Alfred the frendly ghost

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A ghost friend who was a friend

Submitted: July 15, 2009

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Submitted: July 15, 2009





Alfred was a mistake. My husband and I were running a test and the unexpected results of the test turned out to be Alfred.


I had recently (in 1982), came into my psychic abilities and well, we were running a test on telepathy; that is we were trying to find out if I could read Jon’s mind if he concentrated on a few words and was in another room. I stayed in the living room and he went into the bedroom and tried to clear his mind by going into a light trance. He was to think of one or two words and I was to read them. It didn’t work; and we were interrupted. After trying for about twenty minutes; this ghost comes in the living room and starts to cuss out my husband. He was mad because my husband called him and then wouldn’t talk to him. He just ignored the ghost. Jon, of course couldn’t hear or see Alfred and that made Alfred mad. So he came in the living room and yelled at me. I got the poor dear to calm down.  It seemed the two words my husband thought of was Alfred and 1841. Well Alfred is the ghost’s name and 1841 was when he was hung. Anyway he heard and he came.


Alfred is a little person somewhere between four and five feet. He likes to play games and can change his size. He is a way, way, way out of the closet homosexual. Alfred got himself hung by stalking a sheriff’s deputy. Seems Alfred spotted the deputy taking a bath in a pond, and well the deputy was well hung. It was love at first sight for Alfred; unfortunately for Alfred the deputy wasn’t having any of that. After writing many love letters and completely making a pest of himself he was hung on a trumped up charge. Alfred now enjoys being a ghost.


At first we told him to go away. But he took a liking to us and stuck to us like glue. I guess there aren’t that many people who would actually talk to him. And, well, he was funny; nonthreatening and he would watch the kids for us every now and then. When Jonnie was a baby my husband knew Alfred was in the room simply by watching the baby’s head going back and forth. The baby was watching Alfred swing back and forth on a swing he had attached to the ceiling. Alfred also liked to stick his head through the ceiling and play hide and seek with Jonnie. It took awhile but even the dogs got used to him. After a couple of months they simply ignored him.


It’s 2009 now and we haven’t heard from him in years. I got to thinking about him and wondered about his life’s or is that death’s story? I think I’ll give him a call.


Linda Sonnenleiter

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