The Adventures (well..not quite) of Allan part 5: Trouble with the Missus?

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You're bored. You want a challenge? How about writing a sitcom? How does it start? All you need is a catch phrase!

Submitted: October 19, 2011

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Submitted: October 19, 2011



The Adventures (well...not quite) of Allan part 5: Trouble with the Missus?


Allan and Elwood are sitting on the couch. One with sweat pants and holes in his socks, the other robotically cramming Cheetos in his mouth at a steady pace.

On the tele, Ross and Joey are arguing to settle if they'll 'have another nap' together. Allan wanted to laugh, but he saw it already. Elwood is sniffling periodically. Oh what a perfect day to hang out.

-You bored? Asked our beloved Allan.

-No. I'm just practicing my attitude for the Grammys.

-Oh, clever!

Still on tv, Ross is embarassed, Joey wants to hug him. Saw that many times over.

-Did you ever noticed that those shows are just replicas of stuff we watched as kids? Asked Allan.

-Oh, please tell me more Great Zantar.

-Well, we all need a big doofy in every show.

-Alf didn't had a big doofy, smirked Elwood.

-Point taken.

-Okay, I get your point.

-It's easy: Taxi had Latka, All in the Familiy had Munroe, Familiy Matters had Waldo Haroldo Faldo, Seinfeld had Kramer.

-You're right, we all need a hipster doofus.

-And you're MINE!

-I love you too Allan...


Allan watched sitcoms. From Alf to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air by Married with Children, he liked them with a passion. Does not everybody, really?

Well no. Many are bashing on the 30 minutes of happiness that are sitcoms. Okay, they're done cheap and done fast. And that is enough for many.


As returning slowly from the not-so-cleanish bathroom, Allan got struck by an idea.

-Hey hey hey! Why not?

-Why not what? Said Elwood with a mouthful of Oreos.

-Why not writing a sitcom ourselves?

-For real?




-Really real?

-Yeah!! said Allan as is enthusiasm rose.

-I'm out.

-Oh no you're not. Replied Allan with a smile.

-Oh yes I am. Smiled back Elwood, with black teeth from the Oreos.

-First, you're gross. Second, you're lazy. Third, I control you.

-Like hell you do!

-Come on man. We can do it!

-Yeah, but...isn't it a bit too like Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza? You know? The episode about the pilot?

-Yeah, but they had a show about nothing.

-And?! What do we have genius?

-A show about...everything! It's not that hard! All we need is a catch phrase! One stupid quote that people will joke around the water fountain the next day.


Phone rang, and Allan quickly picked up. It was Sarah, his wife. He promptly changed room, and his tone went from 0 to tense in .3 seconds.

He finally hung up in a huge sigh.


-So, yelled  mockingly Elwood from afar, trouble with the missus?


Allan smiled, grabbed a pen and wrote what he thought would be the perfect catch phrase.



*Sigh.My name is Allan and this is my life!

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