super pope vs. Operah

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operah is fighting the pope.

Submitted: March 26, 2010

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Submitted: March 26, 2010



High above all the people in italy the super pope was in his training room in the vatican. He was being trained by the one and only Bono. He was preparing for a great fight against the evil Operah Winfrey. Suddenly a loud crash was heard and water rushed through the building. Operah had broken through the wall with the power of her level 100 blastoise. The pope quickly went super saiyan and used a energy blast to knock operah off of her blastoise and knocked out the blastoise. Operah quickly got to her feet and blew a whistle and yelled "everyone is getting a smurf!" thousands of little blue smurfs rushed out of nowhere and tackled the super pope. He was powerless, until bono jumped in and knocked all of the smurfs away and fused with the pope to form SUPER BONO POPE. He blasted all the smurfs away with ease and moved on to the final boss. Operah was all out of tricks, or was she. She pulled out a pokeball and threw it and Dr.Phil came out. He tried to use his physic mind powers to defeat super bono pope by using hypnosis. Dr.Phil's powers were great but super bono pope broke free of his trance and went super saiyan 4 and hit Dr.Phil with a Kamehameha. Operah pleaded for mercy but super bono pope showed no mercy and used all of his energy to form a spirit bomb and hit Operah and she was instantly evaporated. The earth was saved.

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