answer already, but still I ask,” the Force said.

“Yes,” the ball of fire answered.

“I know exactly where this is going and I shall grant it if you ask,” the Force answered.

“I wish to be like you,” the ball of fire stated.

“Everything in existence is satisfied save for you.  I shall grant your request.  You shall be able to manipulate yourself around your environment.  Unlike me your powers shall be limited.  This is as generous as I can be.  Know that I give.”

With those words he was given a body and a fully sentient mind.  It was a strong and youthful body with a young, innocent, and playful mind.  He was born in the vacuum of space, in a river of rock.  The river of rock had many rocks gathered together moving through the vacuum of space.  It was his natural habitat and he survived the harshness of outer space naturally.
He saw now not the manner in which a sun sees but the way a newly born being with the organ of eyes.  It was wonderful.  He saw the rocks with all of their dents, curvature, holes, and dings.  He saw the blackness of space with little white specks dotting the blackness for he was not close to any sun.  He could smell the rock and he enjoyed their smell and he wondered how he would befriend them.  His physical organs of hearing were capable of hearing in the vacuum of space.  The rocks had an echoing noise.  It reverberated throughout the river of rock from recent as well as long ago collisions.

He could breathe and as he became aware of this he breathed in the few molecules in the vacuum of space in a long drag.  This refreshed his senses.  He could easily and naturally breathe in outer space.

“The specks always seemed so close before.  I am not of the suns anymore.  I do not feel at one with them,” he said.  The noise of his voice bounced off a nearby rock.  This startled the young being.

“I can make noises at will, wow.  Noise that others can hear besides myself and the ungovernable Force.”
He broke into song, a song he remembered from another life.
“La, la, la.  La, la, la.”

He was flying in the river of rocks.  Why the rocks gathered together to form a river of sorts he did not know.  Though his body was capable of manipulating its environment it lacked full control.

“Oh no I’m about to strike a rock.”

Necessity being the mother of invention, he looked back from his cranium that contained his sensory organs.  He had a torso which connected to four appendages, two shorter ones closer to his head with hands.  The hands had digits and they moved when he wanted them to.

“Such wondrous things,” he said.

He was about to strike a rock and instinctively he reached out with his new found arms and pushed off.  His lower appendages struck the rock slightly and it hurt but it also made him aware that he had legs.  The legs were like the arms but at the same time different.  They ended in feet not hands.  He could not wiggle their digits as much but the whole of the leg bent at the middle.  He decided he would try to push off the next rock he encountered with his legs.
It worked.  The legs had more force than the arms and he went faster.  He was quickly learning how to use his body.  He grew in his knowledge and practical use of his body and came to know it as a whole that worked in concert.

His new body was steam lined and human.  He had a natural force to his body comparable to gravity that allowed him to move, push, and jump in a way that the laws of physics allowed for no one else.  In between the rocks he plunged, intertwining through them in a flight path he created from pushing off of the various rocks.

“I fly through the rocks of my own accord and they do not strike me for I am so clever,” Jocosus said.

He noted that he was hungry.  He landed on a rock and instinctively broke off a piece for he was strong.  He smelled it and decided it was good to eat.  He ate his first meal and was satisfied.  His body was designed to be sustained by his environment, and rocks were the only thing in his environment besides the emptiness of space.  So, naturally, that was what he ate, rocks.
After his meal he bounced through the rocks pushing himself from one to another.  He was having fun.

“I’ve invented fun.  I am so great.  Ha, ha rocks.  Ha, ha, suns.  I invented, and you can’t do anything of your own accord.”
He felt bad for boasting and he wanted to make amends

“I apologize suns.  I apologize rocks,” he spoke.

The rocks did not answer for that is not the nature of rocks.

He had been blessed with a native tongue.  He knew how to speak his language and planned on teaching the rocks.
He pushed off a rock with his legs and flew through the river of rock bouncing from rock to rock till he came into contact with a rock covered in sediment and dust.  He laid down on it and stretched his arms, hugging it.

“Do you forgive me on behalf of the rocks?  I can tell, you do.  I’m going to make friends with lots of rocks.  I like you the most right now but which rock will I like the most later, I wonder,” he said.

He laid down on the dusty rock, then slept.  This would be his first time sleeping.  His dreams were of the first day he had.  It was a good sleep with good dreams.

So came the beginning period of his life were rocks and their friendship were what mattered the most.  He was satisfied and wished for nothing more but to live, play, eat, sleep, and befriend.

Yet, would this last forever, or for quite a while, or would time change things.


He had many friends.  His friends came in pairs, one man like him and one woman.  Sometimes the rock partners would be separated by vast distances.  He liked to hang out with the men mainly but sometimes he liked to discuss love, his feelings, and his regrets.  He would never talk about those things with the men.  He wasn’t sure how he had come up with the concept of men and women, but he felt it made life more interesting.

So numerous were his friends that many of them had to share the same name.  Even with this simplification he still got their names mixed up, how embarrassing.

There was;

Crassitudo and Crassitudnis, they were covered in sediment and made a nice resting place when he desired rest.

Limus and Limi, they were also covered in sediment, but it was more crusty.  This made for a nice snack.

Saburra and Saburrae, they always agreed with him when he had a bad thought.  They were troublemakers and he tried not to spend much time with them.

Crassamentum and Crassamenti, they were big fat rocks and he loved to bounce on them.  They were an easy target both for bouncing off as for ridicule.  He felt bad after making fun of them and would always go to the first Crassitudo he had slept on to ask for forgiveness afterwards.

This was the one clan of rocks.  They lacked shiny parts.  He had yet to make friends with or be accepted by the rocks that shined.

The other clan of rocks had shiny gems or crystal sometimes or at least veins of ore marbling themselves.

There were only four types of shiny rocks.  Regardless of how many gems, crystals, or ore veins a rock had they always fit into one of these four types;

Vena and Venae, they were nicely marbled with ore veins and gems and crystal sometimes on their surface.  They had more shiny things than the Dacrima and Dacrimae.  They were a sight to behold.

Dacrima and Dacrimae, they had less ore veins and less shiny things than the Vena and Venae.  He often thought of them as lesser Vena or lesser Venae.

The main difference between the Vena and Venae and the Dacrima and Dacrimae was that the Vena and Venae had more shiny things visible.

One of the Vena was going faster than the other rocks.  It had been struck by another rock and it’s speed increased.  The Vena took a while to pass.  He was quite the jokester.  He spoke to a Dacrima’s partner, a Dacrimae.  This particular pairing were relatively close to each other, but the Vena’s partner was far away due to his increased speed.
Vena said, “Hey pretty Dacrimae.  Why don’t you leave that pretty boy Dacrima and come fly with me.”

The human watched and even spoke at the same time as the Vena with the same words.  He thought long and hard while watching the little lover’s spat that was happening.

“I’d love to introduce myself.  It seems like they are having fun, but I don’t have a name,” he thought out loud.

Dacrima responded, “You can have her.  She’s more trouble than she is worth.”

The human again spoke at the same time as the rock with the same words.

“Well, the best thing I’ve done yet is invent fun.  So, is it going to be Jocosus?  Yes, yes it is.”

In his native tongue his name meant, full of jesting, jokes, and fun.

Jocosus was about to introduce himself when he spotted out of the corner of his eye a gang of Saburra and Saburrae.

“Go, stand on that Dacrimae.  Claim her as your own.  What’s this Dacrima going to do, same goes for that Vena,” the lead Saburra said at the same time he did.

The rest of the Saburra and Saburrae gang agreed.

“Maybe if I stand on Dacrimae I will be accepted for being strong.  No, that would make me a bully and I don’t think people would like me as a bully.  Saburra and Saburrae, I’m not going to listen to you anymore.  You encourage me to make fun of Crassamentum and Crassamenti for being big fat rocks, sorry Crassamentum and Crassamenti, but you are fat.  I’m not going to make fun of you anymore.  I’m going to do the right thing from now on,” Jocosus spoke.

“We thought you were cool.  You’re not tough enough to claim that Dacrimae,” the Saburra gang mocked Jocosus 

Still, Jocosus spoke the same words they did.

“Why am I always repeating what other people say?  That must just be how I hear them, yeah that’s it.  I’m so clever.  To the Saburra gang, you don’t know the difference between cool and fool.  I can make friends with the Dacrima, Dacrimae, and this Vena.  I will just show them how awesome I am,” Jocosus spoke.

“Let me see, on which rock am I standing?  It’s either a Limus or a Limi.  I get you two mixed up all the time.  Oh, you’re a Limus.  Let me grab a quick snack then everybody prepared to be dazzled,” Jocosus spoke.
He knelt down and broke off a piece of Limus.  He munched at it vigorously till it was gone.

“Thanks Limus,” Jocosus said.

He prepared himself and then suddenly pushed off of Limus with his legs.  He lightly landed on each of the Saburra gang mostly touching them with only one foot before proceeding onto the next.  When he came to the last one he pushed off with both legs in such a way as to make him flip through the river of rock.  He then managed to land on Vena with his back facing him.  He paused before doing several cart wheels on the surface of Vena till he pushed off with his legs.  This sent him cartwheeling through space till he landed on Dacrima.

“See how awesome I am.  I’ve been practicing when no one is watching,” Jocosus said.

All the Dacrima and Dacrimae in the area, the Vena, the Limus, and a few Crassamentum and Crassamenti who had been watching quietly all agreed his stunt was awesome.  They went from being quiet to cheering loudly.  Jocosus cheered loudly as well.

“Awesome stunt,” they all agreed.

He spoke at the same time they did, “Awesome Stunt.”

The Saburra gang retorted, “That was just showing off.  The real test was for you to dominate the Dacrimae.  You’re not awesome at all.”

Jocosus spoke at the same time they did and with the same words.

Jocosus responded to the Saburra gang, “I’m getting stronger all the time from doing stunts.  My stunts are only going to get more awesome.  What do you know Saburra?”

The Saburra gang responded, “You can’t be friends with both clans.  They won’t get along.”

Jocosus spoke at the same time they did with the same words.

Jocosus responded, “Maybe they will and maybe they won’t.  I’m still going to try to be friends with everybody, even you Saburra and Saburrae.  I’m mad at you now we can talk later.”

The Saburra gang went silent.

“We don’t like the not shiny rocks.  We want to be left alone.  We don’t want to talk or play with them,” the Vena said.

Jocosus spoke at the same time he did with the same words.

“I’m going to hold a meeting where we work things out so that everybody gets along.  Figure out what the unresolved arguments or hurt feelings are.  Seems like every Rock is represented, except for Crassitudo and Crassitudnis.  ” Jocosus spoke.

Dacrima spoke, “I don’t think it’s a good idea, let sleeping rocks lie.”

Jocosus spoke at the same time he did.

“Was that a joke?  Crassitudo and Crassitudnis are my sleeping rocks.  You’re a witty rock and funny.  You see it’s funny because those are the only rocks I will sleep on,” Jocosus spoke.

Jocosus laughed.  He bounced his laughter off of all the rocks.  All the rocks laughed with him.  Jocosus wouldn’t laugh with the Saburra or Saburrae.  They stayed silent.

“What a wonderful way to start our meeting.  Did you guys used to tell jokes before I got to know you?  I bet you did.  See if we get to know each other we can all get along.  Wait, there are no Crassitudo or Crassitudnis here.  I’m going to go look for a place where all of the rocks can be represented, but first I’m going to go find a Crassitudnis and get some sleep,” Jocosus said.
He bounced and leaped from rock to rock till he was content that he had found a beautiful Crassitudnis.  She was close to his favorite Crassitudo.

“Favorite Crassitudo, after I get some sleep we have something important to discuss,” Jocosus said.

Then he laid down and got some much needed rest in the soft sediment that covered Crassitudnis.  It was nice and comfortable for him.  He slept well on the rock as it moved along the river of rock that composed his home.  He had slept many a time before.  This time his sleep was different.  His dreams were not of different ways to jump or bounce from rock to rock.  No, this time he had politics on his mind, for the first time.  His dreams showed him a wonderful river of rock that would get along.  He was in complete control of things and he murmured in his sleep, “I don’t need you, Force that can’t be governed.”

“Still meddling, you have become convinced that you can create a better paradise than I.  A being that could act upon it’s own accord was never necessary.  Why are you not satisfied with eating, sleeping, and playing?  I do rejoice in your antics and all of the rocks like you.  Why can you not be satisfied?  You are about to risk paradise,” the Force that can’t be governed spoke to him in his dream.

He awoke with a start.

“Meddling, never necessary, I’ll show him.  The current state of affairs clearly calls for improvement.  I am clearly more in control than him and that’s what he can’t stand,” Jocosus spoke.

He searched for an area in the river of rock where all of the all of the different types of rocks would be represented.  He found such a place where a rock of every type was close by.  He stood on a large Crassamentum in the center of the area.

“Attention, please.  This is a meeting to make all the rocks belong to the same clan.  We will have one clan by the end of this meeting and everybody will get along.  First roll call, please say present when your name is called.  He cycled through the various names.  Crassitudo, Crassitudnis, Limus, Limi, Saburra, Saburrae, Crassamentum, and Crassamenti all responded by saying “present”.  All of them had several attending the meeting, the Saburra and Saburrae had the most in attendance.
The Vena, Venae, Dacrima, and Dacrimae remained silent.  Jocosus imagined that they did not approve of the meeting.  They did not agree with the meeting.

“Okay you don’t approve of the meeting, that’s okay.  Every member of your clan is represented.  If anyone has something to say just announce yourself and speak your piece.  No interrupting.  I’ll start with a joke.  Limus and Limi if you speak your piece I might just eat it.”

Jocosus laughed at how clever he was.  All the rocks except for the Vena, Venae, Dacrima, and Dacrimae laughed with him.

“I’m so clever,” he said as he calmed his laughter.

One of the Limus spoke, “Vena clan you don’t find the joke funny?”

Jocosus asked the same question at the same time.

“You see it’s funny because I eat pieces of Limus and Limi.  So if they spoke their piece I might just eat it,” Jocosus said followed by more laughter from everyone save the Vena clan.

“This is our home.  We ignore your clan and you ignore us.  This meeting is just going to cause trouble.  We want no part of this.  We have heard of you Jocosus.  If you want to be friends with us you will put an end to this meeting,” a Vena spoke.
Jocosus spoke the same words as him at the same time.

“It’s… I’ll let somebody else speak,” Jocosus spoke.

Jocosus trembled at the thought of not being friends with the Vena clan.  It was what he wanted most at this time.

The Crassamentum he was standing on spoke, “Me and Jocosus haven’t always gotten along.  He used to make fun of me for my bulbous nature.  I have come to forgive him and he doesn’t do it anymore.  I don’t even have anything against the Saburra and Saburrae that still make fun of me.  Why can’t the Vena Clan be polite and not such isolationists?”

Jocosus spoke his words as he did.

“We are superior to the other clan.  We do not wish to waste words on you,” a Dacrimae answered.

Jocosus spoke as she did.

“This isn’t going well at all,” Jocosus spoke to himself out loud.

A Crassitudo yawned loudly then spoke, “If they don’t want anything to do with us then that’s their right.”

Jocosus yawned and spoke at the same time he did.

The Saburra gang that was present spoke, “No, it’s not their right and we have a plan to teach them a lesson.  Jocosus already knows our plan and he’s going to help.”

Jocosus spoke with the Saburra gang with the same words.

There were a large number of Saburra and Saburrae present and Jocosus could tell they were getting restless.

A gentle Limi spoke, “Why don’t you come have a snack from me Jocosus and end this meeting.  I don’t even want to think of what the Saburras’ plan is.”

Jocosus spoke softly as she did with the same words.

“Saburra your plan is bad.  You want to hurt the Vena clan.  I’ll put a stop to this nonsense,” Jocosus said as anger took over his composure.  He knew there plan was to attempt to destroy one of the Vena clan.  He also knew they couldn’t do it without him.  The thought of being used as a pawn fueled his rage.  He had never known anger before.  He reacted out of rage.
Jocosus leapt from the Crassamentum he was standing on onto a good size Saburra.

He knelt down and summoned his physical strength.  He punched into the rock not just once but three times.  He was strong from all of the exercise he rejoiced in.  Stronger than he realized.  His intention of teaching the rock a lesson went too far.  He broke it into several pieces.  The rock was now space dust or dead rock.  He had killed the rock.  He had killed a Saburra.

“I didn’t mean to do that.  I didn’t do that,” Jocosus pleaded.

“We all saw you do it.  You did it,” a Crassitudo responded sternly.

Jocosus spoke the same words in the same stern tone.

He was embarrassed and ashamed of his actions.  He wanted to be alone.  One could never really be alone in the river of rock as it was full of rocks.  He wished for comfort from his favorite Crassitudnis.

“Meeting adjourned,” Jocosus said.

Jocosus then bounded from rock to rock.  It took a while for him to get to his favorite Crassitudnis.  He figured that if he got some rest than he would be able to fix things when he awoke.  His favorite sleeping rock was close to the lead Crassitudo, the first rock he had slept on.  Once he landed on his favorite Crassitudnis he tried to hide his presence from the lead Crassitudo.
The lead Crassitudo still noticed him.

“You have done a very bad thing,” and then he went silent.

Jocosus spoke as the Crassitudo did.

He couldn’t pretend that he hadn’t heard.  He knew Crassitudo was angry and disappointed in him.  He wanted just to go to sleep.  Things would be better when he awoke, he thought.  Going to sleep posed a challenge it usually did not.  He rolled from side to side and tried to force his eyes closed.  When he closed his eyes all he could see was his fists murdering that Saburra.  He sobbed and sobbed some more as the full realization of what he had done enforced itself upon him.  Eventually sleep came.
His favorite Crassitudnis did not judge.  She offered him comfort on her dusty being.  He dreamt a nightmare.  He saw himself killing the Saburra and in his dream and heard it speak of how happy it was and content.  Then he would see himself murdering it.  He hoped for the ungovernable Force, or at least the lead Crassitudo, or any rock to say it was okay.  He wanted to hear someone say it was an accident, that these things happen.  No relief came to him, no one said such things.


He awoke and was still sad.

He murmured to Crassitudnis, “Are you mad at me?  I know everybody must be afraid of me now.  How do I make this right?”

“I’m not sure, things should get better over the course of time.  I’ll always be here for you to rest,” Crassitudnis responded.

Jocosus spoke at the same time she did.

He was hungry and went looking for a Limus or Limi.  He wasn’t sure which he was in the mood for.  He found one and when he jumped on it, it screamed in terror.

“Ahhh, the bad man is on top of me.  Help, help,” the Limus screamed.

He screamed with him.

“I’m not going to hurt you.  I just want a snack,” Jocosus spoke.

“Okay, just take whatever piece you want.  Please don’t hurt me,” the Limus spoke.

He spoke in the same terrified manner as the Limus with the same words.

“I guess everybody has heard about what I did.  I’m not like that.  It was a strange feeling I had before I did it.  It was like I just wanted to hurt somebody because of the feelings they made me feel.  It’s called anger, when you feel like that.  It was my first time experiencing this, anger.  I think I will be more able to control it in the future.  Do you think, maybe, you and me could hang out till my next rest?  That way everybody could see that I’m not a monster.”

Crassamentums were usually easy going even when someone made fun of them.  It surprised Jocosus to hear how powerful one could sound.

“Limus, you okay.  Jocosus isn’t bothering you, is he?”

Jocosus spoke in the same powerful voice as Crassamentum.

“No, he’s a little scary but I really think he needs a friend right now.  I’ll let you know if he bothers me.  Thanks, big buddy,” Limus spoke.

Jocosus spoke in the same gentle tone as the Limus with the same words.

“You have enough surface area I can do cart wheels back and forth, and even do a couple of flips.  Want to see?”

“You don’t have to impress me, but if it makes you more comfortable,” the Limus responded.”

Jocosus spoke as the Limus did with the same words.

This left Jocosus wondering how he could make the Limus like him.  Usually the rocks loved him for his awesome stunts.
“It’s just me and you till your next rest.  Everybody is afraid.  They want to see how you interact with me,” the Limus spoke.

Jocosus spoke as the Limus did.

Jocosus did a cartwheel and then another.

“I’m not trying to impress you.  Cartwheels, flips, and jumping around is all I really know to do while I’m awake.  It’s not like you’re a Limi, I’m not going to talk about dreams, or feelings, or anything like that with you,” Jocosus spoke.
He stayed on the Limus’s surface for quite some time, jumping around and doing flips.  Then an idea came to him.
“Do you sing or tell jokes?  My purpose in life is to have fun and make friends.  What is your purpose in life?”

“Just to provide you with a tasty snack.  My interests are talking privately with my Limi woman friend and watching you when you are close by.  I hear about your antics all the same but it’s nothing compared to having you do your tricks on my surface.  I like you now as I did before the incident.  Would you like a snack?”

He spoke the same words as the Limus at the same time.

“I sure would.  I’ve been hungry for quite a while now, but I didn’t want to break a piece off of you while you were still afraid of me.”

“I’m honored to have you at my buffet.  I’ll tell you were a good piece is.  Do you see that small hole?  Break a piece off of the lip,” Limus said as Jocosus scoured the surface for a tasty treat.  As was usual he spoke at the same time as the rock with the same words.

He found the hole that the Limus was talking about and broke off a piece of the lip.  He munched away and it was really good.

“You know tasty parts of rocks just as well as I do,” Jocosus said.

“I know tasty rocks quite well after all I am a tasty rock,” Limus said.

Jocosus spoke the same words at the same time.

Jocosus laughed.  A Joyous care free laugh.  He was well on his way to getting the rocks to forgive him.  His laughter bounced off of the rocks in the area.  All the rocks laughed that were nearby.

“Seems like everybody forgives me,” Jocosus spoke out loud.

“We do, yeah us to, us as well,” all of the Crassitudo, Crassitudnis, Limus, Limi, Crassamentum, and Crassamenti in the area agreed.

He repeated what they were all saying at the same time as they did.  It took a while for every one of the rocks in the area to forgive him.  The Saburra and Saburrae stayed silent.  Jocosus knew they were still mad at him.  This made him feel bad and he didn’t want to be noticed by any of the Saburra gangs.  He was relieved that so many of the rocks forgave him.  Still, the silence of the Saburra gangs made him feel a strange feeling.  The feeling made him not want to be seen, it made him feel bad.  He realized he had discovered shame.

He wished for the comfort only a woman can bring and he bid farewell to the Limus he had been hanging out with for quite a while.  He jumped off of several rocks before he landed on a Limi.

He introduced himself, “Hi, I’m Jocosus.  I know you have heard of me.  I was just hanging out with your man friend, Limus.  Want to chat?”

“Sure, you’re not as scary as I have heard,” the Limi responded.

He spoke the same words as her at the same time.

“Which should we have first, chat or dinner,” Jocosus asked.

“Help yourself to a snack then we can chat,” the Limi responded.

Jocosus searched the body of rock for a tasty piece.  He was in the mood for trying something new and he reached into a dent. 

He pulled out a hand of mostly sediment.  He devoured his meal.

“Excuse my manners, your just super tasty,” Jocosus said.

“It’s okay.  Sit down.  What do you want to chat about?”

Jocosus spoke the words of the Limi and at the same time.

“Did you know I’m an inventor and the only being able to act of it’s own accord.  I mean you rocks can talk but you can’t move on your own like me,” Jocosus bragged.

The Limi asked, “What have you invented?”

Jocosus spoke the same words at the same time.

“Oh you know, fun, politics, stunts,” Jocosus responded.

“I heard you invented some emotions,” Limi asked.

He spoke the same at the same time.

“Well that’s true.  More like discovered the emotions.  I discovered Joy, Sorrow, Anger and, don’t judge me on this, but I discovered shame.  I suppose I discovered Judgment as well,” Jocosus said.

“Wow, that’s amazing,” said the Limi.

He spoke as she did at the same time.

“You know I feel really bad about murdering that Saburra.  That’s shame that I discovered, and now I’m feeling something similar, it’s sadness” Jocosus said.

“I hope those bad feelings go away.  Unfortunately there is nothing I can do except for listen and provide tasty snacks,” the Limi said.

He spoke the same words at the same time the Limi did.

“My inventions of fun, politics, and stunts are my proudest achievement.  Even though politics has consequences.  If I had never called that political meeting then that Saburra would still be alive today.  Everyone seems to have forgiven me except for the Saburra and the Saburrae.  The Vena clan is staying silent.  I hope I can get one of them to forgive me.  The Vena clan don’t really like me, but then again they don’t seem to like anybody,” Jocosus spoke.

“Word is they don’t like anybody save their own clan.  They think they are superior because they are shiny,” Limi said.

He spoke the same as she did.

“Well, I’m getting tired.  I’m going to rest on a Crassitudo now, give my favorite Crassitudnis a break,” Jocosus said.

He leapt from rock to rock skillfully navigating the collection of rocks that composed the river of rock that was his home.  He had a bounce in his step.  He was happy again.  Still, he made it a point to avoid any Saburra or Saburrae on the way to his resting spot.  He hid from them successfully and soon was on the sleeping rock he desired.  He laid down and went to sleep.

“I’ll make everything all right in the morning,” Jocosus said as he drifted off to sleep.

In his sleep he dreamt of how to make the Saburra gangs like him.  He dreamt that he would do them a favor whatever it might be.  Saburra and Saburrae were known for their bad ideas.

Still, he murmured in his sleep, “Everybody has to like me.  I can’t stand anyone not liking me.”

He awoke, refreshed.

He went where he knew a substantial amount of Saburra and Saburrae spent their time.

“Hi guys.  I want to say I apologize.  I hope you want to seal my apology with a hug.  That way I know everything is all right,” Jocosus spoke.

“You’re a murderer.  We don’t want anything to do with you,” the Saburra gang responded in unison.

He spoke as all of them at the same time.

“Time to put my plan into action,” Jocosus thought.

Jocosus spoke, “I figure I can do a favor for you guys.  What do you say?”

The leader of the Saburra gang asked, “How do you feel about the Vena clan?”

“I like them but they don’t seem to like me.  They don’t seem to like anybody outside of their clan.  They think they are superior to everybody because they shine,” Jocosus said.

“Well our original plan was, with your help, to kill a Vena.  That’s the plan that made you angry.  There wouldn’t have been such a plan if the Vena weren’t around or if they didn’t find themselves so superior.  We want to stick to that plan.  After all, it’s their fault a Saburra got murdered not yours,” the lead Saburra spoke.

Jocosus spoke at the same time and with the same words as the Saburra.

Jocosus liked the thought of the murder being someone else’s fault. 

“Once the Vena was dead he would be seen as a hero for putting things right.  No one could possibly see through this clever plan,” Jocosus thought.

Jocosus went looking for a vulnerable Vena, one that was alone and had lots of Saburra and Saburrae nearby.  He knew the river of rock pretty well, at least the part of it he had explored.  He doubted he could ever explore the whole river.  The part of the river of rock that he had explored he considered home.

“My home is so beautiful.  All the rocks so unique and yet so similar.  All of the blackness that surrounds us and the little white dots that are far away suns.  I don’t want to kill a Vena, but it will make the Saburra and Saburrae accept me.  It’s also a good way to pass the blame.  I know most of the rocks have forgiven me.  Still, why should I hold the blame when I can pass it on to somebody else?  I don’t see any way this plan could fail.  I know the Force that can’t be governed would say consequences are an unavoidable part of life.  I think I can get rid of this consequence.  The Vena Clan isn’t just mischievous like the Saburra gangs.  They are mean and think they are superior.  I don’t think I will feel bad about killing one of them,” Jocosus thought.

The scene was set.  There were many Saburra and Saburrae in the area and a sole Vena.  There was a Limus and a Limi present.  The darkness of space surrounded the Vena and the rest.  Only those present would witness what was about to occur. 

“Vena, your thoughts of superiority made the Saburra come up with the plan to kill one of you.  It’s your fault that I murdered a Saburra.  Time for you to pay a consequence,” Jocosus spoke though he didn’t believe that the Vena were to blame.
It was his first lie.

He was confused and he asked himself, “How did I say that?  That’s not what really happened.  I guess I just discovered lies.”

“We’re going to smash you up.  Your time has come,” the Saburra and Saburrae chanted.  Jocosus chanted along with them.  It was a frightening chant.

The Vena spoke, “I have done nothing.  Why do you want to smash me?”

Jocosus spoke the same words as the Vena at the same time.

“We’re going to smash you up.  Your time has come,” the Saburra and Saburrae chanted.  Jocosus chanted along with them.  The chant grew in its terror that it opposed to the Vena.

The Limus spoke, “Jocosus, no, this is a bad thing you are saying you will do.”

Jocosus spoke the same words as the Limi at the same time.

The gentle Limi spoke, “Jocosus this is not you.  You don’t want to hurt a Vena.  Look how handsome they are.  Look how they beautify our home.”

Jocosus spoke gently at the same time and with the same words as the Limi.

“Be quiet Limus and Limi or you will get yours,” one of the more aggressive Saburra spoke.

Jocosus spoke the same angry words at the same time.

“No the Limus and the Limi are off limits.  They never do anything mean and are some of my best friends,” Jocosus spoke.

“We have three large Saburra and one large Saburrae in position.  Don’t wimp out on us Jocosus,” the lead Saburra spoke.

Jocosus spoke the same words as the lead Saburra at the same time.

Jocosus thought out loud, “The Vena is beautiful.  The Saburra won’t think I’m cool if I don’t do this.  The Limus and Limi will probably tell on me, but that’s okay I can flip the truth around.  It’s just one Vena.  It seems that any decision I could make right now would be wrong.  What am I to do?”

“You’re a wimp,” one of the Saburra said.

Jocosus spoke the same words at the same time.

“I don’t want to hurt the Vena.  He has done nothing to me and I just can’t see any justification for the actions you suggest.  I’m going to go have a snack with the Limus and Limi.  I’m going to talk to the Vena and get to know him.  This is a better plan than the murder you suggest,” Jocosus spoke.

He leapt from the Saburra he stood upon and landed gracefully on the Limus.

“I’m glad you made the right choice.  That was scary.  I really thought you were going to throw the Sabburas at Vena.  That would have been awful.  Help yourself to a snack you’ve earned it,” Limus said.

Jocosus spoke the same words at the same time.

Jocosus broke off a large piece of Limus and had a meal.  He took his time and thoroughly enjoyed his meal.  The Saburra, Vena, Limus, and Limi were all silent while he ate.  He was fixated on his meal.  He had many thoughts running through his head, thoughts of right and wrong.

“Killing the Vena is definitely wrong.  Just hanging out and jumping around and eating from my friends and sleeping on some other friends, that seems to be the right thing to do.  I’m only going to do what is right from now on.  I still want to be friends with this Vena.  I will go about it the right way, not by being a bully.  I always feel sad when the rocks fight by smashing into each other,” Jocosus thought.

He finished his meal.

Jocosus asked, “Hey Vena, want to be friends?”

“Just a minute ago you wanted to smash me up.  Besides I am superior to you.  I don’t struggle with emotions to commit evil.  I am shiny and spectacular.  You are pale and scrawny.  You don’t have the right, due to my superiority, to speak to me,” Vena replied.

Jocosus spoke the same words at the same time as Vena.

Jocosus was silent and jumped over to Limi.  He tried to think of how to respond, but nothing came to mind.

“Limi, what do you think?  How do I get Vena to like me?  I really want to be his friend,” Jocosus spoke.

“He likes to sing, work with that,” Limi said.

Jocosus spoke the same words at the same time.

Jocosus said, “I only know one song.  Well it’s kind of one song.  It has just one syllable but I make it sound different as I sing it.  Vena would you like to sing with me?”

“No, I am superior.  I told you that you have no right to speak to me,” Vena spoke.

Jocosus spoke the same words at the same time.

“You know, when you called me pale and scrawny it hurt my feelings,” Jocosus said.

“I didn’t mean to do that.  I just want you to leave me alone,” Vena answered.

Jocosus spoke at the same time with the same words.

“I’ll start a song and you can join in if you want, anybody can join in.  You could sing to make up for hurting my feelings Vena.  What is your song, I bet you don’t have more than one either,” Jocosus spoke.

“Well actually I do only have one song, but I don’t want to sing it.  It’s kind of personal and only Limus and Limi ever hear it.  I don’t sing very loud,” Vena said.

Jocosus spoke the same words at the same time.

“It’s okay to be a little shy.  I will start,” Jocosus said.

Jocosus cleared his throat and started to sing.  It was a song from another life and he had rarely sang it this life for fear of criticism.  He was sure Vena and himself could stop being shy together.

“La, la, la.  La, la, la.  Everybody join in,” Jocosus sang and invited.

The Limus joined in, “La, la, la.  La, la, la.”

Jocosus sang with Limus.

Limi joined in.  The Saburra and Saburrae protested with vicious and mean words.  Jocosus could barely hear them.  He wondered if Limus, Limi, or Vena could.

Now Jocosus, Limus, and Limi were all singing, “La, la, la.  La, la, la.”

“You might think my song is silly.  I like it and it really speaks about who I am.  You’d probably say it’s just a silly rock song.  That’s what the Saburra and Saburrae are saying,” Vena spoke as Jocosus, Limus, and Limi sang.

“You can do it.  Me and my Limus have heard your song lots of times.  We think it’s an awesome song,” Limi encouraged.

“Okay, here it goes.  Oh, I’m a shiny rock, shiny rock, shiny rock.  Oh, I’m a shiny rock, shiny rock, shiny rock,” Vena sang.

“La, la, la, La, la, la,” Jocosus, Limus, and Limi sang as the chorus.

Jocosus noticed something.  He had not repeated the words that the rocks were singing.  He felt that a change in his thoughts had affected his ears so that he could hear them without repeating their words.  It felt great and he continued singing.  They were all singing.  Jocosus moved his body to the rhythm, tapping his toes and moving his arms.

“What are you doing Jocosus?  You’re moving to the music,” Limi asked.

“I’m dancing, it’s a new invention of mine,” Jocosus responded.

They all sang as Jocosus continued to dance and sing for a while.  The Saburra and Saburrae muttered menacingly amongst themselves.  The Saburras’ plans had been defeated and the negative path Jocosus could have travelled went untrodden.
Soon came the time for rest for Jocosus and the rocks he sung with who grew tired as well.  He bid them farewell and went in search of a Crassitudo.  He was too far from his favorite Crassitudnis, one close by would have to do.  He jumped from rock to rock in search of one.  He had rarely been in this part of the river of rock and it took him sometime to find one.

He found one.

Jocosus asked, “Mind if I rest here Crassitudo?”

“I don’t mind at all,” Crassitudo responded.

“I’m really tired, no time to talk is that okay,” Jocosus said.

“Just get some rest.  We can talk when you awake.”

So it was that Jocosus drifted off to sleep.  He was proud of the decisions he just made and thrilled with the thought that he now had a Vena as a friend.

“Venas like to sing, now I can befriend any of them.  I have such a wonderful life,” Jocosus thought.

Then he spoke something he had never spoken before, “thank you ungovernable force, thanks for this life.”

He drifted off to sleep.

© Copyright 2020 Jon Sparks. All rights reserved.

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